Chapter 1884 Mo Nian’s Singing

Within the pillar of light, Yue Xiaoqian actually began to chant an ancient scripture. She had no control over the matter.

As she chanted, her voice was like immortal music shaking people to their deepest core. Each of their minds quivered.

At the same time, immortal runes began to appear in the air, echoing her voice. It was like a Grand Dao had descended. It bathed people’s souls, increasing their comprehension.

“This is a precious scripture! Quick, try to comprehend as much as you can!”

The experts present were delighted. Just hearing a few words had made them feel like their hearts had been purified. If they could comprehend any part of this scripture, it could benefit them endlessly.

Long Chen looked at Yue Xiaoqian. She was in a strange state, unaware of what was happening outside. By chanting this scripture, she was essentially making a portion of it public knowledge.

Long Chen and Mo Nian exchanged a glance. With a slight nod, Mo Nian immediately began a loud ruckus.

“Fellow countrymen, young and old, during this special day, I will give you a grand display. Everyone, clap along. Shed your fetters and dance…”

As he spoke, Mo Nian suddenly took out a string of bells, hanging it all over his body.

These bells were actually a divine item he had obtained from a Corrupt expert. He had a total of eighteen bells.

This divine item was used for bewildering other people’s minds and souls. Each shake would release an ear-piercing sound straight into a person’s soul.

Mo Nian had used quite a bit of effort killing that Corrupt expert. Because these bells were too irritating, he had been unable to concentrate. He had ended up missing his first two shots before killing him with his third arrow.

After obtaining them, Mo Nian hadn’t known what to do with them. But now he knew.

Mo Nian began to dance, and it was less than impressive. He was like a spasming duck.

The bells hanging off him released a sonorous sound that stabbed into people’s ears like needles. Their heads became dizzy.

Mo Nian seemed uncontrollably excited and began to sing, “Beat the drums and strike the gongs! Let’s all be happy. Today is such a beautiful day, a perfect day for dancing and singing…”

Mo Nian wasn’t a singer from the start. As soon as he opened his mouth, the rhythm and tune were so far off that they were in the Eastern Wasteland, but it seemed like he himself didn’t notice at all. He was immersed in the delight of performance.

As he sang, he was accompanied by Long Chen’s special musical combination. He had an axe in his left hand and some claws in his right hand. He ground the claws against the axe, releasing a screeching sound. That sound was enough to make a person’s soul flee from their body.


People howled as they covered their ears. Let alone trying to comprehend the scripture, they even felt like their heads would explode.

“That’s right, everyone stand and dance! We’re all friends, so release your emotions! Scream and shout to your heart’s desire! The Heavenly Daos might be emotionless, but people aren’t! Jump and dance! Everybody, dance!” Mo Nian pointed at the infuriated experts, encouraging them.



Mo Nian sang and danced while Long Chen accompanied him. Long Chen’s own body was quivering as he was almost unable to bear it. The sound of these claws dragging across the axe was not something an ordinary person could endure.

However, seeing these people be so infuriated that their eyes were scarlet, Long Chen felt like everything was worth it.

Their cooperation was practically a dance of devils, a wail of ghosts, and a howl of wolves. Other than Yue Xiaoqian within the light pillar who wasn’t affected, everyone else was going insane.

“Fuck, I’ll go all-out!” Finally, someone lost their patience and charged at Long Chen. He wanted to snatch away the two divine items in his hands. The noise coming from them was enough to kill someone.

After all, the rubbing of divine items contained its own divine power. Closing the senses was useless. That sound made people feel like there was a cat scratching the inside of their heads. It wasn’t exactly painful or itchy, but it was enough to make people want to die.

Over ten experts charged over, wanting to put a stop to the two of them. However, as soon as they got close, they were forced back by a mysterious force.

“Finally, the atmosphere’s getting better. Yes, just like this, dance and shout! Use your emotions to show the world your hot blood! Use your lives as a recollection of your lost innocence…” Mo Nian excitedly urged them on upon seeing them being blocked.

Someone finally reached their limit and coughed up a mouthful of blood. These two were clearly trying to cause trouble, but there was nothing they could do.

“Long Chen, do you not want to hear the immortal scripture?!”

