Chapter 1895 Yue Zifeng vs. the Heaven Slayer Divine Emissary

Battle was bitter, painful, and frantic. As the people beside you fell one by one, lives were disappearing from the world forever.

It brought endless pain and hatred. The only way to vent this anger and hatred was to kill your enemies.

The Corrupt path was the Righteous path’s mortal enemy. The enmity between the two sides had been built up over countless years. It could only be washed away with more blood.

As for those people that were originally maintaining neutrality but were now standing on the side of the Corrupt path, they had also become enemies. The most unacceptable thing was that amongst those people were their former comrades of the Righteous path. This was an unforgivable betrayal.

Those without any courage had acted like they hadn’t received Ye Lingshan’s summons. They had slipped away, choosing the coward’s path.

Those who were left might be young or still had youth’s vigor left in them. In either case, they still had hot blood flowing through their veins. They knew that without the Martial Heaven Alliance, the Righteous path would not be able to survive. They would end up becoming slaves.

Not all the Righteous path’s experts were cowards and fond of scheming against each other. There were also many courageous heroes unafraid of death.

Just as these armies of hundreds of thousands started their clash, the void rumbled. Roars rang out from the outer regions, and an endless tide of experts charged over from every direction.

“Fools of the Righteous path, did you really think we only had these few people? You’ll all be dying here today!” Huo Lieyun laughed.

This was a trap. The army that had been standing here openly at the start was just a portion of their forces. Even more experts had been lying in wait.

There had only been five hundred thousand people in the army lying in front of the Yin Yang Valley. However, over one million five hundred thousand experts were hiding throughout the outer region.

Huo Lieyun had been worried that Long Chen and the others wouldn’t dare to come if they saw so many people, so they had put on a weak front to bait them in. Their appetite was truly large.


The huge army charged. They were like bloodthirsty beasts wearing sinister smiles.

Suddenly, the ground shook. Before that army even arrived, twelve flame blades sliced toward Chu Yao.

The twelve of them besieged her. As a result, Chu Yao summoned an endless stream of wooden stakes, defending herself. The worst thing was that she also had to be on guard against the sudden sneak attack of the other divine emissary of Bloodkill Hall.

Even with her skill in defense, she was unable to block their continuous stream of attacks. Her wooden stakes were blown apart rapidly. Just as she retreated, the third divine emissary appeared, launching a fatal blow.

However, he had just appeared when a single and ordinary sword slashed toward his waist. The sword was simple, but the will of the Sword Dao was contained within it. The divine emissary’s hair stood on end, and he hastily blocked.

Sparks flew along with a burst of sword-light. An icy-faced man appeared in the air.

“Who are you?” demanded the divine emissary.

“Fourth captain of Long Chen’s Dragonblood Legion, Yue Zifeng.”

Yue Zifeng had arrived. However, he no longer appeared the same as before. He himself wasn’t different. It was his sword that had changed. 

His current sword gave off an ancient aura, seeming to merge with his body. It was difficult to discern where the sword ended and where the man began. Although his sword was now sheathed, a sharp light was still escaping. That light was chilling.

Yue Zifeng had finally abandoned his normal sword, and now he appeared like a completely different person. He had become aloof, colder.

“For a person like you to use a sword is blasphemy to the sword. Your life ends here.”

Yue Zifeng’s arm reached back. It was impossible to even see his movements, as no one even saw him grab his sword. All they saw was something that appeared to be a streak of lightning slicing apart the dome of the sky, slicing through all laws.


The Bloodkill Hall’s divine emissary couldn’t dodge, and despite doing his best to defend, he coughed up a mouthful of blood and was sent flying.

“The sword is sacred among weapons, but you actually use it in such a shameful manner. You insult the Sword Dao. Today, I’ll kill you to maintain the honor of the sword.”

Yue Zifeng’s sword spun through the air. After forming a sword seal with his left hand, the tip of his sword shook, emitting a beautiful lotus flower. As it bloomed, all of heaven and earth were sealed. At the center of the lotus was the tip of Yue Zifeng’s sword.

The sword itself wasn’t very fancy. It was simple and direct, but the blossoming lotus Yue Zifeng had unleashed threw the Heavenly Daos into chaos. It was like everything in this world was under the control of Yue Zifeng’s sword.

The assassin let out a roar, and his manifestation unfurled. Endless energy streamed into his body from his manifestation.

Just as he was about to face Yue Zifeng’s sword with all his power, Yue Zifeng snorted and his sword turned away from its target. Instead of slicing the divine emissary, Yue Zifeng’s sword sliced through the manifestation behind the divine emissary.

