Chapter 1887 Terrifying Heaven Devouring Ants

“How is this possible?!” raged Di Feng. The Heaven Devouring Ants were known for being impossible to be turned into housepets. They lacked any intelligence and couldn’t follow orders.

However, Mo Nian seemed to have victory in his grasp. Adding on the fact that the Heaven Devouring Ants were biting him, Di Feng was shocked and infuriated.

Although the Heaven Devouring Ants weren’t all that dangerous for him, as time passed, they could exhaust his spiritual yuan.

Even someone as powerful as Di Feng couldn’t allow the Heaven Devouring Ants to bite him. Now that the sky was filled with them, he felt a chill.

The truth was that these Heaven Devouring Ants weren’t biting Mo Nian because their intelligence was too low. Their instincts led them to their priority targets, and before those targets were eliminated, they wouldn’t attack others.

When Di Feng had smashed apart the stone tablet at the entrance to this tomb, the stone tablet had been hiding the crushed corpses of some Heaven Devouring Ants.

There was dark liquid within the abdomen of the Heaven Devouring Ants, and it was used to summon reinforcements. If one was killed, the killer would be splashed with that liquid, drawing more Heaven Devouring Ants.

Di Feng’s destruction of the stone tablet had caused the corpses of over twenty thousand Heaven Devouring Ants to spread through the air. Mo Nian was also evil and had used a stone tablet that was the same color as the liquid so that it wouldn’t be sensed.

When the flying stone and powder had filled the air, the people had been infected by some of the odor, and the results were seen now.

The reason the Heaven Devouring Ants were called a variant species was because they possessed completely incomprehensible techniques. The air of death from so many Heaven Devouring Ants had spread throughout the Yin Yang World. Practically, every Heaven Devouring Ant within the Yin Yang World had come charging over.

This huge underground world was now occupied by them. There was a dark sea covering the sky.

They smelled the odor on these experts’ bodies and viewed them as the murderers who had killed their companions. They began a crazy assault.

Originally, a portion of these experts hadn’t been infected by the odor, but seeing others attack, they followed along, resulting in them being infected by the odor as well. They were all viewed as enemies.

Long Chen, Yue Xiaoqian, and Mo Nian had long since kept up a domain to block that odor. Even if some brainless Heaven Devouring Ants attacked them, they would only push them aside instead of killing them.

“I, Mo Nian, am the god of these Heaven Devouring Ants. They are my troops. Tell me, who is qualified to compete with me? Hmph, things that are impossible for others can be done in passing by me. Just patiently await your deaths. You’ll all die to my army of Heaven Devouring Ants!”

Mo Nian’s voice resounded through the air, but people couldn’t see where he was. There were too many Heaven Devouring Ants. They were like a flood, and they had no idea where Mo Nian was.

However, his words terrified them. The endless Heaven Devouring Ants were like black fiends. People were dying with each passing moment.

“Form up! Get in a formation! Don’t fight alone!” roared Di Feng.

True Immortal Jiaoqi and Gui Can had also noticed that things were off. The Heaven Devouring Ants might not be able to threaten them for now, but they were fatal to others.

The three of them joined into a battle formation, protecting everyone. They combined their forces, managing to block the Heaven Devouring Ants. As long as they had enough time, they could annihilate these Heaven Devouring Ants.

That plan sounded nice, but it was an overestimation of their abilities. These three thousand experts came from different powers, having no experience cooperating with each other. As long as a single person didn’t match the others, it would leave an opening in their defenses. Quite a few people were still being killed.

The reason the Dragonblood Legion was called the world’s strongest legion wasn’t because of their individual fighting skills, but that their cooperation had reached a perfect level.

As for these people, they might be powerful Empyreans, but they were also prideful heavenly geniuses.

When it came to cooperation, they were a wild rabble. A single mistake in their cooperation resulted in death. They began to fight for themselves again. At the very least, that would protect their own lives. They didn’t want to trust their lives to others.

The Heaven Devouring Ants continued charging toward them in an endless tide. Each time they charged, they would reap a few lives. These experts couldn’t change their ultimate fate.

“How is this possible?! No, it’s impossible! This is a nightmare! Tell me that this isn’t real!”

The sight of this tide was a blow to the mental states of these experts. The Heaven Devouring Ants were reaping their lives, while they could only crazily defend. No matter how they fought, it seemed they were only winning a few more seconds of life.

“It’s useless. Struggling is futile. Just give up. Remember the name of Mo Nian. When the Yama King asks you how you died, you can say my name. Speaking of which, you also need to remember an awesome verse: Ten years I wandered with my bow, my arrows causing heaven and earth to shake. The nine heavens, ten lands, and all the universe will revolve around me. Only I, Mo Nian, will rise to glory.”

Mo Nian’s voice once more resounded through the air. It came from every direction. It was like the mocking of a devil, infuriating them while also making them feel despair.

