Chapter 1897 The Golden Tide

A multicolored wing smashed down from the sky. Brilliant light erupted out of it.

Cloud had now refined the Blue Eye Peacock’s essence blood, and her aura had transformed. The power of her attack shook the sky.


The ancient race expert hastily activated his divine item, only to be sent flying by Cloud’s attack.

Cloud let out a crystal-clear bird cry. A black ray of light shot after that expert.

The ancient race expert roared. His manifestation shook, and the roaring of countless beasts suddenly came from it. He was going all out, unleashing his divine item and activating his paragon art. He had no other choice. The instant Cloud’s attack appeared, his hair stood on end. This was a terrifying attack that he couldn’t take lightly.

The light of a paragon art filled the sky. Two forbidden powers clashed, causing heaven and earth to rumble.

“Heavens, when did so many terrifying existences appear in the Dragonblood Legion?!” Startled cries came from the neutral camp.

Yue Zifeng, Guo Ran, Gu Yang, and Cloud had shown power equivalent to a peak expert.

“Brothers of the Martial Heaven Alliance, don’t panic. This so-called army is nothing more than a mob. Dragonblood Legion, attack!” Guo Ran gave a rallying cry. Golden wings spread on his back, and he charged toward the rear army.

“Bastard, come at me if you have any guts. I’ll smash apart your tortoise shell!” Someone from the Xuan Beasts suddenly charged toward Guo Ran. This expert was also a peak expert. His status was only slightly lower than True Immortal Jiaoqi, and his combat power was only slightly, slightly lower than him.

“You? Killing someone else would only take one move, but as for you? You’re not even fit to fight me.” Guo Ran actually ignored him, charging toward the ordinary experts.

“Second captain of Long Chen’s Dragonblood Legion, Li Qi, here for a challenge.”

The ground suddenly split open, and an earthen giant climbed out. Li Qi was standing on top of its head when it first climbed up, but then he merged within it.

Golden runes flowed around the earthen giant. Rather than being made of earth, it now seemed to be made of gold. It came to life, unleashing a powerful punch at that Xuan Beast expert.

The Xuan Beast expert unleashed an all-out attack but was still sent flying. Although the golden giant was huge, it was surprisingly agile.

The Xuan Beast expert started a furious battle against the golden giant. However, just at that moment, on the other side, another golden giant climbed out of the ground.

“Third captain of Long Chen’s Dragonblood Legion, Song Mingyuan, here for advice.”

Song Mingyuan and Li Qi were the same. They were both powerful earth cultivators, but through the purification of their bloodline, by stimulating the potential of their ancestors’ blood, a mutation had occurred in their earth energy, giving birth to a trace of metal energy.

Their normal earthen giants were powerful but lacked a certain toughness, a certain suppliability. In a direct clash, their bodies would easily crumble. By adding this metal energy, their movements became smoother.

Most importantly, Guo Ran, with his heaven-defying karmic luck, had led the Dragonblood Legion through the Yin Yang World, and he had found a secret tome relating to earth cultivators. The two of them had learned a merging art, allowing them to become one with these golden giants.

The two golden giants gave off immense pressure to the other side, while the morale of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples soared.

Guo Ran had already reached the rear army. His golden sabers were slaughtering his enemies, with no one able to stop him.

These golden sabers were no longer his old golden sabers. They were a pair of divine items Long Chen had gained after killing a Xuan Beast expert. With a pair of divine items, Guo Ran was like a tiger with wings.


Guo Ran had just charged into the opposing army when two figures appeared, one coming from the left and the other coming from the right. Their auras gave off a chilling feeling. They were from the ancient family alliance.

The truth was that the Corrupt path, ancient races, ancient family alliance, Xuan Beasts, Pill Valley, Bloodkill Hall, and Heavenly Fate Island had made a meticulous trap using the Yin Yang World. They had sent out powerful killers to make sure that Long Chen never left the Yin Yang World alive.

As a result, they had sent their elite geniuses. Other than Pill Valley, all the other powers had sent at least three peak experts each.

These peak experts had been hidden from the rest of the world. As for these two experts from the ancient family alliance, they were on the same level as Di Feng.

The two of them had just attacked when tearing sounds appeared. The void was being torn apart by divine feathers slicing through the air like swords. Meng Qi had appeared to counter them.

The two ancient family alliance’s experts slashed their divine items into the feathers, causing booming noises to ring out.

Meng Qi was surrounded by flying divine feathers. They were incomparably sharp. Even without Cloud, Meng Qi was able to block them.

A storm of wind blades suddenly unfurled as Tang Wan-er also joined. She and Meng Qi each took one of these two ancient family alliance experts. Their sharp attacks forced them to retreat over and over again.

