Chapter 1879 A Battle Between Giants

BOOM! The two spears collided in the air, and then it was like the world exploded. Endless divine light exploded.

Long Chen and Di Feng both coughed up a mouthful of blood. Cracks covered their entire bodies as they were almost blown apart by that terrifying power.

“Again!” Long Chen roared, and thunderforce condensed behind him.

With his last attack, all the thunderforce he had summoned had been used up. Now he summoned forth more power from his lightning world.

A lightning spear rapidly condensed in his hand. Thunderforce surged out of the portal behind him.

“Wild Lightning Soul Battle Spear!”

Long Chen launched an attack once more, just as berserk as the last, an attack with the power to destroy the land. In fact, it was even stronger than his first attack.

Di Feng snorted. He also unleashed the same attack as before.

A powerful explosion shook the world again. This was a clash of brute power, between paragon arts. It was the simplest collision.

Yet again, the two of them were sent flying and coughed up blood.

“AGAIN!” Long Chen let out a crazy roar. A new lightning spear was born in his hand.

“What the fuck? What’s he doing?” Even Mo Nian jumped in shock as he crazily blocked the attacks of the other experts. Long Chen was being truly vicious right at the start.

Yue Xiaoqian’s sword was dancing in the air as she blocked a portion of the experts’ attacks. She kept an eye on Long Chen.

Long Chen looked like a furious battle god. The sight of him like that made her emotional. This viciousness toward Di Feng was because of her.

She couldn’t help being moved, especially since this person going crazy to protect her was also the person that she loved.


A third clash of paragon arts exploded. The world had been ruined beyond recognition. The ground was turned to rubble, and lava spurted out in various places.

Those experts that had come with Di Feng were pale with fright. Now they were seeing the terror of the Eastern Wasteland’s demon king.

Right off the bat, Long Chen unleashed his strongest attack over and over again. That kind of undefeatable will gave them chills.

“Again!” Long Chen extended a hand, and another lightning spear appeared in his hand.

Di Feng’s expression finally changed. After three intense clashes, he couldn’t hold on. He didn’t have Long Chen’s powerful physical body. Any more, and his body would be in danger of exploding.

Di Feng formed rapid hand seals and flew back. The figure in his manifestation clapped its hands together. Rays of immortal light shot out of it in an attempt to interrupt Long Chen’s paragon art.

Long Chen snorted, and seventy-two dragon teeth appeared in front of him. Those rays of immortal light exploded upon contact with them, unable to break through.

“Wild Lightning Soul Battle Spear!”

The lightning spear once more shot out. The immortal light crumbled in front of it.

Di Feng rapidly formed hand seals as he retreated, unleashing more divine light to form barriers in front of him.

The lightning blasted through his immortal light. Di Feng had summoned twenty-seven barriers, all of which were destroyed by the lightning spear. However, it was also starting to dim.

Finally, Di Feng stabbed his spear forward. After having most of its energy exhausted, the lightning spear was easily dealt with. A powerful paragon art was handled just like that.

“You’ve fallen for it. Die!” Suddenly, a grim voice rang out behind Di Feng. A wild lightning spear stabbed toward his back.

Di Feng was shocked. At some point, Long Chen had appeared behind him, so he hastily swept his spear toward Long Chen.

Divine power raged. He had actually activated the power of his divine item.

However, what Di Feng hadn’t expected was that this lightning spear was actually incredibly weak. It lacked any power. It was like he had smashed an egg with his spear. There was no resistance at all.

“Not good!” Di Feng’s expression completely changed. He sensed something behind him, but he had no time to look back.


A lightning spear silently pierced his back. It struck him directly, and the lightning spear’s power exploded like a volcano.

A powerful explosion rocked the sky, smashing Di Feng into the ground like a meteorite.

Di Feng coughed up three large mouthfuls of blood. His robes were wrecked, revealing a scale-like skin.

That wasn’t his skin but a tight-fitting armor. It looked like it was made of scales, but those scales were actually divine runes that interconnected.

At this critical moment, Di Feng had activated this armor’s divine power to block Long Chen’s attack. If it hadn’t been for it, he would have died.

Before Di Feng could even stand up, a giant arrow shot toward him.

