Chapter 1901 Ye Lingshan Executes Ming Jie

As the large mass of experts charged out into the coalition army, the barrier that the Dragonblood warriors had summoned was relieved of a great deal of pressure. The cracks quickly healed.

Over a hundred thousand experts had charged out. They had tried to comprehend this life and death energy, but in the end, they were unable to enter that state.

As for the other experts with greater comprehension skills, fluctuations were starting to appear around them, fluctuations of life and death energy. Those people were their fellow disciples. Of course, many of them didn’t know each other before this one unforgettable battle.

To win them more time to comprehend this life and death energy, they gave up on their own dreams and even their own lives, charging out with furious howls.

Ye Lingshan, who was fighting Ming Jie, saw all of this. Her eyes reddened. She had grown up alone, struggling and fighting in this world by herself.

The entire reason she had picked up this burden was because of her master. But now, she was profoundly experiencing just how noble a feeling like trust was. 

Long Chen had once told her that as long as she was willing to do the same for others, others would be willing to repay her. At that time, she hadn’t fully understood.

Now she did. When she had summoned these disciples, when she had charged out into battle, these disciples had followed her unswervingly. It wasn’t for her but for the Martial Heaven Alliance.

“If my master could, then I can definitely do the same. I won’t disappoint my master’s hopes for me.”

Ye Lingshan’s grip on her sword suddenly tightened. Upon raising her sword, arcs of light soared into the sky.

A divine mark appeared on her forehead. Her manifestation split open, and tens of thousands of swords flew out of the opening. As a result, the world rumbled as Ye Lingshan activated a paragon art.

“You’re igniting your blood soul? Have you gone crazy, you damn woman?!”

The one facing Ye Lingshan, the Corrupt King Ming Jie, was shocked and infuriated. He didn’t know if she had gone insane, but she was actually igniting her blood soul. That was something completely self destructive.

What he didn’t know was that Ye Lingshan was still unable to completely control her paragon art. Her paragon art was a treasure related to the karmic luck of the entire Martial Heaven Alliance. Its power wasn’t something that other paragon arts could compare to.

“My life belongs to the Martial Heaven Alliance. For my brothers and sisters of the Martial Heaven Alliance, I, Ye Lingshan, am willing to bleed my last drop of blood. Ming Jie, today, only one of us is leaving here alive.” Ye Lingshan was completely determined.

Her voice resounded through the battlefield. Every disciple of the Martial Heaven Alliance heard it. Their morale surged, and they crazily attacked.

Millions of swords flew toward Ming Jie. He let out a furious roar, and a black world appeared behind him. He was also using a paragon art.

Their two paragon arts clashed, causing the entire battlefield to shake intensely. Astral winds tore through the air. However, a muffled sound appeared after just a moment, and the black world was submerged by the endless swords.

Ming Jie’s corpse was torn apart. The instant that his physical body was destroyed, an indistinct black light shot out of his body and into the ground.

“Don’t try to use the same move twice.”

Suddenly, Li Qi smiled. Runes appeared on the ground, and a strange object flew out.

The object instantly blew apart. Ming Jie’s furious roar came from it.

His substitute puppet art had actually failed because of Li Qi. He hadn’t managed to switch his physical body and was now left with just his Yuan Spirit.

“Ten Thousand Swords Slice the Void!”

Just at this moment, flying swords slashed down. Ming Jie let out a furious roar, and his Yuan Spirit was about to detonate when suddenly a feather sliced through him.

This was the Blue Eye Peacock’s original true feather. It contained its divine might and caused his soul to shake. Meng Qi had joined in.

Meng Qi had activated the Blue Eye Peacock’s original true feather’s power, suppressing Ming Jie. Perhaps if he still had a physical body, he could have managed to resist, but with just his Yuan Spirit, he lost control. It felt like his soul was being torn apart.

Just as his soul was suppressed, Ye Lingshan’s swords pierced through him. Her Sword Qi instantly turned his soul into nothingness. A Corrupt King died just like that.

“You dare to use the same move twice in front of my boss? Definitely courting death,” sneered Guo Ran.

Last time, Ming Jie had used this technique to escape. Long Chen had pointed out the flaw in this technique, which was the moment where his physical body switched place with that puppet. As long as he was interrupted during that moment, he would be doomed. By attempting it again, he had lost his life.

However, Ming Jie’s power was witnessed by everyone. He was absolutely terrifying, and without that previous experience, there was no way he would have been killed.

Ye Lingshan suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. People were shocked to find that at some point, she had lost her left arm. Blood dyed half her body.

She had managed to force Ming Jie into an all-out clash, but she had paid a price. Her aura plummeted. Not only had she used up most of her spiritual yuan, but she had also suffered a heavy injury.

