Chapter 1889 Pulling In Mo Nian

Astral winds raged through the air. A group of dozens of experts was currently fighting all-out on a mountain range.

There were nine experts of the Righteous path on one side, while there were over twenty experts on the other side. Those experts came from the Corrupt path, ancient races, and ancient family alliance.

The number difference meant that the Righteous experts were at an immense disadvantage. They were clearly suppressed, and it seemed victory was about to be decided by the other side.

“The Righteous path has only broken off relations with the ancient family alliance, but we aren’t enemies yet! Are you trying to start a war?!” shouted the Righteous path’s leader, a woman whose sword danced, blocking the attacks of seven people. She was extremely powerful.

“Can you fools even count as part of the Righteous path? You’re still following that dictator Qu Jianying. Can you even represent the Righteous path?” The one speaking was a disciple who was also wearing the robes of the Righteous path. “Qu Jianying no longer cares about the Righteous path. She’s just selfishly protecting Long Chen, and the Righteous path is now united against her. We will overthrow her dictatorship and rebuild the Righteous path. Only you stubborn fools would still stand by her side. All that awaits you is death.”

“What bullshit! You’re clearly lying! Even now, you’re working together with the ancient races, ancient family alliance, and the Xuan Beasts. Worst of all, you’ve even joined hands with your mortal enemy, the Corrupt path, to slaughter your comrades! Now you dare to spout such lies?!” cursed the woman.

The thing that infuriated her the most was the betrayal of these three people from the Righteous path. At first, they had acted very amicably with them, while secretly sending an alert for others to come, resulting in them being surrounded. The three of them had then turned against them, killing two of them and injuring one.

To be sold out by fellow people from the Righteous path was the most unacceptable kind of betrayal. Now hearing one of them even spout such nonsense, her fury soared.

“Hmph, you don’t understand the times. The Martial Heaven Alliance can only start to grow once we overthrow Qu Jianying. Since you don’t want to listen, you can just die,” sneered that Righteous expert.

Suddenly, a strange figure shot through the air. It was incredibly fast, so fast that they didn’t see it clearly. However, it made all of them jump. It was so fast that they almost felt like they hadn’t seen it.

After a brief moment of confusion, they continued fighting. The nine Righteous experts were fighting for their lives, but the immense power disparity made it difficult for them to do anything.

Suddenly, that strange object shot back. Two figures walked out of it.

“Ten years I wandered with my bow, my arrows causing heaven and earth to shake. The nine heavens, ten lands, and all the universe will revolve around me. Only I, Mo Nian-”

“It’s senior apprentice-brother Long Chen! We’re saved!”

Just as Mo Nian began his chant, the nine Righteous experts became ecstatic. They finally saw who the two of them were.

“Fuck, this is too embarrassing!” Mo Nian almost coughed up blood. He had actually been ignored.

Seeing Mo Nian and Long Chen, the experts attacking the Righteous disciples were terrified. Without any hesitation, they fled.

“Thousand Arrows.”

Mo Nian raised his hand. With a pull of his fingers, thousands of rays of light shot out.

Where those arrows flew, death followed. Those experts didn’t even have a chance to make a sound before being killed.

Those people had mostly been rank nine Celestials, with two Empyreans. As those two Empyreans hadn’t even begun awakening their manifestations, Mo Nian didn’t require any effort to kill them.

Long Chen had to admit that Mo Nian’s move was very clean and efficient. It definitely made him appear handsome.

The experts were dumbfounded. Those enemies had almost cost them their lives, but they were swatted like flies in front of Mo Nian. That kind of combat power was shocking to them.

“Many thanks for saving our lives, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen.” The leader hastily cupped her fists toward Long Chen.

“Hey, have you gotten things wrong? I was the one who saved you, while he didn’t do anything. Can you not ignore me?” demanded Mo Nian.

“I’m sorry. You are…?” The woman looked at Mo Nian with embarrassment. She actually didn’t know Mo Nian and thought that he was one of Long Chen’s subordinates.

Mo Nian almost fainted.

“This fellow is Mo Nian. He dominated the Western Xuan Region, and in the grave- I mean, the world of archaeology, he’s a famous pioneer everyone knows,” said Long Chen, standing up for his brother. Otherwise, Mo Nian really might get into a fit.

“Sorry, truly sorry. I come from the Eastern Xuan Region and only know senior apprentice-brother Long Chen. My apologies,” said the woman.

This woman might come from the Eastern Xuan Region, but the Eastern Xuan Region was huge, and Long Chen didn’t know her. He asked, “Are you still exploring or are you trying to gather?”