Long Chen, Yue Xiaoqian, and Mo Nian looked into the distance where a black sea covered the battlefield. Mo Nian’s mocking shout left Long Chen speechless. This fellow was the truly evil one.

Yue Xiaoqian looked backward at the entrance to the tomb. There was still a stream of Heaven Devouring Ants coming from there. 

“These Heaven Devouring Ants are absolutely terrifying. Long Chen, you’re a genius!” praised Yue Xiaoqian.

“Ah, it was just a lucky spark of brilliance. I didn’t really think it would come to anything. I also didn’t expect them to be so terrifying. It looks like all the Yin Yang World’s Heaven Devouring Ants have been drawn over. No wonder Evilmoon didn’t want me to provoke them.” Even Long Chen was amazed.

When he had first entered the Yin Yang World and been chased down by the Heaven Devouring Ants, he had been provoked and almost killed them. If he had done that, he really would have been doomed. He would have faced the hunt of all the Heaven Devouring Ants in this world. Looking at this sea of ants, he thanked his luck that he had listened to Evilmoon’s suggestion. Yes, being obedient was good.

BOOM! Suddenly, the sea of Heaven Devouring Ants surged and shook.

“It seems True Immortal Jiaoqi and the others are finally going all-out.” Long Chen glanced back to the entrance. The stream of Heaven Devouring Ants was starting to shrink. It seemed that all of the Heaven Devouring Ants in the Yin Yang World had already arrived. “Let’s go. We’ll seal the exit.”

The three of them flew over. As expected, the Heaven Devouring Ants just flew past them. They completely ignored the three of them.

They clearly had some special communication method and knew that the Heaven Devouring Ants up ahead were in danger, so they were rushing to assist.

As for Long Chen, Mo Nian, and Yue Xiaoqian, they weren’t infected with any of the odor of the Heaven Devouring Ants, so they were naturally ignored.

The three of them left. Now, the experts within the sea of Heaven Devouring Ants were in hell on earth.

Even Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can could not prevent their people from being slain one by one.

The endless horde of Heaven Devouring Ants caused despair. Even as they killed as many of them as they could, they couldn’t see their numbers drop. Their corpses had piled into mountains, but they still filled the sky. These experts couldn’t see the slightest hope.

At first, there were over three thousand experts, but in just half an incense stick’s worth of time, over a thousand of them had been killed. If this continued, they would all die.

“We can’t continue like this. There’s too many Heaven Devouring Ants. We have to lead a portion of our elites to break through,” said Di Feng.

“No. I won’t abandon my people,” said True Immortal Jiaoqi frostily.

Gui Can’s expression was gloomy, and he didn’t say anything. It was unknown what he was thinking.

“Up to you. I’m going to lead my people through. Although there might be many deaths, at least some of the stronger ones will live. Staying here will only result in them all dying,” said Di Feng.

His manifestation rumbled. A giant spear pierced through the air.

The Heaven Devouring Ants in the path of that spear were blown to bits, but they still couldn’t see any light. There were even more Heaven Devouring Ants than they had thought.

Seeing this, Gui Can said, “If the three of us don’t work together, the only ones remaining at the end will be the three of us.”

Clearly, Gui Can agreed with Di Feng’s plan. There were too many Heaven Devouring Ants, and staying here trying to protect everyone would only leave them with corpses.

Most terrifying of all, even they couldn’t endure such a fight for long. They naturally weren’t willing to put their own lives in danger, so they wanted to charge through, creating an opening for at least a portion of the others to get through.

Seeing that the opening that Di Feng had created was filled up in an instant, True Immortal Jiaoqi was filled with rage. He was unwilling. He knew that the Xuan Beast experts were his people, and he was unwilling to abandon them. The Xuan Beasts were actually very united.

“Long Chen, Mo Nian, I will definitely tear the two of you into pieces!” True Immortal Jiaoqi clenched his teeth. He could only helplessly accept this plan.

“Everyone, follow us! Don’t fall behind! We’re going to charge our way through!” shouted Di Feng. He unleashed his powerful paragon art once more, sending a spear through the Heaven Devouring Ants. Only paragon arts were capable of causing significant casualties to this sea of Heaven Devouring Ants. However, paragon arts took up a shocking amount of energy, and even the three of them couldn’t use them lightly.

True Immortal Jiaoqi also roared, using his qilin power to blast his way through. Gui Can repeatedly waved his staff, causing divine light to flow out. The light transformed into sharp swords that pierced through the sky. It was also a paragon art. The three of them forcibly created a huge opening through the Heaven Devouring Ants.

The three of them charged through, and the other experts immediately charged behind them. However, some people were just too slow. They were still flying through the opening when the army of Heaven Devouring Ants converged on them once more, cutting off their single hope.


Cries of despair rang out. Those experts knew that they were about to die.

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