Chapter 1898 Berserk True Immortal Jiaoqi

The Dragonblood warriors were defending the outer region of the golden tide, and more and more disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance were entering the golden tide to comprehend the law of life and death.

“What about you?” asked one of the disciples to the Dragonblood warriors.

Although this was his sole encounter with the Dragonblood warriors, he felt great respect and gratitude toward them. To have been able to fight alongside such people filled him with pride. He couldn’t help asking.

“We’re not interested in the golden tide. Our only goal is to kill people. Don’t waste any more time,” shouted back one of the Dragonblood warriors. He directly tossed that disciple who was about to speak again into the golden tide.

Life and death energy continuously transformed and evolved inside the golden tide. Starlight flickered; countless manifestations appeared and faded. This was an incredibly rare opportunity. Although the various large powers had other treasures that could raise a person’s comprehension of life and death, they had at most one or two such treasures, while there might be over ten candidates to compete for it. On the other hand, anyone standing in the golden tide could enjoy the same benefits.

The neutral camp’s experts had already carved out an area for themselves. They sat down, entering a meditative state.

However, some experts were only quietly standing there. They didn’t seem to care too much about the life and death energy around them. They were still focused on the battlefield. Either they had a certain confidence in comprehending life and death themselves, or they didn’t care about this life and death energy, or they could comprehend it without entering a meditative state.

Seeing the Dragonblood warriors abandon their chance to comprehend life and death to protect them, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples were filled with gratitude. They hastily sat down and did their best to comprehend the energy around them.

They knew that the golden tide would only last for a short time. Once it was over, they would no longer have the chance.

The Dragonblood warriors had formed a giant circle around them, protecting them. They slaughtered their enemies.

Now that the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples had entered the golden tide, all the pressure was on the Dragonblood warriors.


Suddenly, a roar rang out. It was unknown from whom it came, but the ground burst apart all of a sudden. Countless experts from the Corrupt path, ancient races, ancient family alliance, and the Xuan Beasts charged out from beneath the ground.

“So they actually had another trap!” A startled cry came from the neutral camp. The speaker had arrived here very early, but there had already been a large army guarding this place when he had arrived. At that time, he had felt it to be strange.

Now seeing so many experts suddenly charge out of the ground, he suddenly understood. Perhaps they had set up a giant transportation formation in advance. This group of experts was their secret weapon.

Their previous clash had caused heavy losses on both sides. Whether it was the Martial Heaven Alliance or the coalition army, both sides had lost over half their people.

However, things still hadn’t reached the climax. Now that the Dragonblood warriors were defending the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples in the golden tide, they had nowhere to retreat. That was because behind them were the lives that they were protecting.

The coalition army launched this secret attack to give the Righteous path a thunderous blow. Neither the Dragonblood Legion nor the Martial Heaven Alliance’s army would have any chance of surviving.

This giant army continued to surge out of the ground, and their numbers had reached five hundred thousand. With so many newcomers arriving, it caused another reversal of the battlefield.

“What a frightening scheme. This time, the Dragonblood Legion might be doomed. Having fallen for this trap, they won’t even have a chance to run.”

Although the neutral camp’s people weren’t participating in the battle, they were still human, while the coalition army had people from the Corrupt path, ancient races, and Xuan Beasts, who were hostile to them. So they hoped that the Martial Heaven Alliance would win, but things did not bode well for them.

“Bastards! I’ll go all-out!” The Martial Heaven Alliance’s experts shot back to their feet. They raised their weapons once more.

“No need. Have you forgotten our words? Go comprehend life and death in peace. As long as the Dragonblood warriors don’t fall, no one will be able to touch a single hair on your body,” shouted a Dragonblood warrior.

“But they-”

“It’s just a pack of pigs, nothing to be worried about. Stop wasting time!” shouted the Dragonblood warrior.

The blood-colored dragon armor that each of the Dragonblood warriors was wearing suddenly had divine runes appear on them. Divine light flowed out, connecting all of them.

The Dragonblood warriors had actually activated their Spirit Blood, which was partially the dragon blood. All of them let out a heaven-shaking roar and started another bout of slaughter.

Half of them suddenly knelt, while the other half’s blades mercilessly fell. As soon as their attacks fell, the dragon scales around the kneeling Dragonblood warriors suddenly dimmed.

Terrifying rays of light tore through the air. As a result, the experts that had just charged over from the other side were blown apart.

This was a shocking attack, one that created thousands of corpses. Half the Dragonblood warriors had attacked, while the other half loaned their energy to them, doubling their power.