Just at this moment, the Dragonblood Legion arrived at the battlefield. Over twelve thousand Dragonblood warriors charged in. They showed people why a battle was bloody, why it was cruel, why it was violent.

All the Dragonblood warriors were covered in red-scale armor. They were like revived evil dragons.

Currently, over two thousand of the Dragonblood warriors were Empyreans. Although the majority were still rank nine Celestials, their power caused even the Empyreans to shiver.

The current Dragonblood warriors were the true Dragonblood warriors. They had finished refining the evil dragon essence blood. In fact, the density of their dragon blood was even greater than Long Chen’s.

After all, Long Chen had only absorbed a single drop of dragon blood, while the metal devouring evil dragon had been waiting for a chance for nirvanic rebirth, resulting in it collecting a great deal of essence blood.

The Dragonblood warriors were like death gods. As soon as they entered the battlefield, they started a slaughter. They cut through their enemies like cabbages. Flesh and blood flew.

“I’ve long since heard the rumors that the Dragonblood Legion is the number one legion of the continent. But this power is even greater than the rumors.” Even the people of the neutral camp were stunned, their voices shuddering.

The most chilling thing was that the Dragonblood warriors were eerily calm as they slaughtered their enemies. They didn’t wear any expressions. That was even more frightening than having sinister expressions.

The Dragonblood warriors essentially cut people down with one move each. They rarely needed a second move. Anyone who met their calm gazes would immediately tremble.

If it was just one or two, or even just a few hundred such experts, that would be acceptable. However, there were over ten thousand of them. Each of them was a top expert, a slaughter machine.

The scales of the battlefield instantly shifted. The army that had been lying in wait and had surrounded the Martial Heaven Alliance’s army from the outside were thrown into chaos.

The Dragonblood warriors’ killing efficiency made their enemies feel despair. They were finally afraid. In just the first clash, tens of thousands of their people were slain. The rest retreated in terror.

The entire battlefield tilted in favor of the Martial Heaven Alliance. However, Long Chen’s side was still a cause for concern. He was surrounded by Huo Lieyun, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Xie Luo. He was relying entirely on his Celestial Lightning Body Blink to keep up with them.

He was at a complete disadvantage, but the three of them didn’t seem to be in a hurry. With the three of them working together, there was little chance of a reversal.

“Why do I feel like Huo Lieyun, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Xie Luo aren’t going all-out? Am I misjudging things?” asked someone from the neutral camp.

“It does seem like they haven’t gone all-out. Their only goal is Long Chen. They don’t seem to care about the others’ lives. The three of them seem to plan on wearing away Long Chen’s energy. Once he’s out of energy, they’ll go all-out to kill him,” guessed someone.


Suddenly, the world shook. Yin and Yang energy gathered within the Yin Yang Valley, creating a giant tide of energy. Life and death energy formed an illusory space.

“The golden tide has arrived!”

Startled cries rang out. For some reason, the golden tide was coming a few hours earlier than expected.

“Snatch away the golden tide! Don't let these idiots get it!” shouted Guo Ran.

The Dragonblood Legion immediately slaughtered their way into the golden tide region. At the same time, the people in the neutral camp also flew over.

The area of the golden tide wasn’t very large. The neutral camp’s experts immediately carved out their own territory within it upon entering, creating a clear dividing line.

Life and death energy had condensed into black and white mist in the sky. It was extremely dense. This could bring a special realm where life and death alternated, allowing them to understand its profundities easier.

Based on Di Feng and the other’s plans, they were supposed to have already killed Long Chen and the others before the golden tide started. Now that it was starting early, both sides were somewhat at a loss. However, the Dragonblood Legion wasn’t. They pushed forward, creating a path.

“Brothers of the Martial Heaven Alliance, hurry and enter the golden tide. The Dragonblood Legion will be your protectors.” Guo Ran was the first of the Dragonblood Legion to enter the golden tide. He was essentially a killing machine. No one could stop him. Not only did he have his golden divine sabers, but he also had hidden mechanisms he could use whenever he wanted.

The Dragonblood warriors quickly created a path, allowing the over three hundred thousand disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance to enter the golden tide region.

After that immense clash, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s army had lost half their number. As for the coalition army of over two million experts, they numbered under eight hundred thousand now. This had been an extremely miserable battle. Corpses were piled into mountains, and rivers of blood flowed.

The surviving army of the Martial Heaven Alliance entered the golden tide, while the Dragonblood Legion spread out, protecting them, not letting the coalition army approach them. Light was released from each of their bodies, creating a giant barrier.

“Do your best to peacefully comprehend the mysteries of life and death within. As long as the Dragonblood warriors don’t die, there’s no need to worry about your lives,” announced Guo Ran.

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