Chapter 1888 Experts Conned to Death

There were too many Heaven Devouring Ants. Even working together, Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can were only able to temporarily create an opening. This opportunity was fleeting.

The experts that the three of them had secretly communicated with about this plan had already drawn close and charged out as soon as they attacked.

As for the others, they were one step slower, and as a result, the terrifying army of Heaven Devouring Ants instantly collapsed on them, covering their exit.

Cries of despair rang out. With Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can leaving, they wouldn’t have any hope of escaping. They would only be waiting for death.

“Senior, you can’t abandon us!”

Similar cries rang out, but Di Feng and the others acted like they didn’t hear. As a result, the army of Heaven Devouring Ants split in two, one annihilating the experts that had been abandoned, while the rest charged at Di Feng’s fleeing group.

True Immortal Jiaoqi looked back at the group of less than five hundred people they had managed to bring out. Amongst them, there weren’t even a hundred Xuan Beasts.

The Xuan Beasts possessed large bodies, and so the area they had to defend was many times greater than others. This time, the Xuan Beasts had taken the worst losses.

Over a thousand of them had come, but less than a hundred were coming out. This was the greatest defeat in his life. Furthermore, he still didn’t know how he had lost.

“Bastards! The door’s been blocked by them!”

When Di Feng saw that the exit was blocked by a stone gate, his expression instantly changed. This meant Long Chen and the others had already left, sealing them inside.

“Attack together!” Break this damn door!” Seeing the exit sealed, True Immortal Jiaoqi’s anger soared. His qilin halberd lit up, and the light of a paragon art pierced forward.

Di Feng and Gui Can didn’t have time to overthink things. They also attacked all out because they couldn’t tarry. If the army of Heaven Devouring Ants behind them caught up, the same story would repeat itself.


The entire world shook. Tiny cracks appeared on the stone gate, but it didn’t immediately shatter.


Suddenly, cries rang out. The shockwaves of three paragon arts forced the surrounding experts back, and some of them were thrown into the army of Heaven Devouring Ants. In that instant, their original army of three thousand experts was reduced to just the three of them.

True Immortal Jiaoqi let out a berserk roar. Unable to accept this reality, he attacked the stone door repeatedly. He had entered a crazy state.

Finally, the stone door burst apart. At that moment, divine light erupted. An arrow, saber-image, and Sword Qi all rushed out.

“It’s an ambush!” shouted Di Feng. The three of them activated their paragon arts to defend.


Mountains crumbled and the earth collapsed. The light of paragon arts pierced out in every direction.

Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can all coughed up blood and were blown backward. Their hasty defense put them at a disadvantage.

As for Long Chen, Mo Nian, and Yue Xiaoqian, they were standing in the exit. Clearly, they had been lying in wait.

The berserk power unleashed by the six of them caused the tomb to collapse. Heavenly Dao energy from the outside world was surging into it, wreaking havoc. A giant whirlpool appeared, sucking the contents of the minor world inside.

“The minor world is crumbling! If we get sucked in, we’ll die!” Yue Xiaoqian was appalled at this sight and hastily sent a message to the other two. The three of them hastily retreated.

It was quite literally the apocalypse. This minor world’s life had come to an end, and everything sucked into the whirlpool was turned to dust.

The Heaven Devouring Ants were crushed without the slightest ability to resist. As for Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can, their expressions changed. Even for experts as powerful as them, being drawn into this whirlpool would spell certain death.

Gui Can had it the worst because his power was the weakest. He had also been blown back the furthest from the ambush.

He was the closest to the whirlpool, and as he tried to fly away, an arm and leg were torn off his body.

With a furious roar, Gui Can raised his staff. Divine light enveloped his body, and he suddenly sped away.

The rest of him managed to escape, but his arm and leg were sucked up by the whirlpool.

Gui Can had a horrified expression. Fortunately, what had been devoured wasn’t the arm holding his staff, or he’d have died.

Wrapped up in the light of his staff, he sped to the front. Just as he was about to escape the pull of the whirlpool, a five-colored arrow shot toward his heart.

“Mo Nian!” Gui Can let out a furious howl. At this critical moment, Mo Nian was actually sneak attacking him.


However, on its flight toward him, the arrow was smashed apart by a halberd. True Immortal Jiaoqi had saved him.

He had no other choice. If in a three-against-three, they were unable to suppress them, then without Gui Can, they would be in danger in a two-against-three.

The minor world gradually faded away, and the whirlpool shrank. In the end, the only thing left to show that it had ever existed was a bottomless hole.

“Long Chen, face your death!”

Just as Long Chen was preparing to ignite more of his green dragon essence blood to fight True Immortal Jiaoqi, a roar came from the distance.

