Chapter 1899 The Ice Fairy

True Immortal Jiaoqi was furious. He had gotten enough of this stupid way of using their troops. He had to win some territory for the Xuan Beasts as this opportunity was too important for them.

He left the battlefield, going straight toward the golden tide. He wanted to create a path for his fellow Xuan Beasts.

“I’m not accompanying you either. Their so-called heaven peering arts are just a giant joke.”

Xie Luo was also gloomy. The incomparably mysterious Heavenly Fate Island, the one claimed to have flawless calculations, had actually come up with such a garbage plan. They might as well have blindly directed the troops.

Xie Luo left Long Chen to Huo Lieyun, also creating a chance for the Corrupt path’s experts. Even if he couldn’t obtain that chance, he wouldn’t let the Righteous path’s experts do as they pleased.

After all, the Corrupt path was the Righteous path’s mortal enemy. As for the Righteous path’s connection with Pill Valley, the ancient races, ancient family alliance, Xuan Beasts, and Bloodkill Hall, things could sway in any direction. Today, those powers were working together with the Corrupt path against the Righteous path. But maybe tomorrow, they would turn on the Corrupt path for some profit.

There were over three hundred thousand experts of the Righteous path in the golden tide right now. If they lived, then at least half of them would have a high chance of comprehending life and death, allowing them to reach the half-step Netherpassage realm.

If a tenth of those half-step Netherpassage experts reached the true Netherpassage realm, then that would be a calamitous blow to the Corrupt path.

Xie Luo was the descendant of the leader of the Corrupt path, Xie Wentian. He was vicious and had the foresight to know when to be ruthless.

With a snap decision in front of him, between Long Chen and the three hundred thousand experts of the Martial Heaven Alliance, he chose the latter. He knew that there would be many chances to kill Long Chen before he grew up. He still wasn’t as great of a threat as the latter.

With True Immortal Jiaoqi losing his mind and acting first, Xie Luo followed, abandoning Long Chen to attack the Dragonblood warriors.

Long Chen smiled mockingly. Taking a breath, he was about to stop them when rumbling rang out.

The ground exploded, and a giant willow tree appeared in front of True Immortal Jiaoqi and Xie Luo. Liu Ruyan had come.

As for the Bloodkill Hall’s divine emissary that had been trapped in her branches, he had forever disappeared from this world. Trapped in her cage, no one had been able to help him. Despite unleashing countless powerful moves, the only thing left for him had been death.

After killing the divine emissary, Liu Ruyan had immediately gone to help Chu Yao. Chu Yao had been in a deadlock with the twelve experts of the Flame Divine Palace.

Those twelve experts had formed a formation to trap her within. As a result, Chu Yao had summoned an endless tide of wooden stakes to fight them.

Originally, flame cultivators would have an advantage over wood cultivators, but Chu Yao’s wood contained metal energy as well, and due to her resonance with the Undying Willow, her wooden stakes had also become extremely tough. They had an innate fire resistance.

As a result, both sides had entered a battle of attrition. The result of such a battle was obvious. Their defeat would have only been a matter of time.

Although they were twelve powerful Empyreans whose manifestations had started to awaken, whether it was in terms of their total spiritual yuan capacity or their recovery rate, they couldn’t compete with Chu Yao, a genius with a wood spirit body.

Chu Yao had roots in the ground, drawing out an unending stream of energy from the world. She was able to fight evenly against these twelve. In other words, once their spiritual yuan was exhausted, she would still have plenty of energy.

That was why once Liu Ruyan came to help her, Chu Yao told her to go help Long Chen. Although Liu Ruyan didn’t like Long Chen, this wasn’t a time for pettiness. She went to reinforce him, resulting in her arriving as True Immortal Jiaoqi and Xue Luo attacked the Dragonblood Legion.

Willow branches devoured them. It was like a sea of deathly tentacles. 

“Scram!” True Immortal Jiaoqi roared. The qilin figure in his manifestation rumbled as he brought out his qilin power.

“Die!” Xie Luo also shouted, and a blood-red crescent moon blade appeared in his hand. When he slashed it, the sky turned red.


Liu Ruyan’s branches were blown apart. Even Liu Ruyan herself was sent flying.

Divine marks appeared in the air as terrifying fluctuations spread.

“Ruyan, watch out!”

Long Chen suddenly let out a cry. He saw Xie Luo’s manifestation tremble, and a familiar aura appeared.

“Corpse Puppet Divine Sealing Art!”

The sky suddenly dimmed. Over a thousand corpse puppets descended from it, enveloping Liu Ruyan.

Those corpse puppets extended their hands, unleashing a stream of runes that wrapped around Liu Ruyan. It was a similar move to what had sealed Long Chen before, however, this seal was ten times stronger. After all, that time, Xie Luo had only brought out one hundred and eight corpse puppets.

