Chapter 1876 Corpse Poison

The person being besieged from all sides by over a hundred experts was one Long Chen hadn’t seen in several years, Mo Nian.

Mo Nian had a bow in hand, and his manifestation was present behind him. Long Chen could see two figures within his manifestation. They were both standing there, their hands in a seal. Divine light flowed through them and into Mo Nian.

Mo Nian was covered in blood. It was unknown if it was his or someone else’s, but he looked to be in a bad spot. His aura was fluctuating intensely. It seemed as if he had been gravely injured.

What was shocking though was that even in this state, even against experts who were activating the power of their divine abilities, the five-colored bow in Mo Nian’s hand was able to resolve all the attacks he faced. Even in his heavily injured state, he wasn’t defeated.

“That bow…” Long Chen saw all the attacks actually rebound off the bow. With Mo Nian’s aura in a chaotic state, he was practically on his last legs. He was relying entirely on that bow in his hand.

“Mo Nian, you’ve committed too many sins. After grave robbing all day, your retribution has finally come!” sneered someone.

The majority of these experts were from the ancient family alliance, and the others were from the Righteous path, Corrupt path, ancient races, and Xuan Beasts. Clearly, they had formed an alliance. Long Chen’s guess was not wrong. Pill Valley was finally baring its fangs.

Even facing over a hundred experts, Mo Nian cursed back, “Fuck off, it’s not grave robbing. Did your masters die early? Have you not heard of a term called archaeology? I, Mo Nian, am searching through ancient remains for the legacy of the human race. I am enhancing the current cultivation world’s civilization. As a pioneer of the archaeology field, I will bring the world to an unprecedented future. What qualifications do you have to act like you’re better than me? I know the heavens, I know the earth, and I know the air in between. I am one who explores the limits of the world, not a group of blind ants like you!”

“What bullshit! To describe grave robbing so honorably, your face really is thick! Maybe no one else can compare when it comes to that!” roared someone else. That person was especially angry because his family’s tomb had been robbed by Mo Nian.

It wasn’t just him. Amongst the ancient families, most of them with a certain level of power or ancient inheritance had had their ancestral tombs robbed by Mo Nian.

“Hmph, when it comes to the thickness of one’s face, I’m a far cry from Long Chen. Are you blind?” cursed Mo Nian.

“What the fuck, even when I’m not there, I get shot by you. If you want to be shameless, fine, but don’t bring me into it.” Long Chen finally couldn’t endure it anymore and jumped in.

Seventy-two golden rays of light shot through the experts attacking Mo Nian. Long Chen could see that Mo Nian was heavily injured, and he was forced to conserve his power to suppress his injuries. If he continued to do that, he would be worn down slowly. Knowing Mo Nian, if he was forced to that extent, he might do something crazy.

The dragon teeth struck suddenly, catching the attackers off guard. By the time they reacted, the dragon teeth had reached them.

Divine items shattered as those who clashed with the dragon teeth were blown apart. The majority of these people only had quasi divine items, and they were unable to block the attack of the dragon teeth. They were instantly annihilated.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, you came at a good time. Help me annihilate these bastards!” Seeing Long Chen, Mo Nian was revitalized. Taking advantage of the chaos, five-colored divine light came from his bow.

Rays of light shot out, each striking their target.

After Long Chen’s attack, only thirty-five experts had survived relying on their half-step divine items. Those people were all elite Empyreans, but even so, Long Chen’s attack had cost them half their lives. They were still hacking up blood when Mo Nian’s arrows arrived.

The arrows pierced through their heads, and their accuracy was amazing. Thirty-five arrows flew by, and thirty-five experts were slain. Not one escaped. Even Long Chen was stunned. Mo Nian’s archery was practically god-like.

Long Chen waved his hand, grabbing the now masterless divine items. Before they could fight back, he tossed them in the primal chaos space.

Several explosions erupted within the primal chaos space. Some divine items resisted and were annihilated by the primal chaos bead. It was the smarter ones who immediately went still and didn’t dare to resist.