“Senior apprentice-brother, Ye Lingshan has already sent out the call to gather. We were rushing over to the gathering place. We have no choice but to gather, because not only have traitors appeared amongst our midst, but they’ve allied with the Corrupt path, ancient races, ancient family alliance, Xuan Beasts, and Pill Valley. They’ll gradually consume us bit by bit if we don’t gather. We have to unite to get vengeance for our fallen brothers and sisters.” The woman looked at the corpses on the ground with fury. Betrayal was always the most painful thing.

Long Chen nodded. Ye Lingshan was finally picking up her burden. As her summons spread, all the forces of the Righteous path were gathering. That was the only way to prevent being picked off bit by bit.

Her message also had a warning. Traitors had appeared amidst the Righteous path, so everyone had to be even more careful.

This woman was a good example. Because of those three people that had snuck into their group, some of her people had died.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, are you coming with us? The Martial Heaven Alliance needs you,” asked a seemingly very young maiden shyly. Her face was filled with worship and excitement.

“Little Yu, don’t cause a fuss. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is…” The leader hushed her. They belonged to the same sect so they were rather close.

“I have more important things to do, so I won’t be going with you. However, remember that as long as the Martial Heaven Alliance needs me, I definitely won’t retreat,” said Long Chen, smiling at the maiden.

These words boosted their morale. It was like Long Chen was a god, and a simple promise from him could fill them with passion. This was the charisma that only Long Chen possessed.

The leader nodded. Time was pressing, so she bade farewell to Long Chen and Mo Nian, leaving to go to the gathering place.

“How is it that such pretty girls welcome you and completely ignore me?” said Mo Nian bitterly.

“It’s only because they come from the same place as me. All the Western Xuan Region’s experts go crazy when they see you,” comforted Long Chen.

“Isn’t that because they want to kill me? That’s the only reason they go crazy.” Mo Nian did a facepalm.

“Stop talking nonsense. Let’s talk seriously. Right now, you’re a loner, but that’s not a long-term plan. If you want to restore the glory of the Mo family and wrestle back the position of leader of the ancient family alliance, you need more power. The Martial Heaven Alliance isn’t a bad choice.”

Mo Nian was currently alone. He looked like he was doing very well, but in the end, he was alone. When it came to fighting a guerilla war with the ancient family alliance, he was doing well, but it was almost impossible for him to win back the position that should be his on his own.

“The Martial Heaven Alliance? I don’t think so. Don’t try to con me. Those fellows spend all day scheming against each other in an attempt to get an advantage over their allies. What can I rely on people like them?” snorted Mo Nian. He was also very disappointed with the Righteous path.

“I also thought the same. But a windstorm blows away the weeds, and fire burns impurities. The Martial Heaven Alliance’s current tribulation will cut it to its core, but it will also slice away the toxic areas. By slicing off the toxic areas, the remaining flesh will be healthier, and it can regrow stronger than ever.”

“I don’t believe it. You say you’re slicing off the toxic areas, but now at least half the Martial Heaven Alliance has been sliced away. How is it supposed to heal? Do you think Pill Valley will give them that time? Qu Jianying might have once created a legend, but that’s in the past. If this was Qu Jianying’s era, as long as she raised her hand, who in the Righteous path would have dared to go against her? It’s just a shame that Qu Jianying wasn’t ambitious enough. She wasn’t vicious enough. At that time, she should have taken control of the Righteous path’s mines and made it so none of the sects would dare to betray her. However, she was merciful, allowing the Righteous path to be infected by the vermin of Pill Valley. To restore the Martial Heaven Alliance to its previous state? I’m not trying to give you a blow, but it’s almost impossible.” Mo Nian shook his head. He clearly knew a great deal of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s history and hit the nail on the head.

“A force like the Martial Heaven Alliance will naturally start to decline at its peak, but it will also start to grow at its bottom. This is a common pattern. You’re being too pessimistic. Didn’t you see those disciples just now? Their cultivation bases weren’t high, but they still refused to surrender. If they had just switched sides, they could have escaped death, but they would have rather died than submit. Doesn’t that show that there is hope? This is how you see the true core of a cultivator. There will naturally be some idiots in a crowd. That’s unavoidable. But trust me, the current Martial Heaven Alliance is recovering. If you show them some kindness now, it will bring you endless benefits.”

“I don’t think that it’s appealing. After all, I have my Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle. I can go wherever I want. I don’t want to be held back,” said Mo Nian.

“Alright, then I’ll just mention that the Martial Heaven Alliance’s leader of our generation is called Ye Lingshan. She’s a peerless beauty, and she’s still single.”

“Really? Alright, I accept!” Mo Nian’s eyes immediately lit up.

“What the fuck!?”

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