“I pledge my life to senior apprentice-sister Ye Lingshan!”

“I pledge my life to senior apprentice-sister Ye Lingshan!”

“I pledge my life to senior apprentice-sister Ye Lingshan!”


It was unknown who was the first to shout this, but all the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples began to shout, their voices ringing out louder and louder, shaking the world.

Long Chen smiled. Ye Lingshan had managed to win the hearts of these young disciples. She had done very well.

Ye Lingshan had finally shown her charisma as a leader. This would bring about a powerful cohesiveness and motivation within the Martial Heaven Alliance. That kind of power would grow stronger and stronger.

“You seem quite confident, like everything’s within your control,” said Huo Lieyun as he continued to attack Long Chen with his flame spear.

“Aren’t you the same? We’re in the same boat. You’re playing a game with me, but as for the final board, it will quickly be exposed,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Clearly, Huo Lieyun was the true person in charge of this battlefield. However, compared to Long Chen, he seemed slightly uneasy. Long Chen had been calm from start to end. Hence, he couldn’t tell what Long Chen was thinking.


Each of them forced the other back. They stared at one another.

On the battlefield, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s morale was soaring. Ye Lingshan was injured, causing her power to drop, but she still joined the troops to slaughter their enemies.

Huo Lieyun smiled. “Do you think the Martial Heaven Alliance can be saved?”

Clearly, Huo Lieyun was referring to Ye Lingshan. She had managed to receive Qu Jianying’s burden and was now reuniting the Martial Heaven Alliance.

“The Martial Heaven Alliance didn’t need saving in the first place. Your question is stupid.” Long Chen shook his head, lazily resting Evilmoon on his shoulder.

“Long Chen, you might think yourself clever, but you don’t even realize death has come for you.” Huo Lieyun smiled mockingly.

“This idiot expression of yours is quite irritating. No wonder the Pill Fairy doesn’t like you. If you get any closer, I’ll vomit.” Long Chen once more shook his head.

“Bullshit!” Huo Lieyun was instantly provoked. His voice was so loud that it made everyone else jump.

“Don’t be so loud. If your voice represented your power, then donkeys would have already taken control of this world. So you shouldn’t play such low-level stalling tactics with me. From the very start, I could tell something was up. The person who arranged this game is not you nor those two fellows from Heavenly Fate Island. You’re all listening to the moves from outside the board. It’s fine, I’m not in a rush. Stalling like this is actually really nice. In any case, your Pill Valley sent out the fewest people, and the ones dying belong to other powers. You don’t care how many people die from the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, the ancient races, or the Xuan Beasts. Actually, the more of them die, the more hatred they’ll feel for the Martial Heaven Alliance. Whether this battle is a misunderstanding or a trap, the seeds of hatred will already be planted. Pill Valley will still be the winner.”

When Long Chen’s lazy voice rang out, the expressions of everyone fighting changed. The hearts of the people in the coalition army dropped.

Through Long Chen’s reminder, they realized that Pill Valley had really only sent Huo Lieyun and those twelve experts of the Flame Divine Palace. There were hundreds of thousands of corpses strewn on the battlefield now, but they didn’t include Pill Valley’s people.

Even the neutral camp’s people were shocked. It seemed Long Chen had long since seen through Pill Valley’s intentions.

“Absolute nonsense! Do you think others can’t tell that you’re trying to sow dissension?!” shouted Huo Lieyun.

“No, you misunderstand me. I’m not saying that you’re an idiot, nor am I raising the question, because you are simply fundamentally an idiot,” said Long Chen innocently.


“Ah, here come the donkey sounds again. I told you, being loud is meaningless. If Pill Valley wants to con more idiots, it has nothing to do with me. If you want to play with me, then I’ll play you to death. In my eyes, none of you are innocent. If people have their own eyes and brains, they should be able to see the truth. If they don’t understand things but still raise their butcher blades, they can’t use the excuse that they were being used by others once things are over. Being used by others? What do they even have brains for? Innocent? What about the people they killed because of their idiocy? Are they not innocent? So to everyone who has raised their blades toward my friends of the Martial Haven Alliance, I’ll have to say I’m sorry for you.” Long Chen smiled coldly.

Huo Lieyun’s expression changed slightly. “What are you talking about?”

Just at this moment, the golden tide began to shudder.

“The golden tide’s about to retreat!” Startled cries rang out. The experts comprehending the golden tide began to awaken.

“You were stalling for time, but I was also doing the same thing. Sorry, but the time I was waiting for arrived first. I’ll be going,” said Long Chen with a grim smile. “Xia Chen, is the formation complete?”

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