Chapter 1880 Giant Tomb

“You mean we should arrange something special?” Mo Nian’s eyes lit up.

“What do you think?” Long Chen wriggled his eyebrows.

“The main thing is that I don’t have anything good,” said Mo Nian helplessly.

“What about this?” Long Chen took out the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. There were quite a few giant ants trapped within it.

“My god, Heaven Devouring Ants!”

“Hehe, do you think they’re enough?” 

“They’re definitely enough.” Mo Nian was delighted as if he was looking at a treasure.

“What are you two talking about?” Yue Xiaoqian looked at Long Chen and Mo Nian blankly.

Long Chen said, “If nothing unexpected happens to him, Di Feng will quickly return. We’re thinking of preparing a welcoming gift for him.”

Di Feng had been at a disadvantage before, pressed from both sides by Long Chen and Mo Nian. He had had no choice but to run. However, his injuries weren’t too bad. The majority of the impact had been absorbed by his armor. His spiritual yuan would also quickly recover with his manifestation.

Di Feng had entered this cave, but he hadn’t found the way deeper. He had been roaming the outside, which was how he had encountered Yue Xiaoqian.

He had wanted to capture her before continuing to research the cave. Before opening the cave, he was unwilling to leave.

Long Chen’s guess was that he would gather other experts. As long as he found another expert on his level, he would immediately rush back.

With Long Chen and Mo Nian both present, the scale of the battle would definitely be on a greater level if he returned. So Long Chen wanted to prepare something first.

“Any ideas on how to prepare it?” asked Mo Nian.

Long Chen shook his head. “I’m sure you’re better at traps. You’ve been doing archaeology for a long time, so you definitely know many mechanisms. You do it.”

“Alright then.” Mo Nian nodded and took out an elegant little trunk from his spatial ring. When he opened it, Long Chen saw countless unique tools. There were chisels, claws, axes, rulers, as well as runic seals, silk, etc.

“Are they all part of your profession?” asked Long Chen with surprise.

“But of course. As a pioneer of the archaeology world, the successor of the human race’s inheritance, how could I not have this little bit of ability?” said Mo Nian unashamedly. He took out a single strand of silk and pulled it over the ground.

“It’s actually the runic silkworm’s inscription silk?” exclaimed Yue Xiaoqian.

“You know it?” Now it was Mo Nian’s turn to be surprised. She even knew of such a thing from an isolated branch of knowledge.

Long Chen smiled. Yue Xiaoqian was extremely erudite. This had always been one of the points he had admired about her.

Seeing that Yue Xiaoqian merely smiled faintly, Mo Nian sensed that she didn’t like talking, so he continued with his work. He slowly arranged the silk.

This silk was very miraculous. When it met the ground, it actually merged into it. This silk was very precious. It needed to be branded with runes, and to brand runes to silk was a technique that had been lost with the years.

Mo Nian had found this kind of silk in ancient tombs. Fortunately, with the protection of the runes, these strands of silk hadn’t corroded, so he could reuse them.

In truth, Mo Nian had learned many things from his years of grave robbing. Many experts liked to leave some of their inheritances within their tombs. Some of those inheritances were brought into their coffins.

That was why some inheritances might be lost in the outside world but still exist within some ancient tombs. So Mo Nian did have some truth to his words when he said that he was continuing lost cultivation culture.

With Mo Nian at work, Long Chen pulled Yue Xiaoqian to the side and asked her about the original devil race.

Through her explanation, he learned that the original devil race was doing well. Their disciples were using the foreign Magical Beasts as whetstones for themselves. They were getting stronger day by day. Things were going even better than expected.

The only worrisome thing was that even now, they hadn’t managed to find any trace of Wilde. It was unknown where that child had run off to.

Yue Xiaoqian hadn’t been planning on entering the Yin Yang World originally, but these were the directions of the great prophet. Only now did Long Chen learn that the great prophet had passed on.

However, before leaving, she had told Yue Xiaoqian that she had to enter the Yin Yang World. As for why, she hadn’t said. The great prophet was already gone, so Yue Xiaoqian could only follow her instructions.

“Hey, have you made some mistake? I’m working myself so hard, but you are flirting with a girl? Long Chen, can you have some shame?” cursed Mo Nian once he was about done.

Yue Xiaoqian immediately blushed, while Long Chen indifferently shrugged. In just half an incense stick’s worth of time, Mo Nian was done.

There were no signs left on the ground. Even with Spiritual Strength, it was impossible to sense anything odd. It went without saying that Mo Nian was truly skilled at grave robbing.

