Chapter 1885 Qilin Power

The inheritance had come to an end. Having lost its purpose, the palace collapsed, its divine marks crumbling. It was like millions of years of decay occurred in just a few seconds. True Immortal Jiaoqi charged through the collapsing palace, blowing it to bits.

“Break’s over!”

Long Chen slashed Evilmoon out. With his divine ring present behind him, he activated his Five Star Battle Armor and Green Dragon Battle Armor.


Evilmoon met True Immortal Jiaoqi’s halberd, following which a spear pierced toward Long Chen’s ribs. Di Feng had also charged in.

However, his spear had just stabbed forward when a five-colored bow forced him back.

“Di Feng, last time, my corpse poison let you be arrogant. This time, we’ll see who defeats who.”

Mo Nian launched nine consecutive arrows. Arcing through the air, they came at him from different angles. Like nine bolts of lightning, they forced him back time and time again.

“Hmph, then let’s have a show-down today!” Di Feng’s spear began to blaze with divine light as he activated its power. A gate to another world appeared within his manifestation. He was using a paragon art.

“A paragon art? I have one as well. My Mo family’s inheritance is even greater than your Di family. When it comes to competing with paragon arts, you’re just a rookie.”

Mo Nian’s Yuan Spirit lit up. The two figures within his manifestation separated, revealing a bow between them.

It was a five-colored bow that looked identical to Mo Nian’s Five Element Sun Hunting Bow. However, this bow didn’t exist in this world.

The Five Element Sun Hunting Bow blazed with light. Its divine power skyrocketed, and an arrow shot out with the power to destroy heaven and earth.

“Hmph, if your Mo family was actually powerful, it wouldn’t have been destroyed. You’re just a stray dog.” Di Feng also unleashed his paragon art. His spear pierced forward.


The two attacks collided, filling the sky with blazing light.

“Destroyed? Aren’t I still here? My Mo family will definitely rise once more. As for you? Di Feng, you’re just one stepping stone on my path of vengeance!” Mo Nian unleashed a barrage of attacks with his bow. He was wild and domineering without the slightest trace of the Western Wretch.

“You talk big, but I’ll be the one killing you today!” Di Feng also unleashed waves of spear-images. They took the form of a lotus in full bloom, its petals slicing toward Mo Nian.

“You’re the one talking big. Tell me, does your face hurt?” sneered Mo Nian.

“Die!” Di Feng was instantly provoked. Long Chen’s slap in the face was his life’s greatest humiliation.

Di Feng and Mo Nian began a wild clash. They had already fought three intense battles and were already familiar with each other’s moves. There was no need for them to use any testing blows. 

On the other side, Long Chen was also in an intense clash. Evilmoon was unleashing explosive power, while the seventy-two dragon teeth were like seventy-two experts attacking at the same time.

The dragon teeth were incredibly sharp, and even a Xuan Beast’s body was unable to block them. True Immortal Jiaoqi had no choice but to be careful.

Long Chen’s fight with True Immortal Jiaoqi had just started when a black light shot toward Long Chen’s back. Gui Can had joined in.

Long Chen snorted and directed one of the dragon teeth to block it. However, just as the black light was about to strike the dragon tooth, it curved and flew by it before continuing toward Long Chen.

Ten dragon teeth lined up a wall and smashed into the black light.

BOOM! The black light splintered, transforming into countless figures. Those figures were actually thumb-sized beetles.

They filled the sky, startling Long Chen. They were protected by something on their bodies that made it so the dragon teeth hadn’t killed them from the impact.

Using the dragon teeth to block True Immortal Jiaoqi, Long Chen unleashed a barrage of attacks with Evilmoon, unleashing saber-images throughout the sky.

Those beetles were blown apart upon contact with the saber-images. Only now did Long Chen notice a strange kind of rune on them that could weaken the impact of any attacks they received. It was no wonder the dragon teeth hadn’t killed them.


Suddenly, Long Chen’s saber quivered and the saber-images vanished. True Immortal Jiaoqi’s qilin halberd had managed to force its way through the dragon teeth to attack him.

At this time, Long Chen noticed that the armored drake in True Immortal Jiaoqi’s manifestation had vanished, replaced by a giant qilin figure. Its roar shook the heavens, and True Immortal Jiaoqi’s power instantly erupted to an inconceivable level.

Long Chen was knocked back a step. All of a sudden, a sharp pain came from his left shoulder. Startled, Long Chen looked to see a black beetle had actually reached him and was biting his shoulder.

Even while covered in dragon scales, the black beetle was able to pierce his flesh with a mosquito’s needle-like mouth. Long Chen felt his shoulder go numb. 

