Chapter 1886 Igniting Green Dragon Essence Blood

The qilin design on the halberd lit up, and a qilin’s roar could be heard as the halberd fell toward Long Chen.

Long Chen raised Evilmoon, unleashing all his power. However, even fully prepared, he felt like a star had just struck him. The skin on the back of his hands split open and blood splashed down. He was sent flying.

True Immortal Jiaoqi had summoned his qilin power now. It caused his physical strength to multiply, and he was continuously forcing Long Chen back.

“A little human is an ant when it comes to power. You’ll never be able to compare with the Xuan Beasts.” True Immortal Jiaoqi’s body was bulging, and the blood vessels beneath his skin looked like wriggling snakes. It was as though his Blood Qi was on the verge of exploding out of him.

Long Chen had barely managed to keep hold of Evilmoon in that exchange, but he still said, “I don’t think so. Do you want to see what true power is?”

“Long Chen, your arrogance has nothing to support it. You’re just an ant in front of me. Well, I don’t mind experiencing your pitiful power,” said True Immortal Jiaoqi.

“Alright, then I’ll show you what true power is.”

Long Chen’s blood began to circulate rapidly, rumbling like a flood. His blood seemed to be boiling.

“Dragon Blood Ignition!” The dragon scales covering Long Chen’s body faded, and the image of a dragon appeared on his forehead. That image was currently ablaze. As it burned, a sacred pressure caused the world to shake.

Noble, holy, and arrogant. This pressure was as if the world’s Daos were all forced to obey Long Chen.

True Immortal Jiaoqi’s expression changed. He felt some kind of suppression that came from his bloodline.

Half of True Immortal Jiaoqi’s bloodline came from the drake race, and a drake couldn’t even count as a dragon, let alone a true dragon.

When Long Chen ignited his true dragon essence blood, it made True Immortal Jiaoqi feel a kind of dread, a feeling that he couldn’t resist.

“You think some green dragon essence blood is enough to suppress me!? Foolish!” roared True Immortal Jiaoqi.

BANG! Long Chen’s foot suddenly stamped on the air, causing the sky to shake. “Are the Xuan Beasts that powerful? In front of a divine beast, you’re the real ants!”

Evilmoon shook. True Immortal Jiaoqi, who had been pushing Long Chen back the entire time, was suddenly blown backward.

He crashed through seven mountains before coming to a stop. He stared at Long Chen in shock.

The dragon mark on Long Chen’s forehead was still burning. He was actually incinerating his green dragon essence blood. This was a self-destructive move.

Long Chen was not part of the dragon race. He wouldn’t be able to produce more dragon essence blood.

Now that he was incinerating it, his green dragon essence blood would never recover.

However, Evilmoon was in slumber, and the dragon teeth were not heavy power weapons. He could only do this.

With his green dragon essence blood burning, Long Chen felt each of his cells fill with explosive power.

Long Chen suddenly vanished. When he reappeared, he was right in front of True Immortal Jiaoqi.

This was purely his physical strength without using thunderforce. After that, his saber slashed toward True Immortal Jiaoqi without any technique. It was a simple slash.

However, this simple slash caused the world to turn silent. It was deathly still. That simple slash caused spacetime to twist.

“Qilin Roar Heavenly Strike!” 

True Immortal Jiaoqi’s expression changed. The qilin figure in his manifestation lit up like a blazing sun. Its light condensed on the qilin halberd in his hand.

The qilin halberd pierced forward. Divine light erupted in the form of a giant spear-image, striking Long Chen.

This was a qilin paragon art. Combined with his qilin halberd, True Immortal Jiaoqi had only been forced to use this move three times. Each time, he had slain his opponent. This was a secret art that the qilin race had never transmitted outside.

Evilmoon struck the qilin halberd, and divine light exploded. True Immortal Jiaoqi suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood and flew back.

“Fuck, his dragon blood pressure is affecting my bloodline power! I can’t unleash the power of my paragon art!” True Immortal Jiaoqi’s expression was extremely ugly now. He had just summoned his paragon art when he sensed that the Blood Qi within him was off. Just as his paragon art was supposed to reach its peak, his Blood Qi went into chaos, causing his paragon art’s power to sharply drop.

The dragon blood pressure was completely suppressing him. He couldn’t use his power. Just now, his Blood Qi had been in chaos and then his body had received a shock through Long Chen’s attack, almost causing him to explode.

He hadn’t felt such a huge pressure when Long Chen had used the Green Dragon Battle Armor. But now that Long Chen was incinerating his essence blood, that dragon might was over ten times stronger.

