Chapter 1882 A Two-Man Con Group

The exterior of the palace was simple and elegant. It was three hundred meters tall and was built at the peak of the mountain. It was surrounded by immortal mist, and there was a certain sound coming from within it. It seemed to be the music of a Grand Dao.

The three of them hastily rushed over to the palace. When they were standing in front of it, they found that every brick and tile had runes flowing through them. It was a majestic and grand sight.

“These are formation runes that lead to the outside world. They’re absorbing some of the outside world’s energy to maintain this world’s reincarnation. Clearly, the master of this world was not at the level of creating a completely independent and complete world,” said Yue Xiaoqian after examining the runes.

Mo Nian and Long Chen nodded. This palace was emitting an aura identical to the outside world. It was absorbing the outside world’s energy to nourish this world.

This was why the master of this world had placed this minor world within a place of such great feng shui.

They walked over to the gates and found that no matter how they pushed, they couldn’t open them. There was a vast energy preventing them from entering.

“This is troublesome. These gates have a mechanism, and it requires a huge amount of pure spiritual yuan to open. The three of us combined don’t have enough spiritual yuan,” said Mo Nian after studying the runes.

Yue Xiaoqian nodded. “These are the nine drake gate locking runes. To open the gates requires a huge amount of spiritual yuan, and there’s no way the three of us have close to enough.”

“Hehe, I’ve got it.” Long Chen and Mo Nian looked around. Their sights fell on two divine statues. A wicked chuckle rang out.

Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, Gui Can, and all the experts that they had brought charged into this minor world. As soon as they entered, they were dumbfounded. They had thought that this place was a tomb, but it actually appeared full of life.

When they arrived at the bridge, someone said, “There used to be a lake here, but the water’s gone. It seems that Mo Nian and Long Chen have already taken it.

“It doesn’t matter. They’ll have to spit it out in the end. We’ve already placed a formation on the exit. They won’t be able to escape,” sneered someone else.

Other than Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can, there were two thousand four hundred Empyreans. They were all experts amongst experts, on the level of Empyreans who had begun awakening their manifestations.

Long Chen and Mo Nian would only be faced with death once they were surrounded. These people were mostly Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can’s followers. The three of them viewed these people with favor, so their power was definitely great.

Not only was there a grand formation protecting the place that they had entered from, but there were three hundred experts left guarding it. Even a fly wouldn’t be able to escape.

“Let’s go. We won’t let those bastards ruin the treasures.”

Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can rapidly advanced and quickly saw the palace. With a shout, all the experts surrounded it.

They had just arrived when a beam of divine light soared into the sky from the palace. It was like it had sensed their arrival and come to life. Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can immediately became still, circulating their spiritual yuan in defense.

Unbeknownst to them, Yue Xiaoqian was on top of the two mythological beast statues in front of the gates to the palace. The devil character was shining on her forehead, and the light from it enveloped her, Long Chen, and Mo Nian. She was using a secret art of the original devil race to conceal them.

Mo Nian’s hands were pressed against one of the statues. His spiritual yuan activated its divine runes, causing the palace to light up. It was like the palace was greeting the newcomers.

“The Grand Dao is formless, the Grand Dao is emotionless. Those who pass these gates must have destiny. The formless Grand Dao shines brightly at its end, the emotionless Grand Dao is one and separate…”

Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can had just arrived when divine chanting filled the air. The music of a Grand Dao rang out.

The voice continued to ring out through the air. “Those who pass my gates must show their karma. Good or evil, right or wrong…”

Mo Nian was constantly sending spiritual yuan into the statue. As he watched Long Chen spout nonsense to con these people, he almost laughed. Despite knowing it was clearly a con, he almost believed it himself.

On the other hand, Yue Xiaoqian was tense. If these people noticed something off, the three of them would be doomed.

Long Chen’s voice was not actually his own. It was going through the Heaven Flipping Seal, making the voice deeper, stronger, and divine-sounding.

A few experts immediately tried to push open the gates. As a result, the gates’ runes lit up, forcing them back.