Without hesitation, Long Chen sliced off a large piece of flesh from his shoulder, sending the beetle flying. 

Long Chen was startled by the black beetle. It was definitely troublesome. If he got bitten in his vitals, it would be even worse.

“I’ll get rid of him first.” Long Chen ignored True Immortal Jiaoqi and charged toward the distant Gui Can.

“Where do you think you’re going? I’m your opponent!” shouted True Immortal Jiaoqi. His halberd’s light intensified, and he sent it piercing at Long Chen.

As for Gui Can, he sneered disdainfully. “Long Chen, you’re only at this level? You’ll be dying at my hands today-”

Before he could finish speaking, brilliant sword-light slashed down like a starry river.


Gui Can’s figure suddenly vanished. The sword missed, instead slicing a long ditch.

A woman appeared in the air, a sword in her hand and the wind blowing back her hair. Like an immortal descending into the mortal world, Yue Xiaoqian had joined the fight.

“Long Chen, you focus on True Immortal Jiaoqi. Leave this person to me.” Yue Xiaoqian sent a message to Long Chen.

“Will you be alright?” asked Long Chen, a bit worried.

“Although I’m only in control of the slightest bit of the Profound Spirit Dao Scripture, it’s enough to handle him.”

The Devil character appeared on her forehead once more, and a sacred energy filled the air. At the same time, runes appeared all over, surging toward her.

“Gui Can, your Gui family has targeted my original devil race three times. You’ve killed countless numbers of our people. Today, you’ll be repaying that blood debt.”

With a simple slash of her sword, heaven and earth rumbled. All the Daos of this world echoed her power. Gui Can summoned countless black beetles, but they were all blown to bits.

“This is the power of the Heavenly Daos! She’s actually in control of this place’s Heavenly Daos!” Gui Can’s expression changed. Waving his staff, he shot out a spiritual arrow. That black spiritual arrow carried with it a terrifying curse energy. The roaring of fiends could be heard coming from it.

However, that curse power was shattered by Yue Xiaoqian’s sword. Her sword contained the will of the Heavenly Daos.

She was now the heir of the Profound Spirit Dao Scripture and could control the power of this minor world. It was just a pity that she hadn’t fully comprehended it yet, or she would have been the new master of this space and could annihilate anyone.

However, even though she could only control a portion of this world’s power, it put her at an immense advantage. That curse power was completely isolated by Heavenly Dao energy.

“Ghost Kings Dominate the Starry Sky!”

Gui Can finally became serious. A gate of death opened behind him, and figures came flying out.

Each of them was a giant dozens of meters tall. They were made of black mist and emitting endless death qi. Their auras were hair-raising. What terrifying existences!

Yue Xiaoqian’s sword fell once more, striking one of the giant figures. That giant figure attempted to punch her. When they were about to clash, its arm transformed from mist into a solid entity.

Its arm exploded upon receiving Yue Xiaoqian’s sword. However, its arm quickly regrew, and it continued to attack her.

Eighteen of these black giants were surrounding her. Yue Xiaoqian fought and weaved through them, wanting to get by them to kill Gui Can.

However, Gui Can was crafty and knew that she was trying to get close. Each time, he would wave his staff, and one of those giants would appear in front of him, blocking her.

Yue Xiaoqian was temporarily tied up with getting rid of the black giants. She was clearly at an immense advantage, but defeating Gui Can was not so easy to kill. They were in a deadlock.

Seeing this, Long Chen was much more at ease. It was enough if Yue Xiaoqian was able to protect herself against Gui Can.

With Evilmoon and the seventy-two dragon teeth, Long Chen faced True Immortal Jiaoqi.

True Immortal Jiaoqi no longer seemed to be in a rush to attack. He stared at him coldly, a cruel smile on his lips. “Long Chen, do you know? I wasn’t planning on using my full power because I always viewed you guys as insignificant humans, not worthy of seeing my full power. However, you are just barely qualified. I’ll show you the true power of the Xuan Beasts.”

“Do you need to drink some breast milk first? Show me just how amazing animals like you are at sucking,” mocked Long Chen.

“The ignorant are always fearless. You have no idea about the true power of the qilin race. When I normally fight, I use my drake power, but do you see my manifestation now?” True Immortal Jiaoqi pointed to the manifestation behind him. “Now I’ll be showing you my qilin power. You will be the first human to die to my qilin power, so you should be able to rest in peace.”

The blurry and vague manifestation behind True Immortal Jiaoqi gradually became clearer. A giant qilin beast appeared, and True Immortal Jiaoqi’s power soared.

“Die!” The qilin halberd rumbled through space as it smashed toward Long Chen.

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