Chapter 1878 Decisive Clash with Di Feng

Di Feng was fighting intensely against Yue Xiaoqian, but he wasn’t using his full power. He had seen that Yue Xiaoqian’s status could not be low within the original devil race, so he wanted to capture her alive. He hoped to learn the whereabouts of the original devil race from her.

The original devil race was the enemy of the entire continent. If he could really obtain the location of their headquarters, he could gather a giant force to annihilate them.

He also knew that Long Chen had a definite relationship with the original devil race, but they had never managed to find any proof.

If he could capture Yue Xiaoqian alive, then it didn’t matter whether or not Long Chen admitted it. He had plenty of ‘proof’, or at least ways to make proof that Long Chen was the puppet of the original devil race, that he had betrayed the human race. Then Long Chen would also become the enemy of the whole continent, and even anyone related to Long Chen would be annihilated.

That was why he didn’t want to use his full power. He wanted to find a chance to capture her alive. For him to defeat her wasn’t very difficult. The current Yue Xiaoqian was in a strange condition and unable to disguise herself as an Empyrean. Since she was also unable to use Heavenly Dao energy, she was relying entirely on her divine mark.

However, this place was not the Skyscraping World. Although she wasn’t suppressed here, she wasn’t supported either. So she was at an immense disadvantage fighting here.

Despite that, her power was still extremely great. To capture her alive was something even Di Feng couldn’t do without an opportunity.

Suddenly, Di Feng’s expression changed. He swung his arm, and a spear emitting an ancient aura appeared, stabbing behind him.


Mo Nian’s arrow struck the spear, causing a huge explosion. The surrounding experts jumped in fright. They all turned to see who had attacked, but all they saw was a streak of lightning.

A saber pierced through the air, and it was like all the killing intent in the world had been condensed within it. Di Feng had no choice but to give up on Yue Xiaoqian. His spear faced Long Chen’s Evilmoon.


Long Chen’s spear contained the power he had been accumulating on his way rushing over. He crashed into Di Feng like a shooting star.

Before this, Mo Nian’s aura had only knocked Di Feng back. But Long Chen’s saber sent Di Feng flying into the distance.

The air Di Feng passed through rumbled. It was like space was unable to bear the impact, and Di Feng was unable to stabilize himself.

Long Chen was truly infuriated. He wouldn’t allow anyone to attack his women.

Long Chen was covered in dragon scales, his divine ring was spinning behind him, and five stars revolved in his eyes.

Di Feng was startled, having never encountered such explosive power. His manifestation appeared behind him as he attempted to stabilize himself.

However, space continued to rumble as if it was about to explode. He was unable to force Long Chen off.

“It’s you!” Di Feng finally recognized Long Chen.

“How dare you injure my brother? I’ll make sure to get justice for him!” shouted Long Chen, killing intent overflowing out of him.

Mo Nian was startled. Since when had this fellow been such an upholder of justice? No, he was definitely just using him.

When Mo Nian saw Yue Xiaoqian’s expression, he instantly realized that Long Chen was making an excuse for himself.

Suddenly, Long Chen sent out a kick at Di Feng’s abdomen. Di Feng snorted and also sent a kick to meet Long Chen’s attack.

Both their bodies shook. But just at this moment, a ray of light pierced through the air, instantly reaching Di Feng. Di Feng had no choice but to twist his body away, and the arrow narrowly flew by his cheek. However, Di Feng’s expression was still calm. He was already familiar with Mo Nian’s attacks.

After dodging Mo Nian’s attack, Di Feng’s spear lit up, about to unleash an attack to force Long Chen away. Now that Long Chen was at such a close range, he was unable to unleash the full abilities of his spear. 

However, just as he did this, a hand came from a strange angle and smacked him in the face.

Di Feng had managed to dodge Mo Nian’s arrow, but he wasn’t able to dodge Long Chen’s slap which was timed perfectly with the arrow. As a result, Long Chen sent him flying away.

The sound of this slap resounded through the air, shocking the surrounding experts.



“How… is that possible?”

Hundreds of experts stared in dumbfounded shock. Their jaws dropped. Even having personally witnessed it, they couldn’t quite believe it. The future leader of the ancient family alliance, a peak expert, had actually been slapped in the face.