The current Dragonblood warriors were no longer the old Dragonblood warriors. They were Dragonblood warriors in reality as well as name.

The evil dragon essence blood had transformed them. When using the Dragon Blood Battle Armor, their power was multiplied by ten times. With the assistance of a powerful formation, they were able to send power to each other.

Back when Guo Ran had slain that expert from the ancient races, he had borrowed energy from the Dragonblood warriors. In front of that terrifying combined power, even a peak expert was slain.

“The Dragonblood Legion is present! Surrender or die!” Battle intent soared out of the Dragonblood warriors.

With this one attack, they had emptied the space in front of them. At least a hundred thousand experts had just been slain.

The new army of five hundred thousand experts was completely shaken. They had never seen such a terrifying legion.

“It seems the plan will have to change.” Up in the sky, Huo Lieyun gloomily sent a message to Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi.

“I just knew that those idiots from Heavenly Fate Island weren’t reliable. They just had to use some stupid scheme and nonsense about waiting for the time to be ripe. What nonsense. They even said that as long as we could keep Long Chen entangled, they could easily annihilate the Dragonblood Legion and the Martial Heaven Alliance’s trash. Now it looks like we are outplayed like idiots!” True Immortal Jiaoqi roared furiously. He didn’t use a spiritual message, but his actual voice.

Their plan had been made by Heavenly Fate Island’s four Fate Princes. It had been extremely detailed and looked to be perfect.

Most importantly, the mastermind behind this matter was Pill Valley. They were in charge, and they seemed to rely on Heavenly Fate Island’s miraculous abilities.

That was why these experts had followed the plan of the Fate Princes. However, two of those Fate Princes had been slain by Long Chen.

As for the other two Fate Princes, they were hiding in the army, not daring to reveal themselves. The three of them had no idea what those two were doing.

Their so-called secret army, which was supposed to be able to instantly turn things around, had been turned into a pack of fools by a single attack from the Dragonblood Legion.

The Xuan Beasts were innately violent and didn’t like these schemes. So True Immortal Jiaoqi hadn’t liked it from the start. However, for the big picture, he had endured it. Now that things were going off script, his temper exploded. What kind of garbage plan was this? He even wondered whether they had worked together with Long Chen to con them.

From the start, they had agreed that their main mission was to eliminate the Martial Heaven Alliance and Long Chen’s people in the Yin Yang World.

The other goal was for them to enter the golden tide to comprehend life and death. That was especially important to the Xuan Beasts.

The Xuan Beasts weren’t human. Although they had tough physical bodies, they weren’t close to the Heavenly Daos. That was why they would transform into human form from the tenth rank, so they could get closer to the Heavenly Daos.

Due to their innate deficit, their comprehension skills were inferior to the human race. That was why he had repeatedly said that whatever plan they went with, it had to guarantee that the Xuan Beasts would be able to enter the golden tide when the time came.

However, now the golden tide had come, and their secret weapon had been crushed. That new army was at a loss. True Immortal Jiaoqi wanted to devour them alive.

In his fury, he no longer had any misgivings. He directly cursed Heavenly Fate Island’s people. Could this idiotic plan go any worse?

The two Fate Princes were hiding in the crowd. They had already switched into other disciples’ robes and even taken off their Daoist headbands. They were frightened.

They had never seen anyone as terrifying as Long Chen. Having personally seen one of their fellow Fate Princes get killed, their courage was broken.

They could calculate life, they could calculate death, but all those calculations only had to do with others. They had to be transcendent figures of the mortal world. That was because if they ever calculated that death was coming for them, they would be more cowardly than anyone.

The two of them were hiding, but through some secret communication abilities, they were able to relay orders. As for anything else, that would be up to the heavens. The two of them wanted to run, but they were also afraid that Long Chen would notice them, so they continued to hide in the army.

Their plans and arrangements were actually very brilliant. Long Chen’s own plans had been thrown into disorder because of them. They had managed to take the initiative.

However, the Dragonblood Legion was far stronger than their predictions. As Long Chen grew stronger, it became more difficult to calculate anything about the people around him. Even calculating anything about the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had been difficult due to their connection to Long Chen. It had taken them many days.

Although they had already done their best to give a high estimation of the Dragonblood Legion, they had still misjudged. The Dragonblood Legion’s power far exceeded their imagination.

“Fucking Heavenly Fate Island, I don’t care anymore! I’m bringing my people into the golden tide!”

True Immortal Jiaoqi finally lost his patience. With a furious roar, he retreated from his battle against Long Chen, charging over to the Dragonblood Legion. He had decided to stop listening to Heavenly Fate Island’s plans. He would do things his way.

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