Chapter 1881 Heaven Flowing Sacred Water

Less than an hour after Long Chen’s group of three entered the ground, countless experts arrived. They were led by Di Feng, and beside him was a large expert. It was True Immortal Jiaoqi of the Xuan Beasts.

Furthermore, not far from True Immortal JIaoqi was a mysterious man wrapped in a black cloak that covered most of his face.

His skin was pale like a woman’s. He held a short staff just over a foot long.

This man was one of the Corrupt path’s Three Kings, the one that Long Chen had not met yet, Gui Can.

Speaking of Gui Can, he actually had a slight connection with Long Chen. The Corrupt expert that Long Chen had previously slain, Gui Yan, had been a disciple of the same family as Gui Can. However, the two of them had never met.

Other than the three of them, they brought over two thousand other disciples. They were all powerful Empyreans, and they had completely locked this region down.

“Hmph, did they think a little illusion formation could block us?” sneered Gui Can. His voice was sharp, and it didn’t sound like a man or a woman. It raised goosebumps.

He waved his staff, and the air shook. The illusion faded away, revealing the true appearance of the cave.

The three of them advanced. They had just approached the cave entrance when a flash of light came from within that caused them to raise their guard.

However, after that flash of light, nothing else happened. Instead, a stone tablet appeared.

“Di Feng, does your face hurt? What does that mean?” True Immortal Jiaoqi frowned in confusion.

BOOM! Di Feng slammed the stone tablet with a hand, blowing it to bits. 

Di Feng was ashen. He knew that Long Chen and Mo Nian were intentionally humiliating him. This stone tablet was no mechanism. They had made him lose face in front of everyone.

The stone dust of the tablet spread through the air, covering everyone. It had the slightest odor to it.

However, seeing how furious Di Feng was, no one said anything. They didn’t know that danger had already enveloped them.

True Immortal Jiaoqi and Gui Can also didn’t say anything. They had clearly guessed something.

“Someone, go inside and take a look. If you find Long Chen and the others, don’t attack. Send out a hidden transmission,” ordered Di Feng darkly.

A dozen experts immediately charged into the cave. They quickly found the cave that Mo Nian had left. They followed the loose soil downward.

Upon seeing that path, Di Feng’s expression improved slightly. At the very least, this meant that Long Chen and Mo Nian were searching for the treasures. With such an army searching for the two of them, they wouldn’t be able to escape.

When they saw that Mo Nian had purposely erased their path to stall them, Di Feng was even more at ease. This was perfect. It meant Mo Nian was still rushing and trying to slow them down.

They quickly dug down, eventually finding the gate to the tomb. Di Feng smiled cruelly. True Immortal Jiaoqi and Gui Can also smiled.

Their biggest goal in coming to the Yin Yang World was Long Chen. Now they had finally trapped him. How could they not be delighted?

True Immortal Jiaoqi was especially delighted. Last time, he hadn’t managed to get a single feather in the nest. He had even been attacked by black hands protecting the nest and had almost been killed. His hatred of Long Chen had reached a peak.

“Let’s go. Has Long Chen jumped into his own tomb?” Di Feng led the path into the gate.

The stone gate slowly opened for Long Chen’s group of three. What greeted them wasn’t an aura of death and decay. Instead, the air was tranquil and vibrant.

Following the path, they saw a verdant forest in just a few miles. Birdsong and wild flowers were everywhere. It was a land of beauty.

“This… is actually its own world!” exclaimed Mo Nian. Even with all his experience, this was his first time encountering such a scenario.

“This kind of minor world should normally collapse after the death of its master, but there is one scenario that can let it exist for longer,” said Yue Xiaoqian as she looked around.

“By burying everything within the minor world, turning it into a natural cycle of the Heavenly Daos,” said Long Chen, his heart skipping a beat.

“Yes, most likely. Otherwise, this kind of minor world would not be able to exist on its own, and all life within it would have withered. The master of the tomb created their own cycle of reincarnation, allowing life to die and be born again. They exist within an unending cycle,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

Yue Xiaoqian knelt down and extended a hand to a squirrel carrying an acorn. It looked at her curiously and actually jumped onto her hand.

However, just as Yue Xiaoqian was going to gently pet it, it nimbly jumped away, vanishing amongst the trees.

Continuing deeper, they arrived at a lake. There was a floating bridge leading to an island on the lake.

There was only one path through this minor world, and the three of them followed it. When they approached the lake, Yue Xiaoqian’s expression suddenly changed. She hastily shouted, “It’s Heaven Flowing Sacred Water! Be careful!”


