Chapter 1900 Innate Ice Spirit Body

The crescent moon blade’s runes lit up, roaring like a resentful spirit. With this slash, it was like a thousand ghouls were wailing.

This was a corrupt weapon with an extremely terrifying origin. It had slain countless numbers of lives and had refined the souls of countless resentful spirits. It had concentrated all that resentful and killing intent.

The reason Liu Ruyan chose to fight True Immortal Jiaoqi was majorly because of this blade. Its aura made her feel sick.

“Today I’ll get to experience just how powerful the Heavenly Corrupt Blood Blade that shakes the Corrupt path is.”

Ye Zhiqiu’s expression was still icy. She slowly raised her sword that fluctuated like it was made of water. When it moved, the space behind her shook. Her manifestation appeared.

Her manifestation was an endless world of ice and snow. Within the gorges and mountains of snow and ice, there was a sacred and holy palace.

The palace was indistinct, but it still emitted a grand divine might.

The temperature plummeted, and snow began drifting from the sky. The entire battlefield was affected.

Ye Zhiqiu made a simple swing of her blade. A bolt of energy condensed in the air.

That energy instantly grew, becoming a giant blade that slashed toward Xie Luo. That wasn’t Sword Qi but her terrifying ice energy that had condensed into a giant ice sword.

“What?!” Xie Luo was shocked. Even with all his experience, he had never seen such terrifying ice energy. The light from his blade intensified.


The entire world shuddered, as ice shards flew in every direction. Xie Luo rapidly retreated. His hair was covered in frost, and even the hand holding his blade was quivering. Frost was condensing on it as well.

“How terrifying. So this is the innate ice spirit body. Practically, no one can block it.” Qi Fengxue looked at Ye Zhiqiu with shock.

The innate ice spirit body existed only in legend. Such geniuses might not appear even once every ten thousand years.

Xie Luo’s impudence had resulted in him suffering an injury in the first place. Fortunately, his sense of danger had alerted him, and just as he was struck by that sword, he activated the full power of his manifestation, allowing him to escape calamity.

Ye Zhiqiu’s ice energy was no ordinary ice energy. It was something that could directly freeze a person’s Yuan Spirit. If his Yuan Spirit was frozen, then Xie Luo would die here no matter how many lives he had. That was the terror of the ice spirit body.

When Ye Zhiqiu was brought to the Northern Source by an expert, all that had been known was that she possessed an ice constitution that made her a rare genius at cultivating ice techniques.

In the Northern Source, Ye Zhiqiu had been an outstanding genius, but it was only once she was sent to the Central Plains’ Divine Ice Palace that they realized she didn’t just possess an ice constitution but an innate ice spirit body that had not been seen in tens of thousands of years.

This kind of ice spirit body was extremely rare. In fact, it existed only in legend. It was not something that should exist.

The ice spirit body could be split between innate and acquired ice spirit bodies. Acquired ice spirit bodies were created by modifying the Spirit Root. Through much pain and trouble, it was possible to make a person possess an ice spirit body. However, the failure rate was extremely high. So even an acquired ice spirit body was very rarely seen.

As for an innate ice spirit body? It meant possessing ice energy within the fetus during the pregnancy. That was essentially impossible. After all, if something as weak as a fetus was touched with the slightest Ice Qi, they would simply die in the uterus.

Even powerful cultivators, even if both mother and father possessed ice constitutions, it was impossible for them to give birth to an innate ice spirit body. This was something that had been confirmed through years of research and experiments. It was unknown how many babies had died because of that impossible dream.

In the end, people had concluded that the innate ice spirit body could only be born by the heavens. It was impossible to make one.

That was why when it was learned that Ye Zhiqiu possessed an ice spirit body, the entire Divine Ice Palace was shaken.

However, the Divine Ice Palace had not widely announced it. They only revealed that they now possessed an ice spirit body while leaving out the ‘innate’ part of it.

Before Ye Zhiqiu, the Divine Ice Palace had already possessed three disciples with an ice spirit body. Adding in Ye Zhiqiu made four, so she hadn’t appeared too amazing.

However, now that Ye Zhiqiu was fighting in front of others, Xie Luo’s rashness had almost resulted in him losing his life. He shivered.

Ye Zhiqiu’s sword slashed through the air. As a result, ice crystals condensed in the sky, looking like the celestial river of stars. Xie Luo let out a shout, and a giant figure appeared in Xie Luo’s manifestation. He actually threw his blade into that figure’s hand.

His blade rapidly grew to match that figure, and after grabbing it, that figure grew much more solid. It actually walked out of Xie Luo’s manifestation and swung the giant blade.


The blade sliced through the air, shattering Ye Zhiqiu’s ice crystals. At the same time, it became possible to see that figure’s face. It was actually a thirty-thousand-meter blood-colored skeleton that was covered in scarlet runes. Wielding the crescent moon blade, it looked like a fiend that had crawled out of hell.