“No, it’s fine if we don’t hear it. It’s all good as long as you do. The two of us will make sure to create the right environment, while the rest of you comprehend the scripture. No need to thank us, just do your best. We do it voluntarily, so there’s no fee.” Long Chen paused for a moment to say this before continuing his accompaniment.

“Bastards, I’ll kill you!”

“You pieces of shit, if you don’t want to listen then fine, but how can you not let others listen?!”

Furious roars rang out. That immortal scripture’s significance was extremely great, capable of changing their lives. However, this opportunity was being ruined by Long Chen and Mo Nian.

The two of them completely ignored their rage, continuing to put on a performance that made them dizzy. They immersed themselves in the ‘immortal music’.

“Long Chen, the fact that we could become brothers was truly fortuitous. We work so well together; I feel like our music is even on the same level as the Zither Fairy’s,” said Mo Nian proudly.

“When it comes to technique, we’re still a bit inferior. But when it comes to pure innovation and originality, we’ve reached the peak. I feel like we’re definitely one level greater,” said Long Chen.

“Fuck off, I can’t bear it any longer!”

Finally, someone admitted defeat. He actually ran out of the palace. As soon as he was out, he began to vomit. His head was spinning, and he almost collapsed.

Mo Nian and Long Chen’s performance could practically be called soul devouring devil music. People with weak Spiritual Strength were quickly reaching their limit.

This wasn’t all just thanks to how amazing Long Chen and Mo Nian’s music was. It was also due to the power of the divine runes hanging in the air from Yue Xiaoqian’s scripture chanting. The power of those runes was surging into their minds to help them comprehend the scripture.

Originally, the master of this world was very peaceful and didn’t like fighting. He wished to deliver this world from its suffering. The scripture being chanted right now was part of the inheritance he had given to Yue Xiaoqian. Yue Xiaoqian was in a meditative state and unaware that she was chanting the scripture to benefit everyone present.

If the palace was peaceful, people would gain quite a bit from this opportunity. This was the good fortune the master of this place had left behind.

However, this fortune had been ruined by Long Chen and Mo Nian. At the same time as it became easier to receive the immortal scripture, it also became easier to receive their ruckus.

It was like a person wanted water to drink, and when they opened their mouths, a clear stream flowed in along with muddy water. There was no way for them to reject or isolate the sound coming from Long Chen and Mo Nian.

Those with weak Spiritual Strength were about to flee. Even those with strong Spiritual Strength were dizzy, feeling like their heads would split open.

More and more experts ran from the palace. As soon as they were out, they felt much more comfortable.

“Bastards, I refuse to believe that they can hide inside for a lifetime! Once they come out, I’ll definitely take my bite out of their flesh!”

Outside the palace, the immortal scripture and the ruckus were blocked. The sounds only affected the people inside the palace. With each passing moment, more and more experts were forced to run out. Unable to comprehend the scripture, no one was willing to stay within and torment themselves.

All who left were gloomy, flames about to spurt from their eyes. They looked at Long Chen and Mo Nian who were still performing, and furious veins bulged on their foreheads. They sat down, waiting for the two of them to come out.

Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can were peak experts with powerful Spiritual Strength. However, even though they could resist the noise coming from the two of them, they were unable to calm down enough to comprehend the scripture.

The three of them coldly glared at the two before also leaving. They didn’t say a word, but the killing intent in their eyes was starting to condense frost. If looks could kill, Long Chen and Mo Nian would have died a thousand times over.

Seeing Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can all leave, the one thousand experts that were still bitterly enduring lost any motivation to hold on and also left.

Long Chen’s axe and claws fell to the ground. Mo Nian also put away his bells. The world returned to calm.

“In all my life, this is the first time feeling silence is such a blessing,” sighed Mo Nian.


Long Chen bitterly smiled. If it hadn’t been for those people’s furious gazes, he himself wouldn’t have been able to endure so long. This kind of work wasn’t for humans.

Yue Xiaoqian’s voice was also fading. The runes in the palace began to dim.

In the end, the light pillar also faded. The palace lost its original grand aura and rapidly decayed.

“It seems… we’re about to have to work.” Mo Nian looked at the cracks slowly spreading across the walls. His lips curled.

Suddenly, the ground caved in and the entire palace collapsed. A giant figure charged in with a halberd.

“Long Chen, I’ll tear you to shreds!” roared True Immortal Jiaoqi.

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