“It’s Huo Lieyun! Xiaoqian, you have to leave!” Long Chen’s expression changed. He saw countless experts charging over from every direction.

It was unknown if they had been summoned by Di Feng or drawn over by the fluctuations. In any case, more and more experts were coming, with many top experts amongst them.

Yue Xiaoqian nodded. Forming hand seals, she began to chant a scripture. Runes appeared around her, and her body rapidly faded.

“You think you can run? Keep dreaming!” Di Feng saw this and immediately attacked, but he was blocked by Mo Nian’s arrow.

Before anyone else could do anything, Yue Xiaoqian vanished. She had used some secret technique to flee.

“So? Should we continue?” Mo Nian looked at Long Chen.

“Continue for what? That Huo Lieyun’s a tough opponent, and I also sense Xie Luo’s aura. Let’s end things here. We’ve already gotten our money’s worth,” said Long Chen.

“Alright then.” Mo Nian nodded. “Count yourselves lucky! Next time, your daddy Mo won’t let you off so easily!”

Mo Nian took out a strange object that looked like the tip of a spear. It was pitch-black and just over three meters tall.

This strange object suddenly opened. It drew Long Chen and Mo Nian inside. Then, runes activated around it and it prepared to leave.


Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can launched powerful attacks that slammed into it. However, it simply flew away without the slightest damage.

“Children, your daddy Mo’s Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle can’t be damaged by even Netherpassage experts. As for you few? Hehe, don’t even bother trying.”

Mo Nian’s mocking voice rang out. That strange Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle sped away.

Mo Nian actually flew it straight toward Huo Lieyun. Hence, Huo Lieyun took out his spear and activated its divine power, smashing it at the Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle.

As a result, Huo Lieyun was sent flying, hacking up blood. As for the Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle, it was sent flipping through the air by the impact.

“Damn, that Huo Lieyun’s pretty strong! Even without a paragon art, his attack is on the level of a Netherpassage expert!” exclaimed Mo Nian.

“Stop playing around. Let’s hurry up and leave,” said Long Chen irritably.

“It’s fine, I once used the Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle to play around with a dozen Netherpassage experts. Even after several hours, they weren’t able to break its defenses. It’s a supreme treasure,” said Mo Nian confidently.

This Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle was something he had found in an ancient tomb. It was a funerary object for a supreme expert. It was thanks to it that after all his years of grave robbing, no one had managed to kill him. This was another reason why Mo Nian could be so arrogant as to sweep through the Western Xuan Region with no one able to stop him.

“The problem isn’t its defenses. All I know is if this continues, I’ll puke!” shouted Long Chen. Flipping through the air like this made him nauseous. 

After all, Long Chen wasn’t Mo Nian. After his years of experience, Mo Nian was already used to it, but Long Chen wasn’t.

“Alright, we’ll go.” Mo Nian was a bit unwilling, but seeing more and more experts coming, he knew that killing Di Feng and the others wasn’t possible. They could only leave.

The Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle transformed into a shooting star that streaked over the horizon, vanishing from people’s sight. That speed made them feel despair.

“Bastards!” Huo Lieyun let out an angry roar. He wanted to block them, but the Earth Splitting Divine Shuttle was too fast. 

Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can’s expressions were ugly. This time, they had suffered a double loss.

The three thousand experts that they had gathered had been annihilated. Amongst them were quite a few of their trusted subordinates.

Now experts from all the various powers had rushed over here. They looked at the three of them and their wretched appearances. Their gazes made the three of them want to start killing.

“What happened?” demanded a dark-faced Xie Luo to Gui Yan.

“You aren’t qualified to ask me. If you want answers, ask someone else. I’m not your subordinate,” snorted Gui Can. He turned and left just like that.

Clearly, Gui Can was too infuriated to answer Xie Luo’s questions. More importantly, he didn’t have the face to give the real answer.

True Immortal Jiaoqi also left on his own without looking at anyone.

Only Di Feng’s expression was calm. He was spiritually telling Huo Lieyun and Xie Luo what had happened.

“Long Chen and Mo Nian are both sinister and crafty. If we want to kill them, we’ll probably need to make things more difficult for them. We can’t be careless. Otherwise, if after all of us were mobilized and they still survive, we’ll be humiliated,” said Huo Lieyun after hearing the story.

“Let’s go. We should set up around the Yin Yang Valley. It won’t be long before it opens. Long Chen and Mo Nian will definitely appear there. We’ll make sure that they can never leave the Yin Yang World,” said Di Feng.

Huo Lieyun nodded. Xie Luo also expressed his consent. There really wasn’t much time left. It was time for a decisive clash.

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