Divine light flowed through the sword, cutting apart the very heavens. Nothing was invulnerable in front of that sword. The manifestation behind the divine emissary was actually sliced in two and slowly fell apart in the sky.


“Heavens, how is that possible?!”

This sight dumbfounded everyone. How could a Heavenly Dao manifestation be sliced apart? Was that some kind of power above the Heavenly Daos?

Having his manifestation sliced shocked the divine emissary. He found himself severed from Heavenly Dao energy.

Yue Zifeng’s sword fell, and the divine emissary hastily blocked. However, without his Heavenly Dao energy, his power had dropped sharply. The Sword Qi landed on his body and almost cut him in two.

He was absolutely appalled. He was the strongest of the three divine emissaries, the so-called Heaven Slayer of the Heaven, Earth, and Man Slayer ranks.

As for the one who was trapped by Liu Ruyan and on his deathbed struggle, he was the Earth Slayer divine emissary. 

In the Bloodkill Hall, there was a certain rule, and that was that their assassins would not accept missions to assassinate sword cultivators. They also wouldn’t fight them because sword cultivators were the bane of assassins.

However, the Heaven Slayer divine emissary had been extremely conceited, thinking that he could break that rule. He had also secretly assassinated several sword cultivators, thinking that this legend of sword cultivators was false.

However, Yue Zifeng had broken that confidence. His terrifying Sword Dao felt completely unstoppable to him.

The Heaven Slayer divine emissary once more summoned his manifestation. His injuries instantly healed, and he suddenly summoned eighty-one clones, each of them with an identical aura to his own.

Yue Zifeng’s expression was cold. Not even looking at the clones charging toward him, he slashed behind him. The true body amongst those clones was sent flying once more and coughed up blood.

“Illusion arts can only trick people’s eyes and ears. As long as a person has no fear or desire in their hearts, can the heart be tricked?” Yue Zifeng sneered and once more charged after him.

Each slash of Yue Zifeng’s sword injured the divine emissary. None of his attacks missed. This terrifying assassin didn’t even have the power to retaliate in front of him.

“What a terrifying sword cultivator. He’s not an Empyrean, but even without any Heavenly Dao energy, he can slice apart heaven and earth!”

Sword cultivators could be said to be a rare profession. Although over half of cultivators used swords, those people weren’t actually focused on the Sword Dao.

The so-called sword cultivators were those who had given their entire lives to the sword. Other than the sword, they would have nothing else.

The majority of people viewed the sword as nothing more than a tool for battle. Hence, there was an immense difference between the two sides. Sword cultivators might even be called fanatics.

The divine emissary roared furiously. He tried seventeen different movements arts to get away, but they were all useless. No matter how he dodged, he would have to face Yue Zifeng’s sword. If he didn’t block, he would die.

“Bastard, just wait!” Finally, he crumbled. He couldn’t fight Yue Zifeng. None of his abilities worked against him. With a furious roar, he actually faded, vanishing in midair.

A clamor erupted amongst the neutral camp’s experts. The Bloodkill Hall’s divine emissary was actually fleeing.

However, he had just vanished when Yue Zifeng’s sword lit up again. He sliced the void, and a panicked figure came tumbling out of the opening he made. It was the divine emissary.

“So he didn’t really escape but used some magical art to block himself from being sensed, hiding right in front of us.”

Someone on the divine emissary’s level had reached a practically perfect level in this technique. It was essentially impossible to see anything off when he wanted to conceal himself.

However, no matter how amazing the trick, once it was exposed, it no longer seemed mysterious.

The Heaven Slayer divine emissary coughed up blood. He had been injured again when Yue Zifeng’s sword forced him out of the void.

“You aren’t qualified to run in front of me,” said Yue Zifeng, his sword once more slashing out.

The Heaven Slayer divine emissary roared. He tried to run, and his figure flitted through the air, but he was never able to escape the range of Yue Zifeng’s sword.

Yue Zifeng was chasing after the Heaven Slayer divine emissary, Liu Ruyan was attacking the other divine emissary, and Chu Yao was fighting against the Flame Divine Palace’s twelve experts. However, during this time, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s army was attacked from the front and behind. They were in a critical state.

The one million five hundred thousand experts that had been hiding included several existences with terrifying auras. They were actually experts on the same level as Di Feng and the others.

“Martial Heaven Alliance, today is the day of your destruction!”

There were three powerful experts of the ancient races laughing as they slaughtered the army of the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Suddenly, a golden arrow shot through the air, exploding at their feet.

“I swept through the four seas, crossed a thousand mountains, caused huge billows in heaven and earth, slaughtered demons, eliminated devils, plucked the stars and moon. Tis I, the unrivaled hero Guo Ran!” Following that arrow’s explosion, a chant rang out through the air.

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