Di Feng was startled and infuriated. He swung his spear in front of him, and his armor lit up. These two divine items were actually able to link together to form a great defensive shield.


The arrow struck a shield of divine light, and the world shuddered. Di Feng once more coughed up blood and tumbled back.

“Just wait!”

Di Feng suddenly took out a golden jade talisman and crushed it. He gave one final glare at Long Chen and Mo Nian.


Long Chen’s lightning spear and Mo Nian’s arrow both ended up missing. They struck the land, filling the sky with dust. Di Feng had used the jade talisman to flee.

“Kill Di Feng’s dogs!” Even with Di Feng having fled, Long Chen’s gaze was cold. The thunderforce behind him scattered. He sent the seventy-two dragon teeth to the appalled experts.


Those experts’ expressions completely changed. Even Di Feng had fled. How could they resist both Mo Nian and Long Chen?

Experts fled in every direction, while Long Chen’s dragon teeth cut them down. Mo Nian also shot his arrows. Each of them took an expert’s life.

Miserable screams rang out. Divine items filled the air, and Long Chen flew back and forth, gathering them.

Yue Xiaoqian was standing to the side, not doing anything. Long Chen had already told her not to participate.

In order to take the divine items, Long Chen was slower with his attacks. In the end, it was Mo Nian killing people and Long Chen gathering the divine items.

However, these people were very strong with powerful trump cards. Some of them were able to block one of the attacks of the dragon teeth, and some fled so quickly that they were gone in the blink of an eye.

Everyone who had fled was gone, while those who hadn’t fled would never be going anywhere. Only then did Long Chen slowly come to Yue Xiaoqian’s side.

“Sorry, I might have implicated you,” apologized Yue Xiaoqian. This time, she might have caused a huge calamity. Long Chen would be hunted down by the entire world.

“How did you implicate me? By the way, who are you? I wasn’t fighting just now because you’re beautiful, but as vengeance for my brother. I’m a particularly righteous man. For my brother, I would stab myself, and for a beauty, I would stab my brother. Beauty, do you want to try it? As long as you kiss me, I’ll demonstrate it right now.” Long Chen smiled.

“You bastard, we barely reunited and you do this to me? Shameless!” cursed Mo Nian.

Yue Xiaoqian was crying but smiling as well hearing his words. This was why Long Chen had shouted that he was getting revenge for Mo Nian at the start. He had arranged his way out from the beginning.

If someone said that he was colluding with the original devil race, he would refuse to admit it and say that it was for Mo Nian. He would say that he had no idea who she was. Although his enemies wouldn’t believe it, Long Chen was already familiar with this move.

“Let me introduce you. This is my best friend, Mo Nian. Just like me, he’s an evil fellow,” said Long Chen.

“Miss, don't listen to his nonsense. I’m actually a good person…” Mo Nian quibbled.

“Do you even believe yourself? Would a good person go grave digging every day?” snorted Long Chen.

“At least, it’s better than you tricking someone into drinking bull milk.”

“He drank it himself. It has nothing to do with me.”

“Alright, I won’t waste my time with you. We’re not far from the treasures. Let’s talk while we walk.” Mo Nian pointed in a direction.

The three of them set off, and Long Chen asked how Yue Xiaoqian had encountered Di Feng. The truth was that Yue Xiaoqian had also sensed that this place’s terrain was special. She felt it was likely a giant tomb with some terrifying existence buried within it.

That was why she had entered. Who would have thought that as soon as she entered, she would encounter Di Feng and the others who were at a loss. They had been wondering how to get in.

She had tried to slip away, but Di Feng had noticed her and wanted her to stay behind. As a result, she was forced to expose her divine mark to keep him at bay, exposing her identity. If Long Chen and Mo Nian hadn’t come, she would have been forced to kill herself.

This was also one reason why Long Chen was so infuriated… He knew that Yue Xiaoqian would rather die than let others learn the secrets of the original devil race from her body. That would bring a calamity to the original devil race.

“Hehe, we’ve arrived. Now, how do we get in?” They arrived at a giant, man-made cave in a mountain.

“Wait. I suddenly have a brazen idea.” Long Chen suddenly had an evil thought.

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