Just at this moment, Long Chen’s divine voice rang out once more. “The destined people have already entered. Others are lacking destiny and require spiritual yuan to activate the nine drake gate locking runes. If you cannot open the gates, then you have no destiny at all. If you can open the gates, be devout of heart and pay respects to the divine statues to accept your blessing.”

“Nine drake gate locking runes? Those are ancient type divine runes! They require a huge amount of spiritual yuan to open,” said an expert from the ancient family alliance.

“It seems Long Chen and Mo Nian have already entered. We can’t wait any longer. If the two of them obtain a complete inheritance and gain the protection of the tomb, it will be difficult to kill them here,” said Gui Can darkly.

Di Feng frowned. He felt like something was off, but he couldn’t say what exactly.

True Immortal Jiaoqi waved his hand, and the experts from his side came out. The first one pressed his hand against the stone gate, while the second pressed his hand against the back of that person. Forming a chain, all those experts began to pour their spiritual yuan in.

Following them, Gui Can’s experts also took action. Seeing that, Di Feng could only gesture to his subordinates to follow along.

Other than their own followers, others had also come. Those people had come with the purpose of killing the experts stubbornly clinging to the Martial Heaven Alliance out of loyalty. This was an opportunity to deliver a heavy blow to the Martial Heaven Alliance. As for the treasures, they would obtain them conveniently.

Over two thousand experts began pouring their spiritual yuan into the gates. Their runes lit up, growing brighter and brighter.

With everyone working hard, the gates slowly began to shudder.

“More! The gates are about to open!”

Shockingly, these gates, which had looked to open left and right, were opening upward. The gates slowly began to rise.

“Why is it so slow?!” That person’s voice quivered. Quite a few people were sweating. Their spiritual yuan was rapidly being sucked away. In just a couple breaths’ time, they had used up the majority of their spiritual yuan.

“Activate your manifestations!”

All the experts activated their manifestations, sucking up the energy of heaven and earth to replenish their spiritual yuan. However, there were so many of them that there wasn’t much energy for each of them to absorb.

“Hold on! It’s about to open!”

There was almost a foot-thick opening now. A bit more and it would be possible to squeeze through.

However, True Immortal Jiaoqi’s expression was dark. His body was too big to enter such a small hole.

When the opening was two feet wide, Di Feng and Gui Can were capable of entering, but they didn’t yet. It wasn’t because they were righteous, but because they were worried that Long Chen and Mo Nian were inside, waiting to sneak attack them. Waiting for all three of them to enter was safer.

The experts were pale. Some of them were on the verge of collapse.

Suddenly, a figure appeared out of midair, charging through the three-feet-wide opening.

“It’s her!”

Upon seeing that figure, Di Feng’s expression changed. He immediately recognized that it was Yue Xiaoqian.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Yue Xiaoqian had just entered when two figures rapidly followed. They were so fast that it was impossible to see their faces.

“Long Chen, Mo Nian!”

Both True Immortal Jiaoqi and Di Feng let out startled cries upon recognizing them.

“It’s been hard on you. Let me give you a gift as thanks.” Mo Nian laughed, his bow appearing in his hand.


An arrow exploded in front of the gate. Those closest to the gates were directly blown to bits.

With those experts slain, the others lost their connection to the gates, and the flow of spiritual yuan came to a stop. The gates instantly shut, shaking the entire palace.

“Bastards! We were duped!” Di Feng clenched his teeth furiously. He had felt that something was wrong, and now he knew that Long Chen and Mo Nian had been conning them. They had actually used all of them to open the gates and snuck in.

“Fuck!” One of the Xuan Beast experts roared furiously. His divine hammer viciously struck the gates.

“Be careful!” Di Feng’s expression suddenly changed, but it was too late.


Light exploded out of the gates. The divine item in that expert’s hand exploded.

The fragments of the divine item blasted through the surrounding experts. Their spiritual yuan was almost exhausted, and caught off-guard, they were struck. Over thirty experts were slain by the fragments combined with the divine power of the gates.

Di Feng, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Gui Can’s expressions darkened. This was a naked insult.

“Have the people guarding the entrance come over. Also, send out a request for reinforcements.” Di Feng gave orders grimly. He had to hurry.

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