Chapter 1904 Dragonbone Evilmoon’s Power

True Immortal Jiaoqi’s manifestation exploded. The original qilin image was blown away, revealing a strange monster.

It was an amalgamation of a qilin and a drake. It had a qilin’s body, but it had nine drake tails growing on its back.

The nine tails soared into the sky, while the qilin scales shone brightly. That figure let out a heaven-shaking roar.

“This is his ultimate manifestation, qilin-drake power!” 

“Apparently his race is the descendant of the drake and qilin. He had drake power, qilin power, and qilin-drake power. Rumor is that qilin-drake power can be considered a paragon art in and of itself. Through his manifestation, he can summon his ancestor’s power. Once his manifestation is fully awakened, his power will be able to shatter the heavens.”

“He’s already managed to unlock this ultimate manifestation. If it weren’t for his cultivation base limiting him, he would have long since fully awoken it. But even if it’s not fully awoken, his current power has now multiplied. I never expected him to have such a pure bloodline.”

“I heard that he had failed to obtain the Blue Eye Peacock’s essence blood, but he did find a corrupt drake’s skeleton in some cave. It happened to be the same kind of race as him, so he managed to merge with it very well. The fact that he can summon this qilin-drake power is most likely related to that.”

The neutral camp’s experts were discussing this change spiritedly.

True Immortal Jiaoqi’s Blood Qi surged. It felt like his blood essence had been ignited. He was almost exploding with power.


True Immortal Jiaoqi roared. His halberd rumbled, and it sounded like the cries of a qilin and a drake mixed together. A pillar of divine light blasted forth.

The giant tree that was Liu Ruyan was cut in two by that light. The majority of its crown had been slashed off.

Yue Zifeng swung his sword, helping Liu Ruyan out. However, True immortal Jiaoqi’s power was so great that it caused the void to crumble. Yue Zifeng was sent flying, coughing up blood.

Having summoned his ultimate manifestation, True Immortal Jiaoqi was in his strongest state. His power had multiplied, and even Liu Ruyan and Yue Zifeng combined were unable to block him.

Seeing this revitalized the coalition army’s experts. The Xuan Beasts in particular were cheering.

“I’m not going to play this stupid game with you any longer. Since you’re all cowards, I’ll do your job and kill them all!”

True Immortal Jiaoqi raised his halberd. It was like a blazing sun, and with a single step, he appeared above the Dragonblood warriors, his halberd slashing down.


The giant willow tree once more appeared, blocking True Immortal Jiaoqi, but the giant branches it condensed into a shield were pierced by the halberd. Liu Ruyan was sent flying again.

Having summoned his qilin-drake manifestation, True Immortal Jiaoqi was able to fully activate his divine power. His combat power was several times greater than before.

Even with her undying body, Liu Ruyan couldn’t continue like this. Just these two exchanges had cost her a great deal of energy. The second blow in particular had caused a terrible injury.

With Liu Ruyan sent flying, Yue Zifeng appeared in her stead. At some point, his sword had returned to his sheath.

Yue Zifeng’s gaze was locked onto True Immortal Jiaoqi. His hand reached for the hilt on his back. In that instant, the world became still.

There was no powerful manifestation raging, there were no astral winds unfurling, there was no irresistible pressure. There was nothing at all. There was only calm.

The current Yue Zifeng seemed to have become an icy sword god. He was concentrating all his energy. Mental energy, spiritual energy, everything he had was gathering. The world lost its sound. The only thing left was Yue Zifeng’s sword.

Although some of the people here were sword cultivators, they could all tell that Yue Zifeng had entered a special state. Once he attacked, it would be a thunderous blow.

Just at this moment Long Chen and Evilmoon had a short exchange.

“Are you ready?”

“About. I’ve already fully adapted to that evil dragon’s soul essence.”

“Alright, then it should be time for me to go in. Yue Zifeng’s attack is too dangerous. It’s an attack where either he kills his opponent, or he dies.”

Huo Lieyun was stalling, but Long Chen was stalling as well. Three days ago, Evilmoon had woken up.

It had finished absorbing the metal devouring evil dragon’s soul essence. It had then taken a bit of time to get used to it, so Long Chen was more than happy to stall with Huo Lieyun.

“Die!” True Immortal Jiaoqi felt a sharp pain in his soul upon seeing Yue Zifeng. A sensation of crisis enveloped him, but he still roared and attacked with the qilin halberd.

Yue Zifeng took a deep breath. Sword-light appeared in his eyes, and his hand tightened on his sword.

“Leave this to me.” Suddenly, Long Chen’s voice rang out. He appeared in front of Yue Zifeng. 

