Chapter 1893 Killing You Will Only Take One Move

There were eight thousand disciples of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect being led by Chang Hao and Bao Buping.

Those disciples were all gloomy and filled with killing intent. Their eyes were about to spit flames.

“Buping, should we tell Long Chen about what happened?” asked Chang Hao.

“Long Chen’s with Ye Lingshan right now. If we told him, Ye Lingshan would also be drawn over. The old man already said that even if we have to die, we can’t owe a favor to the Martial Heaven Alliance. We can’t make him lose face.” Bao Buping shook his head.

Although they also knew that telling Long Chen was the best option, they knew that the old man would curse them to death if they did so. They understood his temper.

The old man and Qu Jianying were both fiery tempered, and neither was willing to lower their head to the other. As disciples of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, they had to uphold the old man’s honor.

“That’s true. Fuck, who cares? When did men become so afraid of dying? Last time, we made them pay a painful price. This time, they set up a trap for us, but the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s motto is that no matter if you have a trap or not, if you provoke us, we’ll kill you! Even if we have to fight to the death, we’ll get our money’s worth. Anyone who doesn’t kill at least a hundred experts in the same realm isn’t a real man!” shouted Chang Hao.

“Fuck, if I don’t kill a thousand of them, I won’t be able to rest in peace. I’ll make those bastards pay!” Others shouted along.

A giant black curtain appeared ahead of them. The void rumbled around it.

The area inside was the Yin Yang Valley, where the Yin Yang World’s life and death energy intertwined. It was like two worlds constantly merging, and even the heavens were torn apart by this clash.

There were hundreds of thousands of experts gathered in front of the Yin Yang Valley. These people belonged to the Righteous path, Corrupt path, ancient family alliance, ancient races, Xuan Beasts, and other powers. 

They were currently standing in front of the valley because before the most optimal time, it was very difficult to comprehend anything from this place. They were waiting.

Other than those experts, there was another group numbering in the tens of thousands who were standing not that far from them. These experts were those maintaining neutrality. Amongst them were people like Qu Fengxue and Qu Xuan.

The ones standing in the neutral camp were those belonging to ancient families with profound foundations. They didn’t need to rely on others, so as long as they didn’t interfere in the fighting, no one else wanted to provoke them.

Standing amongst the neutral faction was a man who was very curious. Behind him was a faint whirlpool. Inside that whirlpool, there was a giant dice slowly spinning.

When the eight thousand experts of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect arrived, everyone tensed up.

“These people really went too far. They actually cut off the heads of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples to draw these simpleminded fellows over. Despicable.” That strange man shook his head. In front of that coalition army were over a hundred heads suspended in the air.

The neutral faction’s experts all felt great disgust at such conduct. Some were even angry.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples were fiery and direct, but they were also the bravest warriors. Other than being difficult to get along with due to their fiery natures, they didn’t have any bad reputations.

In the large battles against the Corrupt path, they had spilled their blood for the Righteous path. They had made immense contributions.

If this coalition army didn’t have people from the Righteous path, then perhaps they wouldn’t mind as much. However, now there were people from the Righteous path standing there, standing together with the Corrupt path, ignoring those heads. That made their hearts turn cold.

“What a bunch of simpleminded fools. They actually fell for something so simple.” Within the coalition army, Di Feng smiled contemptuously.

Di Feng, Huo Lieyun, True Immortal Jiaoqi, Xie Luo, Gui Can, Ming Jie, and all the other peak heavenly geniuses had gathered.

“Of course. If they didn’t fall for it, they wouldn’t be disciples of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect,” said a scholarly man. He wore a Daoist band on his forehead and looked to possess the air of Immortal Dao.

This man was one of the four Fate Princes from Heavenly Fate Island. However, now the four Fate Princes had become three. One of them, Luo Tianji, had been eliminated by Long Chen.

News that Luo Tianji had been slain by Long Chen had spread through Heavenly Fate Island’s secret methods. They were all on guard against Long Chen.

However, with the army gathered, the three of them could no longer continue hiding. There was also no need to keep hiding. They would also show their power in the upcoming battle, displaying their own brilliance.

After killing a few of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples, they used their heads to draw the others over. This plan had even included the subtle connection between the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect and the Martial Heaven Alliance.

