Chapter 1892 Something’s Definitely Wrong

The Yin Yang Valley was the core of the Yin Yang World. It was a place where Yin and Yang converged, a mystical space where life and death merged.

The Yin Yang World was actually two worlds, one Yin World and one Yang World. The Yang world was the side of life, and it was the world they were currently exploring.

As for the Yin world, it was a world of death. Death energy filled that place. Any life that entered would be destroyed.

There were legends that some terrifying existences resided within the Yin world. But legends were just legends. There was no concrete proof.

The energy of the Yin world and the Yang world was in a constant cycle. Every now and then, there would be a Yin Yang tide.

When the life energy and death energy merged, when the stars aligned, the Dao of Life and Death would be displayed for all to see. That was greatly beneficial to anyone wanting to comprehend life and death in an attempt to advance to the Netherpassage realm in the future. It would lay a certain foundation for that moment, greatly improving their odds of advancing.

So the Yin Yang Valley was the greatest treasure in the Yin Yang World for these disciples. Mist was starting to gather in the air, hiding the sun. That meant that Yin Yang Valley’s tide was about to begin.

This was a very important moment. If Ye Lingshan hadn’t gathered the disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance, then once they hurried off to the Yin Yang Valley one by one, they would be sending themselves to their deaths.

“You’re the leader. I want to hear what you’re thinking,” said Long Chen.

Ye Lingshan said, “I was planning on going to the Yin Yang Valley today. After all, with so many people, we aren’t as fast, and to maintain our peak combat state, it will take a day to arrive.”

That had been her plan, but Long Chen actually wanted them to wait three days. That didn’t fit into her plan, but she understood Long Chen well. Each of his moves had some motive.

“Actually, I completely support miss Lingshan’s idea.” Mo Nian immediately nodded.

“Why?” asked Long Chen.

“There’s no why. Miss Lingshan’s choices are all fully supported by me. As long as she gave me the order, I would work like a dog to accomplish it,” said Mo Nian solemnly.

Long Chen almost shivered. Wasn’t this too direct? He could feel goosebumps rising.

Ye Lingshan blushed slightly. These words weren’t subtle at all. However, she was experienced with the way of the world, and she quickly returned to normal. “Long Chen, I want to hear your thoughts.”

“Actually, your idea is entirely correct. If we go now while the other side has yet to finish their preparations, we can definitely cause some damage. However, if we go that quickly, my Dragonblood Legion won’t arrive on time. They’re only just coming out of seclusion now and will need three days to enter their peak condition. Furthermore, the Yin Yang tide doesn’t have any use at the start. It’s only three days later when the Yin and Yang energy combines, when the golden sand appears, right, it’s also called the golden tide. That’s the real critical moment. As long as we arrive before the golden tide, we will still be baptized by the life and death tide, increasing our comprehension. That’s enough. As for the rest of the tide, they can do whatever they want with it,” said Long Chen indifferently.

The Yin Yang tide as a whole wasn’t important. What was important was the golden tide. It lasted for merely an incense stick’s worth of time. Just getting there for that one stick’s worth of time was enough. It was impossible to comprehend the mysteries of life and death during other times.

More importantly, Long Chen didn’t even care about the golden tide. He had the Yin Yang Immortal Grass’s root that was growing in the primal chaos space. It had taken root. There was also Liu Ruyan who had absorbed the Yin Yang Immortal Grass’s primal chaos divine elixir and received the Yin Yang Immortal Grass’s comprehension of life and death. The Yin Yang Immortal Grass had said that Liu Ruyan would be able to control life and death energy in the future and would be able to easily help others comprehend life and death.

So Long Chen’s target wasn’t the golden tide. It was Huo Lieyun, Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, Xie Luo, Gui Can, Ming Jie, as well as those Fate Princes and the Bloodkill Hall’s divine emissaries. This time, he was planning something big.

This explanation put Ye Lingshan at ease. She had even been a bit worried that Long Chen wasn’t planning on having the Dragonblood Legion participate in this battle. But it was just as her master had said. While Long Chen didn’t easily trust others, once he did, he would go all-out to help you.

“Thank you.”

“It’s my duty, nothing else. Ignoring everything else, just based on the care that the alliance head has given me, as well as her relationship with the old man, this matter is one of my top priorities. Other than that, many of my enemies are there. It just so happens I can settle things with them as well,” said Long Chen.

“Then what are we doing now? We’re just waiting?” demanded Mo Nian.

“If we’re bored, we can have a few people ‘suddenly disappear’. That will make those spies afraid and they might just scram. Mo Nian, you shouldn’t be low key during this time. If you’re bored, you can teach those arrogant disciples a lesson. What we did just now is only temporary. It won’t be long before they start getting arrogant. You might want to spar with them and let them know what respect is. I don’t mind if you’re a bit cruel. Otherwise, when they see someone like Xie Luo, they might just charge forward idiotically and get themselves killed. That would affect morale,” said Long Chen. An army of hundreds of thousands of people was very difficult to oversee.

