Chapter 1877 Taking Action

Long Chen and Mo Nian rushed off. Long Chen asked, “You fought with Di Feng. How strong is he?”

Long Chen didn’t know anything about Di Feng’s power. All he knew was that he was one of Di Long’s sons, Di Xin’s big brother. He was also the secret successor of the ancient family alliance. As they would be mortal enemies, learning a bit more about him would be good.

“He’s very powerful, almost frighteningly so. Having fought him three times, I know he was still hiding some powerful trump cards. Without absolute assurance in killing me, he refused to expose his trump cards. Furthermore, he is the secret weapon that Di Long cultivated. He’s someone created through all the resources of the ancient family alliance, and he has at least three top grade divine items. If you encounter him, you have to be careful. He’s also someone who schemes deeply, and he’s ruthless. He’s a very dangerous person,” said Mo Nian.

In their three battles, while it looked like they had used up everything, he knew that Di Feng had held back.

As for himself, because of having to divert power to fight Di Feng, the energy he had been using to suppress the corpse poison had weakened, causing it to flare up.

In the end, Di Feng hadn’t hunted him down personally because he had found a place of supreme treasures. Otherwise, he would very likely be a corpse.

Now that Mo Nian’s corpse poison was cured, he would no longer be distracted by it. However, there was no real way to determine which of them was stronger, and Mo Nian was not confident in beating Di Feng. He was truly powerful.

“You had three battles with him already? And then the fourth time you ran into each other, your corpse poison was flaring? It seems Heavenly Fate Island has also been scheming against you,” said Long Chen.

“What? Agh, now that you say that, I understand. I was always wondering how Di Feng and I managed to run into each other four times in a place as large as the Yin Yang World. So it was caused by those bastards from Heavenly Fate Island,” said Mo Nian hatefully.

“Are your grandpa and the others doing well?” asked Long Chen.

“They’re all well. They’re in a very hidden and safe place. No one can find them. That place is special and isolates them from the lines of fate. Even Heavenly Fate Island can’t find them,” said Mo Nian.

Long Chen nodded. It was good that they were safe.

“However, why didn’t Di Feng target you instead? You killed his little brother and slapped his father in the face. His enmity with you is greater than with me.” Mo Nian suddenly looked at Long Chen.

“Because your face is bigger.”

“Tch, it’s definitely because that bastard thinks I’m an easier target. The ancient family alliance is in chaos because of me, so he wants to kill me to put himself in a perfect position to succeed his father as their leader.”

“Tell me, why do you spend all day grave robbing?” asked Long Chen. He was curious. Was such a thing addicting? Satisfying?

“It’s archaeology,” corrected Mo Nian.

“Fine, even if it’s archaeology, why are you doing it?”

“I have no choice. You probably have heard that my Mo family was the leader of the ancient family alliance. However, the Di family relied on underhanded methods to get the other ancient families to betray us. They usurped us, and one of their main goals was our inherited divine item: the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow. In truth, after that battle for power, my Mo family was almost destroyed. Only some of the branches managed to escape, and they concealed their identities, hiding throughout the land. However, the great power of the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow that was unleashed in that battle threw the lines of fate into chaos, so no one could read where we went. Due to exhausting all of its power, the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow fell into a deep slumber. It was secretly buried in our ancestral lands, waiting for a descendant to awaken it.

“It was only upon obtaining the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow that I realized that when it unleashed its divine power back then, it not only screened us from the lines of fate, but also buried a portion of its power within the strongest experts present at the time. Those experts weren’t aware of it, but it wasn’t long before they all died one by one. Even in death, they didn’t realize that they were dying because of the divine seed that the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow had buried within them.

“Those people were the top experts of their time. When they died, they were buried in their families’ ancestral tombs. You should know that the large families always place their ancestral lands in the places with the best feng shui. That’s to condense more karmic luck for their descendants. 

“However, they didn’t know that their ancestors’ heroic spirits were consumed by the divine seeds, turning their ancestors’ corpses into fertilizer. Those divine seeds sucked away the karmic luck within those tombs to strengthen themselves. 

“In order to allow the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow to recover its strength, I need to slowly absorb those divine seeds. That’s why I have to go grave robbing- ah, no, perform archaeology. At first, I didn’t have much experience so I dug a lot of useless holes. Later, I learned more and worked hard. My technique improved, and the facts prove that as long as a person works hard, they can master anything. Now, my technique is practically perfect. Furthermore, I have great attainments and rich practical experience when it comes to the art of archaeology.”