The two dragon marks on Evilmoon lit up. As a result, an incredibly evil killing intent soared, and a terrifying dragon roar shook the world.


Evilmoon and the qilin halberd collided in the sky. It was like a star had exploded, and terrifying shockwaves filled the barrier.

The experts fighting were blown away by the shockwaves. Even the barrier Xia Chen had set up shuddered intensely, on the verge of collapse.

Huo Lieyun was startled. Just now, he had clearly kept Long Chen locked down, but somehow Long Chen had vanished to block True Immortal Jiaoqi’s attack.

What he didn’t know was that this was the result of Evilmoon taking action. It was finally able to unleash some of its power, and it had allowed Long Chen to slip away from Huo Lieyun.

The void continued to shake. Sand and stone were being blown through the air, and the earth was torn apart.

“What terrifying power. Even the Heavenly Daos have been suppressed!”

Startled cries rang out. The very Heavenly Daos were being forced out of the domain of that battle. The Heavenly Daos were rumbling, on the verge of crumbling. That appearance was too shocking.

“Are they monsters? How can they possess such power?!”

“True experts don’t want to expose their trump cards in front of others until they have no choice. That’s true of Long Chen, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and the others. However, for True Immortal Jiaoqi to suddenly do this means that the real battle is about to start,” said the man with the die spinning behind him.

At this time, someone finally summoned the courage to ask, “I’m sorry, but I’m not good with remembering names. Can I ask your name?”

“Hu Feng.” The man smiled slightly.

When that man reported his name, the neutral camp’s experts were startled.

“You were the one ranked sixth on the Devil Slaughter Rankings?”

“Don’t bring up that ranking. It’s embarrassing that I didn’t even get in the top five.” Hu Feng waved his hand dismissively.

“I’ve heard that you’re the heir of the ancient Gambling Heavenly Dao. Can you tell us who you think will win between Long Chen, Huo Lieyun, and the others?” asked one disciple respectfully.

Upon hearing the name of the Gambling Heavenly Dao, the neutral camp’s experts were shocked and amazed. That was an extremely ancient school of cultivation. Rumor was that there would only be one heir in each generation.

The heirs of this school of cultivation were proficient in gambling, to the point of gambling against the very Heavenly Daos. Legend had it that those disciples were all extremely terrifying and would always have at least a fifty percent chance of winning, no matter how strong their opponent was.

In other words, if Hu Feng were to fight a terrifying Netherpassage expert, he would still have a fifty percent chance of winning. Even against a god, he would have a fifty percent chance of winning.

However, rumors were just rumors. They had never actually seen it. But the heir of the Gambling Heavenly Dao was definitely a monster that no one wished to provoke.

“Sorry, but my gambling skills can’t be used on other people’s battles, so I can’t say anything.” Hu Feng shook his head.

“Big brother, don’t you have a die behind you? Spin it, and if it’s an odd number, it means Long Chen will win. If it’s an even number, big brother Long Chen will also win!” Qi Xuan curiously pointed to the spinning die behind Hu Feng.

“Xuan-er, don’t cause trouble.” Qi Fengxue hastily pulled back Qi Xuan, apologizing, “I’m sorry for my little sister. Please don’t take offense.”

Hu Feng smiled. “It’s fine. Little sister, it seems you care quite a bit about Long Chen. No matter what the die lands on, Long Chen would win. However, this die is what decides my fate and only relates to me. It’s not useful for others.”


Suddenly, the world shook. A terrifying pressure crashed down, causing them to retreat.

Up in the sky, the five stars within Long Chen’s divine ring were blazing like suns. Evilmoon was shining brightly. Its power had soared, and it sent True Immortal Jiaoqi flying.

“Impossible! How can you possess such power?!” True Immortal Jiaoqi was stunned and infuriated. Long Chen’s current power was so great that it was suppressing his qilin-drake power.

Long Chen lazily rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. He was full of power. It was like his spiritual yuan had been ignited.

Having refined the evil dragon soul essence, Evilmoon was actually able to form a resonance with the dragon blood in Long Chen’s body. When he used his Green Dragon Battle Armor, their power was able to combine. The feeling was amazing.

Evilmoon and Long Chen’s power were now combined, enough to suppress True Immortal Jiaoqi.

“I already said that your little bit of power is nothing in front of me. Even if I only have a green dragon’s blood flowing through my veins, it’s still a true dragon, while you’re just a hybrid drake. You’re just a bigger serpent. In front of a true dragon, you aren’t qualified to shout.” Long Chen extended his forefinger and wagged it contemptuously.

“Bullshit! I won’t believe your crap! I’ll slaughter you!” True Immortal Jiaoqi once more shot at Long Chen, his qilin halberd shining brightly.

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