“Heavens, isn’t that Long Chen! And that’s Mo Nian! Everyone, attack!”

Someone finally reacted. Weapons began to blaze with light as hundreds of experts prepared to activate their divine items to kill Long Chen and Mo Nian.

However, the majority of them went after Mo Nian. One reason was because they were confident that Di Feng could kill Long Chen on his own, while another was that they hated Mo Nian more.

The majority of the experts here were from the ancient family alliance. All of them had a deep enmity with Mo Nian.

“Long Chen, die!”

Di Feng suddenly roared. The sound waves alone were like a giant wave crashing through the world. He was fully infuriated.

His manifestation changed, and a crowned figure appeared within it. That figure’s hands were in a seal, and divine light flowed out the seal. When its palm separated, they actually opened a gate before it. Immortal light flowed out of the gate and into Di Feng’s body.

With the support of this immortal light, Di Feng seemed to become an immortal king. He looked both wise and powerful. However, his aura didn’t match with his sinister expression.

“Die!” Di Feng’s spear pierced through the air at Long Chen. Immortal light sealed heaven and earth.


Long Chen slashed Evilmoon at the spear while also dodging to the side. As a result, his saber-image instantly shattered. Although he managed to avoid the spear, the shockwaves blew him back. He almost coughed up blood.

“This is a paragon art!”

BOOM! Di Feng’s spear tore through the ground, splitting the mountain range. The power of his attack was appalling.

With Di Feng using a paragon art, Long Chen couldn’t tarry. His Yuan Spirit formed hand seals, and thunderforce gathered throughout the world.

Thunder rumbled and a berserk aura rose. Lightning filled the world, immersing Long Chen. Upon extending a hand, a lightning spear appeared in Long Chen’s grasp.


The two spears collided. Long Chen’s lightning spear actually exploded.

“This is just a quasi paragon art. You aren’t even connected to another world’s energy and are still suppressed by the laws of heaven and earth. You think that’s enough to resist a true paragon art? What a joke,” sneered Di Feng as he attacked again.

“Does your face not hurt?” sneered Long Chen, another lightning spear condensing in his hands. He once more threw it at Di Feng.

Yet again, his spear was shattered.

“Die!” Di Feng’s spear was merciless and pierced toward Long Chen. However, his expression quickly changed.

Long Chen was now forming hand seals himself. A lightning dragon had appeared around him, and it formed a swirling lightning portal.

As the portal was forced open, a torrent of terrifying lightning burst out of it, pouring into this world.

Long Chen’s lightning spear condensed once more. He smiled. When Long Chen connected to the Morning Dao Lightning Field, he felt a powerful surge of thunderforce pouring into his body. He had limitless energy.

His spear pierced forward, and the lightning domain behind him gave him immense power.

This time, an ear-ringing explosion occurred when the two spears collided, blinding people. Both of them were blown back by the immense power.

The instant those two spears collided, amongst the endless lightning, seventy-two dragon teeth silently pierced toward Di Feng.

Di Feng was startled. Long Chen’s attacks came one after another. He didn’t even know when those dragon teeth had appeared, as they were hidden in the lightning.

The huge figure within Di Feng’s manifestation suddenly formed a hand seal, and rays of immortal light shot out like flying swords.

As the dragon teeth collided with the flying swords, the void shook and exploded.

Immortal light filled the battlefield, making it so people were unable to see what was going on.

Di Feng suddenly let go of his spear. Floating in the air, he formed hand seals rapidly. The figure within his manifestation followed his movements exactly.

As Di Feng formed those seals, his spear seemed to awaken. It blazed with light, and the immense power caused space to twist.

The runes on the spear began to light up one by one according to some kind of sequence. When the final rune lit up, the spear grew in size, becoming a giant heavenly spear. 

“Void Breaking Overlord Spear!”

When the spear’s power reached a peak, the clash between the flying swords and dragon teeth was coming to an end. With a roar, Di Feng sent his giant spear piercing forward.

Just as the spear shot forward, on the other side, the endless lightning domain also vanished. All that lightning had been compressed into one spear.

“Wild Lightning Soul Battle Spear!”

Long Chen also let out a shout as the two of them unleashed their strongest attacks at the same time.

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