In truth, Xie Luo was just as infuriated as True Immortal Jiaoqi. So many disciples of the Corrupt path had died here because they had trusted the idiots from Heavenly Fate Island.

Now, he no longer wanted to hide his power. He wanted to shake his opponents, to show the dominating power of the Corrupt path. He wanted to slay Liu Ruyan in one move.

Liu Ruyan was startled. This seal was completed far too quickly, and there was no time for her to dodge. Runes trembled across her body as she attempted to break the seal.


True Immortal Jiaoqi’s qilin halberd came piercing toward her. If it struck her in her vitals, then despite being an Undying Willow, she would be heavily injured. She might even die.

However, just as True Immortal Jiaoqi’s halberd was about to pierce Liu Ruyan’s body, the temperature suddenly dropped. All the experts involuntarily shivered.

An ice sword blocked the qilin halberd. That seemingly unstoppable attack was stopped in the air just like that.

An ice lotus bloomed rapidly on the tip of the ice sword. Even space was being frozen. As a result, everything within hundreds of miles was sealed with ice.

“What is this?!” Startled cries rang out from the experts. Just what kind of power was this?

“It’s her…”

Long Chen’s voice quivered slightly as he looked at that giant ice flower. He knew these spiritual fluctuations. It was her, definitely her.

The ice flower also enveloped Liu Ruyan, as well as the corpse puppets. Those corpse puppets were turned into ice sculptures. They then shattered, transforming into crystalline bits that sparkled in the sunlight.

With the corpse puppets destroyed, Liu Ruyan regained her freedom. She hastily fell back, staring in shock at that slender figure in front of her.


True Immortal Jiaoqi was also frozen. With a furious roar, his qilin halberd trembled, blowing away the ice crystals. From within those endless ice crystals, people finally saw a figure.

She was lithe and graceful. Her body looked like it had been carved from jade, and her long black hair fell naturally to her waist. Her robes were as white as snow.

Her eyes looked like gemstones, while her face seemed like it had been carved to be the epitome of beauty. She was like a fairy that had walked out of a painting.

However, this peerlessly beautiful fairy was too cold. There wasn’t the slightest emotion on her face. She truly looked like a statue.

Snow and ice crystals slowly fell from the sky. The sunny weather seemed to have changed due to the descent of an ice goddess.

“The Divine Ice Palace’s…”

“Ice Fairy…”

“... Ye Zhiqiu.”

A name appeared in almost everyone’s minds. Only a few of them had ever seen Ye Zhiqiu, but everyone had heard rumors that the Divine Ice Palace had produced an Ice Fairy who was practically a transcendent being.

Seeing this woman who was like a sculpture, that name automatically appeared in everyone’s mind.

“Zhiqiu, we finally meet again.” Long Chen smiled, his eyes reddening. He would never forget the first and final smile Ye Zhiqiu had given him as she lay in his arms in the Jiuli secret realm.

“Sister Zhiqiu!” Tang Wan-er and the others also let out excited cries.

The slightest trace of warmth appeared in Ye Zhiqiu’s icy eyes. She nodded toward everyone. “Sorry for being late. Let’s handle these enemies first before reminiscing.”

“Ye Zhiqiu, is your Divine Ice Palace planning on interfering in our personal enmities?!” demanded True Immortal Jiaoqi.

“I am not here representing the Divine Ice Palace. I only represent myself. I, Ye Zhiqiu, am also a member of the Dragonblood Legion.”

Ye Zhiqiu’s announcement caused countless expressions to change. They had never heard that Ye Zhiqiu was a member of the Dragonblood Legion. This piece of news was absolutely shocking.

“I don’t care who you represent. Anyone who blocks me shall die!” True immortal Jiaoqi was in no mood for this. The golden tide would only be present for a short time, so he couldn’t tarry.

“Leave this big fellow to me.” Liu Ruyan struck first. Having communicated with Chu Yao, she knew who Ye Zhiqiu was.

Although Ye Zhiqiu was a rare ice cultivator, she was facing one of the strongest experts of the junior generation. One against two, it was unlikely she could win. Hence, Liu Ruyan chose to fight True Immortal Jiaoqi. Although he was extremely powerful, she was confident in being able to stall him.

On the other hand, Xie Luo clearly had a slight advantage over Liu Ruyan, so she left him to Ye Zhiqiu. After that, Ye Zhiqiu nodded and went to block Xie Luo’s path.

Xie Luo snorted, a cruel smile suddenly appearing on his face. He slowly raised his crescent moon blade and slowly cut his tongue on it. His blood flowed onto the blade.

The crescent moon blade suddenly seemed to come to life, and boundless killing intent surged out of it. With a shout, Xie Luo slashed his blade at Ye Zhiqiu.

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