“Rumor is that Xie Luo possesses the evil spirit body and can summon some terrifying lifeforms. This giant skeleton definitely isn’t something that should exist in our world,” said one of the experts of the neutral camp gravely.

The giant skeleton was emitting a blood-colored glow that warped the space around it, resulting in Ye Zhiqiu’s ice crystals being unable to freeze it.

Xie Luo was standing on the skeleton’s head, directing it to attack Ye Zhiqiu. Ye Zhiqiu repeatedly slashed with her sword, unleashing ice crystals that were like giant swords, blocking the skeleton.

As Ye Zhiqiu and her ice domain blocked the giant skeleton, an endless sea of branches tied down a berserk True Immortal Jiaoqi.

True Immortal Jiaoqi was roaring angrily. His qilin halberd was blazing with divine light, and each attack shattered a mass of the branches. However, Liu Ruyan had too many of those branches, and each branch that was destroyed was replaced. True Immortal Jiaoqi was unable to charge through her blockade, causing him to become frantic.

If they were competing in terms of true power, perhaps Liu Ruyan might be weaker than True Immortal Jiaoqi. But blocking him for a while was not difficult.

She had absorbed a portion of the primal chaos divine elixir and finished refining it. That had caused her to transform. Life and death energy flowed through her branches, making them strong enough to crush ordinary divine items.

True Immortal Jiaoqi tried several times to bypass Liu Ruyan but failed. Hence, he sent a secret order to other experts to go around and attack the Martial Heaven Alliance.

He understood that if things continued like this, the Xuan Beasts would be unable to comprehend life and death energy. If that was the case, then no one should have that chance. He wanted to interrupt the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples from comprehending it.

All the other leaders were also telling their people to start an assault. If they couldn’t have this opportunity to comprehend life and death, then no one else could.

“Attack all-out! If we can’t get it, we definitely won’t let these idiots from the Martial Heaven Alliance get it!” roared one of the Xuan Beasts.

The experts of the coalition army began unleashing powerful attacks. They activated their divine items, launching long-range attacks at the Dragonblood warriors.

The Dragonblood Legion was now facing the fierce attacks of the expert from Pill Valley, the Corrupt path, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, and the Xuan Beasts. The Dragonblood Legion had shifted into a defensive formation, so these experts didn’t need to worry about their own safety. They unleashed their strongest attacks.

Close to a million experts attacked at the same time. The light of divine items was like a starry river crashing down on the Dragonblood Legion.

Cracks quickly appeared on the barrier that the Dragonblood warriors had created. They roared, unleashing their full power.

It could be said that this barrier was extremely terrifying. It had gathered the power of over twelve thousand Dragonblood warriors, including the power of their dragon blood. That had raised its defensive power to a shocking level.

However, despite how powerful it was, it was now facing the attacks of almost a million divine items. The Dragonblood warriors were outnumbered by almost a hundred times.

Furthermore, these enemies didn’t need to worry about defense. They launched their strongest offensive moves, so the barrier was starting to fail.

“Fuck, who cares about life and death energy? I can’t understand this crap no matter what, so I’m going to kill instead!”

Suddenly, Bao Buping stood up with an angry howl. With the noises coming from the battle outside, there was no way he could calm himself down to meditate. He actually charged out of the barrier, attacking.

The Dragonblood Legion’s barrier only prevented those on the outside from getting in. It didn’t stop those inside from getting out. As a result, Bao Buping charged straight out.

“Fucking trash, return my brothers’ lives!”

As soon as Bao Buping left, Chang Hao charged out as well. Two broadswords unleashed two giant sword-images that slashed toward their enemies.

The experts on the other side were in the midst of launching all-out attacks when the two of them suddenly appeared. Without any resistance, their attacks created two large openings in the coalition army. It was unknown just how many experts died in that one moment.

“There’s us as well!”

The rest of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples charged out. They were all still filled with hatred. How could they possibly calm down and meditate?

Following the example of the two of them, they also launched powerful attacks.

What was unexpected though was that it wasn’t just the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples that came out. Other disciples followed them.

“My talent and comprehension skills are only average. I’d rather give this opportunity to my fellow brothers and sisters. I don’t ask you for anything in return. All I want is for you to slaughter these despicable fellows once you’re stronger! If you do, I’ll be able to smile in the nine springs.” A rank nine Celestial shouted as he followed.

His shout caused everyone’s expressions to change. They were using their own lives to win more time for the more talented people. However, he didn’t even know who those people were. He was doing this for strangers.

It wasn’t long before that disciple was slain by an attack from an ancient race expert. His scarlet blood turned the sky red. It also reddened the eyes of those who saw it.

“Damnable coalition army, I’ll go all-out with you!”

That one disciple’s death was the one stone that created huge ripples. Over half the disciples inside the barrier actually charged out, their eyes completely red.

“Kill! Kill them all!”

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