However, her warning was too late. Long Chen had already stepped onto the bridge. Huge ripples spread through the lake, and Long Chen immediately became still.

Mo Nian was startled. He was about to pull Long Chen back when Yue Xiaoqian stopped him. “It’s useless. He’s already activated the Heaven Flowing Sacred Water. He is seeing the future now.”

“What? It’s possible to see the future?” exclaimed Mo Nian.

“Yes. This expert was most likely someone proficient in the Heavenly Fate Dao. After dying, they merged their soul with this world, having this world enter its own reincarnation cycle. It can count as an undying state. This Heaven Flowing Sacred Water is like a mirror. If you aren’t on guard, you might see your future. For a person to see their own future can cause the collapse of their Dao-heart. I wonder how Long Chen is doing…” Yue Xiaoqian was a bit worried.

The significance of life was that it was full of possibilities, full of unknowns. People thirsted to learn the future, but once they knew it, there was no longer any delight in living.

When a person learned how and when they were going to die, it might dishearten them completely, which could be a fatal blow to one’s Dao-heart, which was why people should never try to read their future.

Once they did, they would lose their drive and end up completely crippled.

“Then let me see who my future wife is. That should be no problem.” Mo Nian smiled and actually spread his consciousness toward the lake.

Once again, ripples spread across the lake. Mo Nian was suddenly filled with bitterness. “It’s over. There’s no hope for me in this lifetime.”

Suddenly, the lake erupted and nine whirlpools appeared, making Mo Nian and Yue Xiaoqian jump.

Those nine whirlpools caused the lake water to rapidly sink. In just a breath, all the water vanished.

At this point, Long Chen slowly opened his eyes with a smile. “What is it? Are you fated to be a bachelor for this lifetime?”

“Fuck off. How could a handsome man like me end up being a bachelor forever? Oh, you’re alright?” asked Mo Nian.

“Were you worried?” Long Chen shook his head.

“Did you not see the end of your life?” asked Yue Xiaoqian. Without any guard, everyone would long to know their future. They wanted to know how long they would live and how they would die.

“I did. I saw endless darkness, endless death, a world of eternal darkness without the slightest shred of light. Tch, did I need it to help me see that? Once people are dead, their eyes stop working, so isn’t it naturally pitch-black? I was hoping to see more through the darkness, but then everything vanished,” said Long Chen helplessly.

Hearing that, Yue Xiaoqian sighed with relief. The thing she had been worried about the most was Long Chen seeing his own death, or seeing his brothers and lovers die. That would become a nightmare for him.

“Mo Nian, what did you?” asked Long Chen.

“Liu Zongying,” said Mo Nian bitterly.

“Both of you are childhood sweethearts. Isn’t ending up together very good? Why be so sad?”

“The main thing is I’ll only have her in this lifetime. My dreams of having three concubines and four wives are over!” cried Mo Nian.

“Is such a matter worth crying over?” Long Chen shook his head.

“That’s easy for you to say! You have women to hold on your left and right! I, on the other hand, get beaten all day!”

“Don’t cry. This is a tomb, and you’re not a descendant of the person buried inside,” said Long Chen. “We’re at the end of the path. Where should we go?”

“How am I supposed to know? This isn’t the structure a tomb should have. It’s all messed up. Let’s just walk around randomly.” It seemed Mo Nian had not yet recovered from the impact.

“Alright, fate is something you hold in your own hands. Something like this is just a scam used to trick children,” said Long Chen. “Did you really fall for it?”

“Ah, that’s right. My Mo family needs to grow and spread its wings. For my Mo family’s future growth, I will definitely overcome my fate and marry even more women than you!” declared Mo Nian.

“It’s my first time hearing someone capable of making sex sound so pure.” Long Chen shook his head.

“The two of you should stop messing around. I can sense movement above us. Di Feng has probably returned, so we should hurry up,” said Yue Xiaoqian. “We shouldn’t view this place as a tomb. This place is clearly a garden. We should quickly look around and see if the senior left behind any inheritances. Furthermore, there are no mechanisms here, so the master of the tomb is clearly waiting for a destined person to enter. We should see which one of us is that destined person.”

Long Chen and Mo Nian became more serious. The three of them spread out, flying around. However, their surroundings were just mountains and lakes. Everything was thriving with life. They didn’t see anything special.

“There’s a building up ahead!”

Suddenly, they saw a tall mountain. Clouds revolved around the mountain. They could vaguely see a palace within the clouds.

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