Chapter 1896 Guo Ran’s Power, One Shot K.O.

The giant arrow exploded and unleashed a mass of fragments that enveloped everything within a hundred miles.

The experts at the core of the explosion were instantly obliterated. Those with divine items protecting their bodies barely managed to survive, but they were coughing up blood.

“What damn thing was that?!”

Nothing was left in an area of dozens of miles. There wasn’t a single blade of grass still alive. The sharp fragments that had flown out tore through armor, and they rapidly spun from the force of the explosion.

“Bastard! These are divine item fragments!”

One of the experts had been struck by one of the fragments, but relying on his divine item, he had managed to block it. As a result, he noticed that this fist-sized fragment was actually part of a divine item. It was no wonder it was so sharp and easily tore through armor.

Just at this moment, more arrows shot over, exploding in their midst.

Guo Ran was standing in the sky, holding a giant golden crossbow, shooting arrow after arrow.

The head of these giant arrows was filled with divine item fragments. Although their power was a far cry from the detonation of a divine item, even Empyreans would be killed if they were in the effective explosion area. They would only be able to survive if they had a divine item level armor.

These fragments had been given to Guo Ran by Long Chen, while the intact divine items had been distributed to those who could use them. However, there was a portion of bizarre divine items that no one was skilled with, so Guo Ran had smashed them apart for their fragments.

“Kill that golden monstrosity!”

Guo Ran had already shot over a hundred arrows. Those arrows had killed tens of thousands of experts.

However, if you compared it to the army of one million five hundred thousand, it wasn’t a devastating blow. The real effect was a vicious blow to their morale.

Guo Ran’s actions fully provoked them. Three ancient race experts shot after him, their manifestations appearing behind them. Their auras weren’t weaker than Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and the others.

“The ancient races also sent out three peak experts?!” exclaimed someone from the neutral camp.

“That’s normal. If you think about it, the Corrupt path sent their three kings, the Bloodkill Hall sent three divine emissaries, Heavenly Fate Island sent their four Fate Princes, and Pill Valley sent those twelve experts on top of Huo Lieyun. Since this is the case, the ancient races naturally have to send experts on that level. There are also two powerful experts from the ancient family alliance hiding in the crowd. They should be two peak experts sent in addition to Di Feng.”

“Then you mean even the Xuan Beasts have more than just True Immortal Jiaoqi? Heavens, I just noticed two of them!”

Through that person’s deduction, others noticed two terrifying Xuan Beast experts hidden in the crowd. They hadn’t joined the fight, but the fluctuations coming out of them were heavy like a mountain.

“It seems the Corrupt path, ancient races, ancient family alliance, Xuan Beasts, Bloodkill Hall, Heavenly Fate Island, and Pill Valley are planning on completely annihilating the elites of the Martial Heaven Alliance.”

“Without the fracturing of the interior of the Martial Heaven Alliance, such a thing would be impossible. It could only be said that the Martial Heaven Alliance’s problem is within itself.”

Within the neutral camp, a woman tightly held another woman’s hand. She begged, “Big sister, go help Long Chen! After all, he saved me!”

The one speaking was Qi Xuan, while the one she was begging was Qi Fengxue. They had just happened to encounter Long Chen in the Yin Yang World.

Qi Fengxue sighed, “We can’t help with this.

“Why not?” Qi Xuan was very disappointed.

“Our Heaven Reaching Ancient Castle exists because of an agreement with the other powers. We can be independent because we don’t interfere with their struggles, but if we did, it would be breaking the rules of our alliance. Not only can I not interfere, but these people standing here on the neutral side also can’t. If we did, we would be drawn into this whirlpool. If we entered this whirlpool, our Heaven Reaching Ancient Castle would be drawn in as well. So don’t blame your big sister,” said Qi Fengxue helplessly.

These neutral powers could not participate in other people’s grudges. So other powers didn’t want to provoke them, allowing them to maintain a peaceful territory.

However, if they were to take the initiative to enter the whirlpool, then they would be breaking the rules of that treaty. In the future, they would have to join either the Martial Heaven Alliance or Pill Valley’s side. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed.

So even though Long Chen had shown kindness to Qi Xuan, and not helping him during this time would be like refusing to pay back the favor, Qi Fengxue still couldn’t do anything. It would implicate her whole family.