“Long Chen plans to come during the golden tide and launch a sneak attack. Even if he can’t win, he’ll disturb us so that no one can comprehend anything. His plan is pretty good, but does he think it’ll go as planned?” sneered another one of the Fate Princes. They had seen through Long Chen’s intentions.


Bao Buping, Chang Hao, and the other disciples immediately felt their heads buzzing upon seeing those suspended heads. Their fury overwhelmed their intelligence, and they charged forward.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples were very united and viewed each other as family. Now they were completely enraged, thinking of only executing vengeance for their brothers. As for their own lives, they no longer cared. The only thing in their hearts was overflowing hatred.

“Attack together! Annihilate these idiots.” Di Feng waved his hand, and countless experts charged out from their side.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples immediately launched a furious barrage of attacks. They seemed insane, and the tens of thousands of experts that went to block them were forced back.

“Hmph, so even brainless pigs have some ability. I’ll cut down those two.” One of the Fate Princes flew over, going straight at Chang Hao. Chang Hao furiously slashed his broadsword down.

However, that Fate Prince didn’t even look at Chang Hao’s attack. Chang Hao had no idea how the Fate Prince did it, but his body seemed to easily sway past his attack while his ruler pierced towards Chang Hao’s chest.

Chang Hao coughed up blood and was knocked back.

“Chang Hao!” Seeing Chang Hao being injured, Bao Buping let out a furious roar. He charged at that Fate Prince.

“Killing you will only take one move.”’ The Fate Prince sneered. Bao Buping’s three consecutive attacks all missed. It was like he was perfectly cooperating with his opponent.

After the third attack, the Fate Prince’s ruler pierced toward Bao Buping’s head from a bizarre angle.

This move was calculated perfectly, striking Bao Buping at the worst time.

This Fate Prince’s fighting style shocked all the experts present. Even the likes of Huo Lieyun, Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Di Feng were startled. This kind of attack style was practically supernatural.

After all, both Bao Buping and Chang Hao were extremely powerful. They might even qualify to be ranked amongst Di Feng and the others.

However, he was defeated so easily by that Fate Prince. This was their first time seeing the power of Heavenly Fate Island’s disciples, and they were shocked. This was the goal that Fate Prince had been going for.

“Buping…!” Chang Hao couldn’t save him. He let out a furious roar.

The ruler shook and stopped right in front of Bao Buping’s head. A hand had caught it.

“Long Chen!” Bao Buping let out a delighted cry.

Wrapped in black robes, his icy eyes looked like the gaze of a death god. Long Chen had come.

“Killing you will only take one move.”

That Fate Prince’s ruler was pushed back by Long Chen, and the hilt smashed into his chest.

As soon as that Fate Prince saw Long Chen, his mind went blank. He suddenly found that his golden fate lines had been severed, indicating that he was about to die.

He couldn’t recover from the shock of seeing that. Immersed in the terror of death, he died without being able to resist at all. Without even making a sound, he exploded into bloody mist.

If he wasn’t one of the Fate Princes, perhaps he would have had the slightest chance of surviving. After all, experts all instinctively avoided mortal danger. But because he was a Fate Prince, upon reading that he was about to die, his mind went blank, and he was killed just like that.

Long Chen killed a Fate Prince that had just shown off his power, causing a clamor. The power that the Fate Prince had just shown had been stunning enough. Who would have thought that he would be unable to receive even a single attack from Long Chen?

Even as he died, the sound of Long Chen saying ‘Killing you will only take one move’ still hung in the air. 

Long Chen waved his hand, and those heads suspended in the air were pulled away by him.

“Long Chen, they humiliated our brothers! We have to kill them!” Bao Buping and Chang Hao shouted in unison, filled with hatred.

“Don’t worry, anyone who dares to kill my brothers will be paying me back a thousand times,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen was also infuriated, but for him, when his fury reached a certain level, he actually calmed down.

“Everyone from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, retreat!”

Long Chen waved his hand. The first thing was to make the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples retreat.

“You think you can retreat just like that? Hand over your life!” True Immortal Jiaoqi suddenly charged over. Immediately activating his qilin power, his halberd blazed with light.

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