Chapter 1880 Giant Tomb (Teaser)

“You mean we should arrange something special?” Mo Nian’s eyes lit up.

“What do you think?” Long Chen wriggled his eyebrows.

“The main thing is that I don’t have anything good,” said Mo Nian helplessly.

“What about this?” Long Chen took out the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. There were quite a few giant ants trapped within it.

“My god, Heaven Devouring Ants!”

“Hehe, do you think they’re enough?” 

“They’re definitely enough.” Mo Nian was delighted as if he was looking at a treasure.

“What are you two talking about?” Yue Xiaoqian looked at Long Chen and Mo Nian blankly.

Long Chen said, “If nothing unexpected happens to him, Di Feng will quickly return. We’re thinking of preparing a welcoming gift for him.”

Di Feng had been at a disadvantage before, pressed from both sides by Long Chen and Mo Nian. He had had no choice but to run. However, his injuries weren’t too bad. The majority of the impact had been absorbed by his armor. His spiritual yuan would also quickly recover with his manifestation.

Di Feng had entered this cave, but he hadn’t found...

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