Long Chen moved quickly, but he was still a bit too slow. The majority of the intact divine items managed to flee. He only managed to grab seventeen swords. Five of them exploded, but twelve of them submitted.

Those twelve had comparatively more intelligent item-spirits, so their quality was a bit higher. Twelve divine items was quite the harvest.

“Hahaha, Mo Nian, it’s been a while since I saw your fat face.” Only then did Long Chen fly over to Mo Nian. He gave him a fierce embrace.

After parting in the Eastern Wasteland, it had been many years. He had been concerned about him and hadn’t expected to meet like this.

“Hahaha, your mouth is still the same. For you to have lived until today really is a miracle… pfft!” Mo Nian suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, making Long Chen jump.

“What happened? Are you injured?” Long Chen hastily took out a healing pill for him. He investigated Mo Nian’s body, and his expression suddenly changed. Mo Nian’s body was filled with death qi. It was like he was turning into a corpse.

Swallowing the pill, Mo Nian waved his hand. “It’s fine. I won’t die. It’s just an occupational disease of my archaeology.”

“This is clearly the invasion of corpse poison! You’ve been within tombs for too long, and the corpse poison has even invaded your soul. If this continues, you’ll lose your life.” Long Chen shook his head gravely.

“Fuck, isn’t it all because of that idiot Di Feng? Originally, this corpse poison was only irritable, and I couldn’t erase it, but it wasn’t able to cause me any harm. In fact, I could even give some of it to others when I wanted to. But that Di Feng kept attacking me. We have fought three battles since entering the Yin Yang World without deciding a winner, but each time, the corpse poison would flare up. The third flare was especially bad. But it’s fine, my body already has a certain resistance to the corpse poison, and as long as I have time, I can slowly erase it. This time, I was just unlucky. I found a good place but ended up encountering that Di Feng again. With the corpse poison still flaring, I had to run. He wanted the treasures from that place, so he sent some troops to irritate me. Hmph, it’s fortunate you came, or I really might have died,” said Mo Nian hatefully.

“You found a good place but were driven away by Di Feng?”

“Exactly! Let me tell you, based on my years of gravedig- cough, archaeology, I’m sure that place is an absolute treasure!” declared Mo Nian. “It’s just that I can’t suppress my corpse poison yet. Otherwise, if the two of us went, we’d annihilate them.”

“Your corpse poison, I have a way to get rid of it. You’ll have to endure some pain though.” Long Chen placed a hand on Mo Nian’s back.

“You… you can do that? This is no ordinary corpse poison. It’s a kind of defense left behind by some terrifying experts after they died. It contains their will from when they were alive…”

Thunderforce suddenly surged out of Long Chen’s hand and into Mo Nian’s body. Mo Nian’s hair stood on end, and his eyes almost popped out.

“How can your thunderforce be so domineering?!” exclaimed Mo Nian. He found that this thunderforce was erasing the will within the corpse poison. It was like snow melting in the sunlight.

“My thunderforce comes from tribulation lightning and is perfect for erasing your corpse poison. Endure it. It will definitely cause you some harm while expelling the corpse poison,” said Long Chen.

“It’s fine, come. This bit of pain is nothing to me. If I make a sound, it’ll count as my loss- AH!”

Mo Nian suddenly let out a cry as Long Chen’s thunderforce transformed into needles that stabbed his spiritual sea. That intense pain came out of nowhere.

“You lost.”

“Fuck, you’re still a conner!” raged Mo Nian.

“You’re the one who started bragging first. Doesn’t hitting your own face hurt?” laughed Long Chen. This was a reprisal for Mo Nian for saying his face was thicker.

Long Chen’s thunderforce worked quickly. The thunderforce itself was unable to erase the corpse poison, but it wiped away the will contained within it.

With the will within it gone, it was easy for Mo Nian to get rid of the corpse poison. Consuming two pills Long Chen refined for him, the corpse poison was quickly expelled. He then focused on healing his injuries.

“Hahaha, I, Mo Nian, am resurrected! Di Feng, just wait, I’m going to beat your ass! Let’s go!”

As soon as Mo Nian was recovered, he dragged Long Chen off in a certain direction.

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