Chapter 1894 The Great Battle Begins

Following True Immortal Jiaoqi, the other experts also attacked. They knew that once they captured Long Chen, this fight would end before it started. This was also one of their goals in drawing over Bao Buping and the others.

The only thing not part of their plans was that one of the Fate Princes would be slain by Long Chen in just one attack.

They hadn’t expected the Fate Princes to be so powerful. He had essentially toyed with Bao Buping. But he had been eliminated by Long Chen.

However, even with that surprise, Long Chen had been drawn over here alone. This trap could count as a success. With everyone working together, they could instantly subdue Long Chen.

“Ten years I wandered with my bow, my arrows causing heaven and earth to shake. The nine heavens, the ten lands, and all the universe will revolve around me. Only I, Mo Nian, will rise to glory.”

A very melodious and poser chant rang out. Arrows rained down like meteors.

The experts that had just charged forward were forced back in a panic by the hail of arrows.

“Mo Nian is present. Who dares to fight?!” Mo Nian raised his bow, standing in the sky with the blazing sun behind him. The sun made it so that they could see his figure, but not his face, making him look grand and mysterious.

Di Feng snorted and immediately shot off at him. The other experts continued toward Long Chen. He was their main target.

Sword-light slashed down like a rainbow river. Ye Lingshan had also arrived.

After that, the ground burst apart as wooden stakes shot out, looking like pythons leaping into the sky. They formed a giant net around the experts. Chu Yao was standing atop a wooden tower.

As soon as Long Chen had learned what was going on with the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples, he had sent a message back to Chu Yao and the others, telling them that the battle was about to start and that the top experts had to immediately rush over, or it would be too late.

Long Chen was already exchanging blows with True Immortal Jiaoqi, Mo Nian was mortal enemies with Di Feng, while the other experts unleashed powerful attacks, blowing apart Chu Yao’s net.

“Ye Lingshan, you won’t be getting away today.”

Gui Can went after Ye Lingshan first. However, he had just moved when a sword blocked his path.

“It’s you!”

Seeing that slender and veiled figure, Gui Can immediately recognized Yue Xiaoqian.

“Last time, I couldn’t kill you, but I’ll end things today.” Yue Xiaoqian unleashed a tempest of attacks at Gui Can.

“Killing a demon woman is fine as well. We’re no longer in the ancient tomb, so let’s see if you still have the ability to fight me!” Gui Can sneered. Last time, he had been suppressed, so now he could restore his prestige.

As soon as Yue Xiaoqian blocked Gui Can, one of the other Corrupt Kings, Ming Jie, clashed with Ye Lingshan.

With multiple peak experts exchanging blows, the entire world was filled with explosive divine might. Each of their actions caused the world to shake.

“Twelve divine flame guards, capture that woman!” 

Huo Lieyun and Xie Luo were being blocked by Chu Yao’s endless wooden stakes. Not wanting to waste any more time, Huo Lieyun suddenly shouted.

From the giant army, twelve experts of the Flame Divine Palace flew out. They charged at Chu Yao, wielding flame blades.

These experts were surrounded by flame runes emitting shocking fluctuations.

“The Flame Divine Palace is actually this powerful?!”

“Based on their auras, they’re only slightly weaker than Huo Lieyun and the others.”

“How terrifying. The Flame Divine Palace was actually hiding so many experts!”

Within the neutral camp, quite a few people felt a chill. A huge battle was about to erupt.

The twelve of them attacked together, and their movements were well-coordinated. Twelve flame blades slashed onto the same spot, creating a giant hole in Chu Yao’s net.

Chu Yao was startled. These twelve people were very powerful, but most terrifying of all, their minds seemed to be linked. They fought in perfect unison. Their power could support each other and allow them to unleash explosive might.

With the net destroyed, Xie Luo and Huo Lieyun charged out of Chu Yao’s blockade to Long Chen’s battlefield.

Chu Yao was about to stop them when those twelve experts blocked her. “You should pay more attention to yourself.”

The twelve of them were speaking in unison as well, to the point that it was like just one person was speaking. Twelve flame blades unleashed an attack at the same time.

However, this time they came from twelve different angles.


