Chapter 1890 Specialized in Treating the Disobedient

“What happened to your integrity?” demanded Long Chen disdainfully.

All his words of advice were unable to sway him, but he immediately changed tunes upon hearing that Ye Lingshan was a peerless beauty.

“Integrity? I buried that the first day I went grave robbing,” said Mo Nian indifferently. “However, are you sure you haven’t seduced her already? If you’re scamming me…”

“Don’t worry about that. I’m only working together with her. She’s very much like senior Qu Jianying. She’s strong-minded, determined, and resolute, perfect traits for a leader. It’s just that she has yet to fully release her sharpness, so she still needs some assistance right now. If you were to provide her some real help at this time, then once you attempt to take over the ancient family alliance, she will definitely stand on your side. Don’t tell me that you don’t want to see the Mo family return to its former glory and take back what’s yours.”

Mo Nian was conflicted. “To tell you the truth, I don’t really care about restoring some former glory or leading the ancient family alliance. I feel just roaming around the world by myself would be more pleasing. If someone provokes me, I’ll just go do some archaeology at their ancestral tomb. If I can’t beat them, I’ll use the Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle. Isn’t such a life happy?”

“Your family’s old man will definitely curse you to death if you do that, saying you aren’t a filial son.” Long Chen shook his head.

“That isn’t the biggest problem. They don’t have the ability, but they force me to do it. Fine, I’ll listen to you. Long Chen, I have something serious to discuss with you. You have to answer me seriously.”

“Ask away.”

“Tell me, if I try to pick up Ye Lingshan, what are my odds of success?”

That was something serious to discuss? Long Chen was rolling his eyes inside. “Didn’t you see your future in the ancient tomb? You’re only accompanied by Liu Zongying, so what do you think?”

“Hmph, the future changes as soon as someone learns it. It will no longer follow its old track. In other words, as soon as I saw that future, it opened up the possibility of other women.”

Long Chen looked at Mo Nian’s wretched smile and sighed. “To tell the truth, perhaps the two of you are suited for each other.”

Mo Nian was delighted to hear that. “Really? How?”

“In terms of your face. Ye Lingshan has an oval face that’s slightly narrow, while your face is wide enough to make up for that weakness.”

“Fuck, this is slander! My face isn’t that big! This is called a healthy well-rounded face, understand?” raged Mo Nian. “Look at your own gaunt cheeks. You’re clearly lacking good luck and blessings. As for the feeling when you touch it? Hmph, there’s nothing to say.”

“Alright, alright. I won’t talk about such useless things with you. If you want to pick up Ye Lingshan, then I think that’s an excellent idea. If you succeed, you’ll be a badass. If you fail, you’ll still have roped in an ally. Ye Lingshan needs your help, so use the Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle to scout around. Based on Huo Lieyun and Di Feng’s characters, they will definitely send out an army of experts to block our people. That would be your best time to show off. Before even seeing her, you’ll give her a huge gift. That will be the foundation for seducing her and make everything else easier.”

“You know, the way you’re putting it, it sounds like I’m only doing this to pick up girls. To tell the truth, I’m only doing this because of you. If it weren’t for you needing me, I wouldn’t do such a thing,” said Mo Nian bashfully.

“Scram, you shameless fellow.”

Mo Nian really did scram. Getting into the Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle, he flew away. Long Chen had pulled in another powerful helper for Ye Lingshan. This cooperation would be immensely beneficial to both Ye Lingshan and Mo Nian.

As for Mo Nian trying to pick up Ye Lingshan? Long Chen could only pray for him. Ye Lingshan was deathly loyal to Qu Jianying and had to place all her effort on the Martial Heaven Alliance. How could she have time to discuss romance? Hopefully, she wouldn’t give Mo Nian too bad of a blow.

Once Mo Nian left, Long Chen also set off. He went in the opposite direction. This way, they could cover more ground.

On the way, Long Chen sensed quite a few battles. As expected, the other side had sent out orders to intercept the Martial Heaven Alliance’s people, wanting to eliminate some of them before they gathered.

Seeing this, Long Chen wasn’t merciful. Those experts trying to stop the Martial Heaven Alliance’s people were slain without even having a chance to run.

Those disciples were delighted upon seeing Long Chen come to save them. He stuck with some of them who were in small groups until he found another group for them to join. The more there were, the safer they would be.

After a week, Long Chen didn’t even know how many battles he had ended. He had finally reached the gathering place. There were hundreds of thousands of Righteous experts here, and a clamor erupted when he arrived.