The Dragonblood Legion was originally only three hundred and sixty people. There had been some tough thorns then too, but after being put in their place by Long Chen, they had become obedient.

Later on, over ten thousand people had joined at once. That was a mass of thorns as well, but they were also put in their place by the old members. In the cultivation world, power was worshipped. Whoever’s fist was harder was right.

Ye Lingshan was the future alliance head, and for her to do these things wasn’t too suitable. Long Chen was already bored of doing such a thing, so Mo Nian was the best option for handling this. Now he had an opportunity to openly show off in front of everyone. He wouldn’t miss it.

After receiving this order, Mo Nian directly patted his chest to Ye Lingshan, indicating that she shouldn’t be too worried about it. He would handle it.

Watching Mo Nian leave, Ye Lingshan turned to Long Chen. “What’s wrong with this fellow? He seems… off?”

Off? He was pursuing her, but Mo Nian’s method of doing so was truly a bit off. He didn’t know how to be subtle at all.

Mo Nian was currently acting like he would be working together with Ye Lingshan forever in the future, but Ye Lingshan knew that he was the main descendant of the Mo family and couldn’t possibly become her subordinate. However, he was acting devoted and faithful to her, dumbfounding her. She actually didn’t connect it to a romantic sentiment.

“Is he off? Maybe a bit, but it’s understandable. Someone who spends all day robbing tombs probably doesn’t spend much time interacting with the living. You’ll get used to it,” said Long Chen.

During the next few days, the experts of the Martial Heaven Alliance learned what a true expert was.

When Mo Nian exchanged pointers with them, he wouldn’t even use a weapon. He would fight against divine items with his bare hands. He would defeat his opponents with one move. Even the strongest expert amongst them only lasted three moves.

Quite a few people had challenged him at the start, but after Mo Nian beat a hundred people in a row, the rest submitted.

Mo Nian was truly powerful. He had immense combat experience and was able to predict other people’s moves easily. He quickly won quite a few worshippers for himself. Seeing him with women holding his arm, asking him to talk about some of his battles and tips, Long Chen felt that Mo Nian was about to float into the heavens. Even his smile was getting wretched.

“He’s quite the flirt.” Chu Yao leaned in and whispered into Long Chen’s ear.

“Well, anyone would be pleased to have others say such flattering words to them,” said Long Chen.

“We know. But at least you hide it well and don’t act as obvious as Mo Nian.” Chu Yao covered her mouth and laughed.

Long Chen’s smile stiffened. After righteously covering for Mo Nian, he had ended up drawing himself in, as if he was the same as Mo Nian.

In the end, Mo Nian’s bragging was the real thing. He had the experience of being attacked by Netherpassage experts. His experience in that regard was even greater than Long Chen’s.

However, when Mo Nian described his battles with those experts, when he described how dangerous it was, how he had counterattacked, how he had averted disaster, he never mentioned the Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle. It was as if he had relied on his entire power to escape from an encirclement of Netherpassage experts.

The experts listening were infatuated with his words and were feeling even greater worship for him. He wasn’t just a braggart, but he was someone with the power and experience to back it up.

Long Chen estimated that if he allowed Mo Nian to continue like this, then in less than three days, Ye Lingshan’s position might get rocky.

However, Mo Nian wasn’t just bragging. He was answering some very important questions about how to protect oneself in battle and defeat enemies. This was greatly benefiting the experts listening.

As Mo Nian bragged, Long Chen asked how Liu Ruyan was. Chu Yao answered that she would quickly finish refining the primal chaos divine elixir in her body. Then she would be completely transformed.

According to Liu Ruyan, her Undying Willow race was a remnant of an immortal clan. However, her branch had declined and been unable to continue their inheritance, resulting in all their disciples being scattered throughout every corner of the universe, hoping that they could one day continue their inheritance.

This transformation was extremely important to her. Her power would rise to a completely new level.

Time passed bit by bit. Just as there were only six hours left, someone hurriedly ran over.

“Reporting to senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, four hours ago, some brother saw disciples wearing the robes of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect rushing in the direction of the Yin Yang Valley. That brother didn’t think it was anything important and just mentioned it to me casually, but I felt like there was something odd about this, so I immediately came to report it!” 

“What’s going on?” Ye Lingshan was startled. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples had refused to come with them? Had they charged their way to the Yin Yang Valley on their own?

“No, something’s definitely wrong. Summon the army. We’re leaving immediately. I’m going to see what’s going on.” Long Chen rushed off.

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