A giant willow tree appeared behind Chu Yao, and endless leaves shot down, destroying those attacks. The Undying Willow had appeared. Willow branches shot out, as heavy as mountains but as quick as lightning.


The appearance of this Undying Willow caught everyone off guard. In that one instant of shock, the willow branches pierced through the bodies of the twelve experts.

The twelve of them let out a simultaneous roar. A rune appeared on each of their foreheads, and light linked them together. They attempted to incinerate the branches piercing their bodies.

These branches contained horrifying wood and death energy. If they didn’t remove them quickly, they would die.

Other experts would already be dead, but the twelve of them trained in a strange cultivation technique, allowing them to link their flame energy to increase their power.

Chu Yao poured her own spiritual yuan into Liu Ruyan’s body, wanting to assist her in slaying those twelve powerful experts.

However, just at that moment, a sword appeared out of midair. The blade was clear like water, stabbing toward the back of her heart.

“One of the divine emissaries!” Chu Yao’s heart shook. She had completely locked down this area with her aura, but someone was still able to sneak up on her. Only an assassin on that level could do such a thing.

She instinctively moved forward, dodging the divine emissary’s sword. However, just at that moment, her expression changed. She shouted, “Ruyan, he’s after you!”

The instant that she dodged the sword, the killing intent contained in the sword vanished. Only then did she realize that she had fallen for a trap.

How could an expert on the level of the Bloodkill Hall’s divine emissaries possibly expose their killing intent? It was clearly intentional to create an opening.

The place where she was at was the core of the Undying Willow. If attacked in such a place, Liu Ruyan would receive a heavy injury.

Divine light sparkled on the sword. If it stabbed into the Undying Willow’s main trunk, then even an Undying Willow wouldn’t be able to endure it.

“Chu Yao, watch out! There’s another one!” Long Chen’s voice suddenly rang out.

Chu Yao was startled and suddenly unleashed a wave of flower petals that filled the sky. She quickly noticed a figure within those endless flower petals.

BOOM! Eighteen wooden dragons charged through that figure.

However, that figure was empty. It was like it was an illusion.

Just at this moment, Liu Ruyan’s branches formed a giant cage. She directly trapped the Bloodkill Hall’s divine emissary that had attacked her.

Unfortunately, being forced to defend, she had no choice but to give up on killing the twelve experts of the Divine Flame Palace.

She began a furious barrage of attacks toward the assassin. Her branches formed a cage that kept him locked in. No matter how he attacked, he was unable to break through their blockade.

Liu Ruyan was no longer the old Liu Ruyan. She had obtained life and death energy. Her branches were tougher, sharper, and so powerful that even divine items wouldn’t be able to easily break them. She had millions of branches, and they shrank, their power condensing. That assassin couldn’t go anywhere.

“Be careful. I’m going to eliminate this assassin, but it’ll take some time.” Liu Ruyan sent a message to Chu Yao. She had bound the divine emissary, but he was still a powerful existence. He wouldn’t just obediently wait for his death.

Within the cage of willow branches, that assassin was using his divine item to hack at the cage. The branches were constantly being blown apart, but then they regrew. This was also a kind of attrition.

“Everyone, attack! Destroy those branches!” Di Feng saw things weren’t going as planned.

Following his shout, the experts finally recovered from their shock. They began launching attacks.

“The Martial Heaven Alliance’s army is here! Don’t get arrogant, you shameful bastards.”

Just at this moment, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s army of over six hundred thousand people charged. Their voices shook the sky.

“The leader is already fighting with her life on the line! Brothers, what are you waiting for? Kill the traitors, execute the schemers, slay the devils! The time to leave your names in history is here!”

The two armies clashed, starting a furious battle. No one could have any wishful thinking, and they were fighting with the determination of facing death. Those afraid of death hadn’t answered Ye Lingshan’s call.

Seeing this scale, for the first time, Long Chen felt confidence in the Righteous path. There were still many hot-blooded people.

The experts attacking Liu Ruyan were forced to switch to defending against this giant army. They had no personal ties to some assassin of the Bloodkill Hall and were looking out for themselves.

When both armies were added together, there were over a million people. In the first clash, blood dyed the earth, blood dyed the sky, and blood dyed people’s eyes.

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