Chapter 1891 Clearing Away the Thorns

That expert’s face caved in. Without a sound, he fainted.

This was Long Chen being merciful. If he had added just a bit of force, he’d have died.

Chaos followed his actions. Quite a few people were about to shout furiously at Long Chen. However, their voices were cut short when Mo Nian pulled back his bowstring. Things were silent.

They were shocked to find that every single one of them was locked onto by Mo Nian’s aura. With a single thought, he could kill them all. An intense sensation of death filled their hearts. 

Although they had heard of Mo Nian’s name, all they knew was the name of the Western Wretch. He spent all day robbing tombs, so he was looked down on.

However, as soon as Mo Nian pulled back his bowstring, they felt all their lives be held in his grasp. Their expressions wildly shifted. Only now did they learn just how great the difference between them and Mo Nian was.

“What… what are you planning on doing? Why fight amongst ourselves?” asked one person, shaking.

The ruckus over here drew the other experts who had distanced themselves from this smaller group. They rushed over to see what was happening.

“Hehe, I knew these fools would be put in their place.” One of the experts in that crowd smiled faintly, as if he had long since expected this.

“Exactly. Those arrogant fellows just kept looking down on everyone else. I ignored them, and they viewed it as me being afraid of them. I said that as soon as Long Chen arrived, it would be up to their luck if these fellows would even survive.”

“Having such idiots removed from the group is good, good for unity. Otherwise, having them act like bigshots all the time would hurt morale.”

Quite a few people were smiling. Those people who had barged their way into being one of the ‘core members’ didn’t realize the situation. Ye Lingshan was the future alliance head, and she had called them all over. Who did they think they were? Why should they be allowed to participate in matters only for the higher-ups?

Some of the smart people had long since realized that these fellows would cause trouble. Ye Lingshan’s foundation wasn’t stable yet. Once she had steadied herself, they would be the first group to be put in their place.

However, others had been even more far-seeing. They had bet that as long as Long Chen arrived, their days of looking down on others would come to an end. And they had won their bet.

It was just that even they hadn’t expected Mo Nian’s power. Hundreds of experts were locked onto by his power, and all those experts were top Empyreans. That was why they were so arrogant.

With a simple move, Mo Nian suppressed everyone. So many lives were in his hands now. Life and death could be decided by just a thought from him. Now they saw his terrifying power.

Long Chen icily looked at the stunned and enraged experts. He smiled disdainfully. “What, did you think that because you were powerful Empyreans that you could get an advantage? Did you think that the current Martial Heaven Alliance needs you desperately? How laughable. With your little power, people like Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, or Xie Luo could annihilate all of you in a single attack. Who are you to act like bigshots here? The Martial Heaven Alliance wouldn’t be lacking if you were gone, so if you don’t like it, then scram. The current Martial Heaven Alliance is undergoing a nirvanic rebirth. Standing on the right side today is your luck because you’ll get to continue living. If you want to leave, I guarantee your ending will be very miserable. You’re not the ones helping out the Martial Heaven Alliance, it’s the Martial Heaven Alliance helping you. Standing on the side of the Martial Heaven Alliance is your smartest choice, so don’t start getting any wild ideas. Ye Lingshan is alliance head Qu Jianying’s personal disciple. The alliance head has already entrusted the Martial Heaven Alliance to her, so you also need to trust her instead of acting like some council of judgment. Do you feel wronged being forced to leave your lives in other people’s hands? Then tell me, do you know how many losses the Righteous path suffered when senior Qu Jianying shook the whole world as she led the Righteous path against the Corrupt path? How many times did she brush against death? Do you know? Do you know why she did it? I’ll tell you, it was to protect the Righteous path. She abandoned her own love and life for the Martial Heaven Alliance. For all of you. If it weren’t for senior Qu Jianying’s generation spilling their blood, would you have your current cultivation environment? Would the Righteous path be as powerful as it is now? Now that their days are comfortable, some people have forgotten what their ancestors sacrificed, how they died. For some temporary profit, they’re willing to collude with the Corrupt path to kill their comrades. Such people aren’t even fit to be called humans. As for you all, while you haven’t betrayed the Righteous path, you’re acting arrogant, like you’re some amazing fellows above others. That’s already negatively affecting the Righteous path’s unity. I, Long Chen, will put it bluntly. If you become more well-behaved, there will be a place for you in the Martial Heaven Alliance, but if you feel like staying here is a waste of your talent, then you can walk away. You have legs. You can go wherever. But no matter what you choose, it’s not a path you can return from.”