The threads of silk had merged with the earth. When a strong enough expert stepped into this region, they would be triggered. Long Chen took out the Heaven Devouring Ants from the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. Knocking them out one by one, he handed them to Mo Nian.

Mo Nian took out a thumb-sized pot. That pot contained its own space, and he sent them inside. The Heaven Devouring Ants would be wrapped in runes when he moved them in, and they would rapidly shrink.

After arranging that, Mo Nian took out a stone tablet and placed it at the cave entrance. However, looking at it, he felt that it was lacking something.

“Long Chen, you should say a few words,” said Mo Nian.

“What words?”

“Whatever you think will anger Di Feng.”

Long Chen thought about it and wrote a quick line with his finger. A line of bold words appeared: Di Feng, does your face hurt?

“Hahaha…” Mo Nian laughed. These words definitely contained killing power. Di Feng would go crazy as soon as he read it.

Mo Nian left a formation disc on the ground. Once the formation disc was activated, this place would be covered by an illusion, concealing the cave entrance. From a distance, it would be impossible to see anything odd about this place.

This was because Mo Nian was worried about someone other than Di Feng arriving first and activating the mechanism. Only Di Feng’s group knew this exact location, so this illusion would only be unable to fool them.

After arranging all this, the three of them walked into the cave. They reached the end in just a few miles.

There was a giant stone wall at the end with ancient runes on it. Paths had already been forcibly created to the two sides of this stone wall.

“These idiots don’t know anything. This place isn’t the entrance. Even if they searched for a decade, they wouldn’t be able to get in. As for the wall’s formation runes, as long as they aren’t suicidal, they wouldn’t dare to attack it.” Mo Nian smiled. He suddenly took out a bizarre boat. The boat was ten meters long and had a drill at the front. “Come, get on.”

Mo Nian brought Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian aboard and then activated the boat. It began to dig straight down. The drill rapidly spun and pierced the ground.


Who would have thought that after a few years apart, Mo Nian would learn so much? Long Chen raised a thumbs up at him.

“Hehe, this is what I use to eat. I should tell you that I’ve explored tens of thousands of ancient tombs now, and I’ve been busy every day. I can do over ten on a good day, and it’s all thanks to this little fellow. This place is a giant tomb, and the entrance should be four hundred miles below here. This place is the life-facing gate. In ancient times, most large tombs were structured this way,” said Mo Nian confidently.

“I don’t think so. The runes on the wall are swallowtail runes, something that only appears at the end of the tombs. If that’s the case, this place isn’t the entrance but the exit. Most exits are located at the bottom of the tomb. A Yang tomb is different from a Yin tomb. Their entrances aren’t the same,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

“What? You can read those runes?” Mo Nian stared at Yue Xiaoqian with absolute shock. He had seen such runes many times, but he had never learned their names.

As they spoke, the boat pierced through the ground. They had already reached the location that Mo Nian had indicated. They were like rats digging into the ground. They used divine sense to probe their surroundings.

“It really isn’t an entrance. Curious.” Mo Nian felt himself blushing. He was actually mistaken.

“This isn’t the Martial Heaven Continent. The tombs aren’t the same. Perhaps the master of this tomb isn’t even human,” said Yue Xiaoqian to comfort him.

“That’s reasonable. Then let’s test things according to your theory,” said Mo Nian. He continued controlling the boat to dig.

Not long after, some explosions came from the rear of the flying boat, causing the earth to crumble. Long Chen smiled, knowing that Mo Nian was making it more difficult for anyone who followed them. The pressure of this giant tomb greatly limited their divine sense. If they tried to enter the tunnel Mo Nian had made, they would be forced to slow down. Every little bit could help stall them.

They continued descending for two hours, not even knowing how many miles they had gone. In any case, even Mo Nian’s boat was starting to find it taxing.

However, Mo Nian finally managed to see some familiar runes. He knew that they were approaching a way into the tomb.

Putting away the flying boat, Mo Nian touched the runes. After examining them and searching some more, he actually found a stone gate. He took out a talisman and placed it on the gate.

“What? Is this to ward off evil?” asked Long Chen.

“Tch, what evil? This place is the exit, so for us to enter from here requires going against the flow. Considering how old this tomb could be, who knows what’s inside? Who knows how much baleful qi has accumulated? Those things could harm our Yuan Spirits. I’m testing the concentration of baleful qi inside right now. Oh? There’s actually very little. How curious. Well, be careful. I’m going to open the gate.”

Mo Nian took out eight talismans and placed them in different locations. They made a strange picture on top of the stone gate.

“Open!” Mo Nian let out a quiet cry. The eight talismans lit up, and the gate’s runes also lit up. Light flowed out like a spiderweb.

The stone gate slowly opened.

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