“If I wasn’t from a neutral power, I’d definitely join Long Chen. Pill Valley’s actions are unacceptable. I’d even describe them as vile,” added someone else. As people from neutral parties, they were able to see things clearer than others who were part of the struggle. That was the difference between people who were part of the game and people who were outside the game.

“It’s a pity. The difference is too immense. Even if Long Chen grew three heads and six arms, he wouldn’t be able to turn things around.” Someone else sighed regretfully.

On the battlefield, Long Chen was fighting against Huo Lieyun, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Xie Luo. Although he was at full power with his divine ring spinning behind him, he was still at a disadvantage.

Huo Lieyun, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Xie Luo attacked frantically, not letting Long Chen have any chance to use a paragon art. This was their safest way of subduing him, as well as the most effective. Even trying to drag one of them down with him would be very difficult.

The other battlefields were mostly even. Only Yue Zifeng was at an advantage, dominating the Heaven Slayer divine emissary. However, that divine emissary was also a peak expert, and even if he was countered by Yue Zifeng as a sword cultivator, he was able to last for a while. 

The three ancient race experts flew over at Guo Ran. They looked like they wanted to immediately tear him apart.

“Ignorant children, you dare to challenge your daddy Guo? Using my boss’s words, killing you will only take one move. Which one of you three dares to send yourself to death first? Or do you want to come together?” Guo Ran put away his crossbow, instead summoning his golden armor and a pair of sabers. He pointed one of the sabers at the three ancient race experts.


One of the ancient race experts took the lead, his battle-ax shining. If the three of them attacked at once, it would be elevating Guo Ran’s status, as well as lowering their own.

“Tch, for someone like you, it would be my loss if you could even break my golden battle armor’s defenses,” taunted Guo Ran. His armor also lit up, and he crossed his sabers in front of him, taking on a defensive posture.

“Today I’ll shatter this tortoise shell of yours!”

The ancient race expert raised his battle-ax. A terrifying divine might raged.

“Dragonblood Cross Slash!”

Just as that expert was preparing to unleash a powerful paragon art, Guo Ran let out a shout.

The void shook and over twelve thousand Dragonblood warriors appeared in the distance. Their bodies lit up, and rays of light merged into Guo Ran’s body.

A giant cross slashed out. The center of it struck the ancient race expert.

That ancient race expert had been summoning a paragon art. Just as he was about to finish, he suddenly saw this attack, causing his expression to change. He wanted to dodge, but his paragon art had already been prepared. He was caught. He had no time to unleash it and no time to dispel it.

His head was blank. A single thought appeared: he had been taken in.

The giant cross blew him apart along with the initial form of his paragon art. The immense power sent the other two ancient race experts flying. They wildly vomited blood.

This sudden attack and result was unbelievable to the spectators. Just like that, a peak expert had been slain? Furthermore, he was slain by a nameless nobody.

“He’s called Guo Ran? How come I’ve never heard of him?” asked a person in the neutral camp.

“He actually does have some fame. He got into the top ten of the Devil Slaughter Rankings, but there was a great deal of controversy over his ranking. Apparently, his cultivation base is average, his talent is very lacking, and his actual combat power is garbage. However, he is skilled in the forging arts, and just by relying on his armor, he is able to fight against peak experts.”

“How sinister. He intentionally acted like he was going to defend, baiting his opponent into attacking, only to unleash a sudden attack as his opponent’s paragon art reached a critical moment. That person’s death was quite unjust.” No matter what, being able to use a paragon art meant that you were a peak expert. However, such a figure had died just like this. It gave others a strange feeling.

“Come, that one didn’t count! Let’s see who can break my defense!” Guo Ran once more took the same posture, facing the two furious ancient race experts.

“Fuck off!” The two of them naturally wouldn’t fall for it again. Wielding their divine items, they charged at Guo Ran.

“First captain of Long Chen’s Dragonblood Legion, Gu Yang, is here for pointers.”

A spear pierced through the air, and a bald warrior charged at one of the ancient race experts, his entire body covered in blood-colored scales.


Their two divine items clashed, ripping apart the void. The ancient race expert was knocked back by Gu Yang’s spear, stunned.

Everyone else was also stunned. Yue Zifeng was beating the Heaven Slayer divine emissary, and now Gu Yang had forced back this ancient race expert. Were all the warriors of the Dragonblood Legion so terrifying? Each captain had the power of a peak expert?

Just as Gu Yang attacked, the sky dimmed. A giant wing slammed down at the other ancient race expert.

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