The Martial Heaven Alliance was the continent’s largest alliance. That statement was not even slightly false. Even after its interior had been splintered, so many elites were still loyal to the Martial Heaven Alliance. Its power was even greater than he had expected.

“Haha, Long Chen, you’re late.” Mo Nian immediately walked out and greeted him. He had been a bit faster, as he had the Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle and was an expert in long-distance attacks.

“Long Chen.” Ye Lingshan and Chu Yao also walked over.

Behind Ye Lingshan was a group of experts. Although they hid their auras, powerful fluctuations came from them, indicating that they were supreme experts. They should all have started awakening their manifestations.

Some of them looked at Long Chen very politely, bowing, while some looked at him coldly, not offering any greetings.

Long Chen didn’t mind those people being aloof. People who liked to act badass had to have some ability. Those without the ability to be badasses were dumbasses, and such people never lived long in this world.

Long Chen returned the greetings to those who greeted him, which gratified them. After all, he was the one who blazed with the greatest light in the Martial Heaven Alliance. His light even eclipsed Ye Lingshan’s.

“Do you see those little fellows looking down on you? Even I want to beat them to death. They previously provoked me on purpose.” Mo Nian sent a message to Long Chen.

In Mo Nian’s mind, others could act badass, but anyone who tried to act more badass than him would be going too far.

Long Chen smiled. “Ignore the children. Treat it as giving Ye Lingshan face. She is trying to establish her reputation, and if you tear her down, you won’t have any chance.”

“Yup, I’m different from them. I’m acting low key. I’m just waiting for a chance to show off my power and give them a silent slap in the face,” chortled Mo Nian.

Long Chen was now surrounded by a group of Righteous experts. The younger ones in particular had zealous expressions. They were his worshippers.

People had a rebellious side, and they didn’t want to accept their fates. As for Long Chen, he was the greatest defier of fate in the Martial Heaven Continent.

A little fellow who had walked out of some corner of the Eastern Wastelands with nothing had forcibly climbed to his current height, fighting against the very Heavenly Daos, refusing to submit to any pressure. 

Now he was surrounded by enemies but still refused to submit. His name alone was to strike fear into the hearts of countless experts. Long Chen was a legend, a god-like existence in their eyes.

Seeing so many people staring at Long Chen like this, even Mo Nian was getting a bit jealous. He had never enjoyed such limelight. Was it really because his face was a bit fat? Mo Nian touched his own cheeks, his confidence shaken.

“Everyone else can scatter. We have important things to discuss.” A large man began shooing away those people.

Those people’s cultivation bases were average and insufficient to enter the core of this army. Hearing this order, they could only helplessly scatter.

Long Chen frowned slightly. He glanced at Ye Lingshan, and she gave him a helpless look. She was unable to control these people.

These people were powerful Empyreans and were naturally prideful. They might have listened to her summons, but even that wasn’t easy. To make them submissive? Impossible.

Of course, they also couldn’t be all lumped together. The majority of these experts were still very conscientious. Some powerful people liked to be low key.

Those people hadn’t come over to the core. They just needed to listen to Ye Lingshan’s arrangements and didn’t want to suggest anything themselves. This was their trust and respect for Ye Lingshan.

The others scattered, leaving Long Chen, Mo Nian, Chu Yao, and Ye Lingshan with a group of hundreds of powerful experts. Those people sat on the ground and quietly looked at Ye Lingshan.

Quite a few of the men clearly had adoration and admiration when they looked at Ye Lingshan. For her to have reached her current level had truly been difficult. It was the result of her own efforts.

Chu Yao sat beside Long Chen, holding his arm to indicate her own position. Many people had tried to express their own feelings toward her, and if it hadn’t been for Ye Lingshan, Chu Yao would have already left.

Seeing Chu Yao hold Long Chen’s arm so intimately immediately made flames of fury appear in quite a few people’s eyes. Try as they might, they couldn’t hide that.

Long Chen acted like he didn’t see that foolishness. To Ye Lingshan, he asked, “What’s the current situation?”

“Do you think you’re qualified to question miss Lingshan?!” shouted someone immediately.

Ye Lingshan’s expression changed. She hadn’t expected these people to be foolish to this extent. Even if they didn’t want to live, they didn’t need to do this.

“Do you want it, or should I?” Long Chen looked at Mo Nian.

Mo Nian shook his head. “I’m not in a good mood. I might not be able to control myself.”

Long Chen nodded. He vanished, reappearing in front of the person who had provoked him. He immediately slapped him.

Before that person could understand what was happening, he was sent flying. Long Chen’s voice resounded through the air.

“I specialize in treating the disobedient. Who else needs treatment?”

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