The dragon race was the head of the divine beasts. They were gods amongst beasts, an incomparable existence. Any beast would feel a bloodline suppression. For True Immortal Jiaoqi, this suppression was even more intense due to his drake bloodline.


The two once more clashed, True Immortal Jiaoqi’s qilin halberd was sent flying out of his grasp by Long Chen’s saber.

Long Chen was unstoppable. Blowing away the halberd with his saber, he sent a kick at True Immortal Jiaoqi’s jaw.

True Immortal Jiaoqi instinctively dodged, raising his arm to block. As a result, Long Chen’s kick struck his forearm.

The sound of bones cracking rang out. His thick arm was instantly broken.

“Attack together!”

True Immortal Jiaoqi had brought a large mass of experts in. They had been excitedly watching, waiting to see True Immortal Jiaoqi crush Long Chen. However, once Long Chen incinerated his green dragon essence blood, he became a completely different person. Seeing True Immortal Jiaoqi at a disadvantage, over a thousand Xuan Beast experts charged forward.

These experts were all Empyreans with manifestations starting to awaken. They then immediately unleashed their strongest magical arts and divine abilities at Long Chen.

The sky was filled with attacks. As Long Chen unleashed a giant saber-image, magical arts crumbled in front of it, and divine light exploded.

The strongest attacks of over a thousand experts were unable to reach him. However, their attacks were able to force him back. Seeing this, others also joined their battle.

Whether it was Mo Nian and Di Feng or Yue Xiaoqian and Gui Can, their battles had reached a climax. They were competing in speed and technique.

Only Long Chen and True Immortal Jiaoqi were competing in pure power. Yue Xiaoqian and Mo Nian’s battlefields were too fast for them to keep up. They couldn’t interfere. But joining in on Long Chen’s battlefield was much easier.

Experts from the Xuan Beasts, ancient races, Corrupt path, ancient family alliance, and even some Righteous experts launched long-distance attacks at Long Chen.

Divine light exploded. Long Chen was instantly brought to desperate straits.

True Immortal Jiaoqi’s expression was dark. He swung his arm. The arm that had been broken was already healed.

Seeing Long Chen unable to retaliate in the face of over three thousand experts’ continuous attacks, True Immortal Jiaoqi clenched his teeth. He wasn’t weaker than Long Chen, but his bloodline was suppressed, making him unable to unleash his full power. He actually needed to rely on other people’s help.

“Kill Long Chen!” With over three thousand experts attacking, Long Chen could only do his best to defend. There was no chance for him to counterattack, delighting them.

It went without saying that with three thousand experts attacking, ignoring everything else, they could simply exhaust his spiritual yuan.


Suddenly, a scream rang out. That person had been bitten in the shoulder by an ant.

“That’s a Heaven Devouring Ant!” shouted someone in shock.

“There’s only one! Kill it! Wait, there’s more! Heavens, how are there so many?!”

Countless Heaven Devouring Ants had filled the sky behind them without them even knowing. The sky was dark.

These Heaven Devouring Ants were like little pigs. Their strongest point was their powerful pincers, as well as the black fluid on them. 

More people were bitten and immediately lost half their bodies. The physical bodies of these powerful Empyreans seemed weak in front of the ants.

It had to be known that Heaven Devouring Ants’ pincers were able to even pierce the tough hides of twelfth rank Magical Beasts, let alone some humans.

“Quick, kill them!” The experts immediately switched to a defensive formation. There were too many ants. If the experts separated, they would be easily defeated.

The experts attacked crazily. The Heaven Devouring Ants possessed tough bodies, but even they couldn’t block the full power of a divine item.

However, the name of the Heaven Devouring Ants was not given for nothing. Even these powerful Empyreans couldn’t just kill such a giant mass easily. Each attack could only kill a few dozen.

There was no way to count how many of them there were. They filled the sky, and more and more of them were appearing. It was becoming more difficult to survive as quite a few people were bitten and killed.

Most terrifying of all, the Heaven Devouring Ants possessed a special ability. When people got bitten, their souls would be paralyzed. Even their Yuan Spirits couldn’t escape. 

Seeing this torrent of Heaven Devouring Ants, Long Chen suddenly suppressed his aura and vanished.

At the same time, Yue Xiaoqian also stopped attacking. She actually fled, leaving behind a dumbfounded Gui Can. He had been on the verge of defeat, but Yue Xiaoqian had actually given up.

“Heroic Heaven Devouring Ants, listen to your master’s orders! Devour these bastards!”

When the army of Heaven Devouring Ants arrived, Mo Nian also stopped attacking. A portion of the Heaven Devouring Ants charged toward Di Feng, completely ignoring Mo Nian. It really was like they were housepets that he had summoned. Di Feng was appalled and hastily blocked.

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