“It seems we’ve gone off-topic. Let’s get back to it,” said Long Chen. This fellow’s eyes always lit up when he brought up grave robbing.

“Oh. Later I excavated the corpses of the people who had surrounded my Mo family back then. I used the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow to absorb the divine seeds, allowing it to gradually recover. That’s why I’ve been focused on researching the field of archaeology all these years. Through my work, I can recover the lost inheritances and history of the cultivation world,” said Mo Nian proudly.

“To turn robbing tombs into such an outstanding line of work, perhaps only you are capable of that,” said Long Chen.

“Hehe. I knew that you wouldn’t understand my archaeology. But I don’t blame you.” Mo Nian laughed, seemingly undaunted by Long Chen’s words.

Long Chen’s mouth curled, but inside, he was filled with shock. So the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow had sent its power throughout its enemies, and by having someone in the future excavate their tombs, it was possible to take revenge and obtain benefits. By scattering those seeds and reaping them when they were ripe, it was possible to get a huge return. That was a big move.

His predecessors had planted the trees, while Mo Nian was reaping the benefits. Was it a coincidence? Or had the Mo family’s ancestors really calculated that things would turn out this way? If it was the latter, then their scheming ability was terrifying.

If they had even managed to calculate the timing of the great era coming, then it would be even more terrifying. This kind of scheming was even more amazing than Heavenly Fate Island’s.

It looked like a coincidence, but if the Mo family had not meticulously arranged for all of this, it was impossible for there to be such a result.

If the Mo family had been suddenly struck by a sneak attack and rushed, how could they plan things so perfectly?

However, if they had known about the attack and prepared such a perfect back-up plan, why hadn’t they resolved the danger in the first place? Why allow the Mo family to be damaged to such an extent? It seemed somewhat contradictory.

It seemed that even Mo Nian didn’t know what his ancestors were thinking back then. Right now, his main goal was to continue robbing tombs to absorb those divine seeds, restoring the divine power of the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow.

“Long Chen, I should tell you that I noticed a treasured land of great feng shui. There are nine dragon veins in the surroundings. It is a supreme place where the karmic luck of nine dragon veins gathered to one place. Furthermore, a natural mountain passage leads into it, while its back is against a beautiful pool. It is clearly a blessed land, but actually, within this peaceful appearance lies a trace…”

“Stop talking about things I can’t understand. Even if it is a land of treasures, Di Feng entered before us. Any treasures would have been taken away by him. If we rush over, perhaps we can do something, but if you keep yapping, things will be over by the time we get there!” said Long Chen.

“Di Feng? Tch!” Mo Nian snorted disdainfully. “That fellow knows nothing of archaeology. Figuring out that place will definitely take him a few days. We should have time.”

The two of them flew quickly. Suddenly, they heard muffled sounds in the distance, and the ground shook slightly.

“What’s going on? Could Di Feng be trying to rely on brute force?” Mo Nian’s expression changed. They weren’t far from the place he wanted to go, so this shaking made him uneasy.

The two of them flew toward the sound, and they quickly saw explosions of divine light. There were experts fighting.

“Demon woman, let’s see where you run this time!”

“It’s Di Feng!” exclaimed Mo Nian.

Long Chen was also startled, and he quickly saw a mass of people surrounding a battlefield.

At the center of the battlefield was a large man wearing a golden crown on his head. He was fighting barehanded against a woman, actually receiving a divine item’s attacks without a weapon.

The woman didn’t have a manifestation, but there was a divine mark on her forehead, giving her endless energy. Each slash of her sword made a tearing sound, as if space was a cloth being torn apart.

However, even going all-out, that woman was suppressed by the barehanded man. That man clearly hadn’t used his full power yet.

“It’s someone from the original devil race?” wondered Mo Nian.

When Long Chen saw that woman, his heart pounded. That woman was Yue Xiaoqian, and she was currently facing Di Feng. Di Feng had actually forced her to the point of unleashing the mark of the original devil race, exposing her status.

“Attack together to kill Di Feng!” Long Chen had already shot off.

“Alright!” Mo Nian didn’t care too much. As soon as it came to killing Di Feng, he was energized. A five-colored arrow shot out of the Five Element Sun Hunting Bow.

The arrow had just left his bow when it almost instantly reached Di Feng many miles away.

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