Long Chen’s voice resounded through the air powerfully. It contained great confidence and charisma. His logic was plain and simple.

“Everyone, if you want to leave, I won’t keep you. But if you stay, you will be my brothers and sisters of the Martial Heaven Alliance. I, Ye Lingshan, come from humble origins, and this is a great responsibility, so I cannot guarantee much. However, I can promise that when the Martial Heaven Alliance is in danger, I will be standing at the very front. Even if I have to spill my last drop of blood, I will protect the inheritance left by my master.” Ye Lingshan also stood up and made a speech.

This promise moved all the disciples. This was a public oath.

“Senior apprentice-sister Lingshan, we’ll trust you! We’ll follow you to death!”

“Whether it’s heaven or hell, we’ll follow you!”

Quite a few experts stood and shouted. Those were experts that she had saved. Without her, they would have long since died. She had followed Long Chen’s suggestion and had begun gathering the Righteous path and gathering their hearts. Some of the results were already showing.

People’s hearts were complicated to the point that they couldn’t be understood. However, sometimes they were simple to the point that a single action, a single gaze could make them willing to risk their own lives for someone else.

Those arrogant experts were caught in an awkward position. They had thought that relying on their great power as elite Empyreans, they should have the authority to enter the core of this group. That was the only way for them to gain more authority in the future.

However, their arrogance had been shattered by Long Chen’s slap and Mo Nian’s bow. In front of the two of them, they weren’t qualified to be arrogant.

They were stunned by Long Chen and Mo Nian’s martial power, and then Ye Lingshan had even come out, making a promise as the leader. For the first time, this great army of the Martial Heaven Alliance possessed some cohesiveness.

“We were foolish and offended senior apprentice-sister Lingshan. Please give us your punishment. You can curse us, beat us, but please don’t expel us from the Martial heaven Alliance. We want to work for the Martial Heaven Alliance,” said one of those disciples. He actually knelt on one knee toward her.

That was a standard etiquette for a subordinate. That alone showed the change in his attitude.

Following that person, the other disciples also apologized for their previous conduct.

One of them announced, “Please don’t expel us. Otherwise, once I get back, my dad will definitely beat me to death. He was one of the generals following the alliance head, and I want to be the same as him. I will follow you to death.”

These hundreds of experts had submitted. Long Chen and Mo Nian exchanged a smile. This was the power of the carrot and the stick. It was a well-tried method and had resolved this problem.

In truth, any power would have similar issues, especially when there were more people. That was only natural.

However, these thorns had been people with a certain amount of power. One benefit of these thorns was that their heads were simple. Once their beliefs were solidified, it would be difficult to shake them. Their loyalty shouldn’t be much of a problem.

These hundreds of experts apologized, while Ye Lingshan graciously accepted. This matter ended like that.

Ye Lingshan glanced at Long Chen gratefully. This was all thanks to Long Chen. Otherwise, considering how she had no experience with leadership, handling these people would not have been so easy.

“Alright, everyone, pay attention!” Long Chen’s voice once more rang out. “During the next three days, everyone should arrive. Although we’re reaching the last few stragglers, we’re still going to wait these three days. During these three days, everyone is to monitor each other. This gathering place will be sealed off. People can enter, but not leave.”


Long Chen continued, “Because there are so many people here, there are definitely a few spies. Three days from now, the Dragonblood Legion’s number one soul expert, Meng Qi, will come. She’ll clean up any spies. To guarantee that none of them escape to sell out our information, I hope everyone can keep a close eye on each other. Although it’s a bit hurtful, this is something that relates to hundreds of thousands of lives. Brothers, sisters, you must be on guard at all times.”

Immediately, the wariness of these disciples shot up. Quite a few people’s expressions changed.

“Big sister Meng Qi is coming?” Chu Yao was delighted.

“Foolish girl, this is a con to scare away the traitors. No matter how amazing Meng Qi is, she can’t soulsearch hundreds of thousands of people without a few months’ time,” laughed Long Chen.

“You’re evil.” Chu Yao also laughed. Long Chen was once more conning people. However, he had been so serious that it had looked real.

“Alright, let’s ignore them for now. We should go take a look at the Yin Yang Valley,” said Ye Lingshan.

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