Chapter 1873 Lord Brahma’s Wrath

Long Chen smiled sinisterly. Upon activating the Nirvana Scripture, the black flame lotus in his hand rapidly grew. Flame energy surged toward him from every direction.

“Bastard, if you dare to block me, you’ll also die!” roared Huo Lieyun, his expression changing upon seeing that black lotus. As a flame cultivator, he could sense its power. If it was during normal times, perhaps he wouldn’t be afraid. But now, if he was blocked, the ox-head devil behind him would catch up.

“I don’t believe that. I want to try.” Seeing Huo Lieyun rushing over, Long Chen didn’t have time for the flame lotus to grow to its peak. He threw it at him.

“You’re courting death!” Huo Lieyun furiously stabbed his spear at the flame lotus. He activated his divine item’s power.

Black and red flames exploded. The world shuddered.

Flames spread out in every direction. Just at that moment, seventy-two golden dragon teeth pierced through the flames at Huo Lieyun.

Huo Lieyun’s expression was extremely ugly. Seventy-two dragon teeth at the same time meant that he had no choice but to block them with his full power.

“Endless Flame Domain, Lord Brahma’s Wrath!”

The flame gate behind Huo Lieyun opened once more. A hand of flames reached out from within it, holding a giant sword.

That flaming sword had just appeared when Huo Lieyun turned as pale as paper. This was his trump card used only for dealing fatal blows. Using it required a heavy price.


The flame spear slashed into the dragon teeth. The flame sword exploded, while Long Chen’s dragon teeth were all sent flying.

“How powerful!” Long Chen was surprised. He had utilized seventy-two dragon teeth this time and had been thinking that they would be enough to kill him. However, Huo Lieyun had his trump cards as well.


However, Long Chen’s attack knocked Huo Lieyun back. Behind him was the ox-head devil, and one of its huge palms smashed toward him.

Despite doing his best to block, Huo Lieyun was sent smashing into the ground. It was unknown if he survived.

Just as Huo Lieyun was struck, three other giant palms came smashing toward Long Chen.

Long Chen had no time to observe Huo Lieyun’s condition and directly activated the Celestial Lightning Body Blink. The huge gate was behind him, and he charged in.


Just as he thought that he had escaped by entering the gate, the gate exploded, and he was sent flying by a powerful qi wave.

“Long Chen!”

Long Chen had just appeared when he heard Chu Yao’s startled cry. She, Liu Ruyan, and Ye Lingshan had been anxiously waiting for him.

With the destruction of the gate, the vines protecting the gate were blown apart. 

The sky was torn apart. A giant crack appeared, and those ox-head devils actually tore through the spatial gate that led to their own minor world.

“Get back!” shouted Long Chen.

“Long Chen, what are you planning on doing?!” shouted Ye Lingshan.

“Just get back. I have business to handle.” After saying that, Long Chen shot forward, slashing the ox-head devils with a lightning blade.

This lightning blade was easily blown apart by one of their palms, but this attack was just to draw their attention. They began charging at Long Chen.

Long Chen turned and fled, while those ox-head devils crazily chased him. In an instant, Long Chen arrived in the giant mountain range. Here, there were countless formations protecting them.


One of them stamped straight on one of the mountains, crushing it. When that ox-head devil touched it, the formations in the surroundings lit up. A pillar of light shot out of each of the small trees growing at the peak of the mountains, and they converged together to strike the ox-head devils.

Swords of light pierced through their bodies, and blood splashed. However, their bodies were giant, and these swords of light were unable to cause any fatal damage.

The ox-head devils roared furiously. They began smashing their fists on the ground.

Their terrifying power caused huge shockwaves that shook the grand formation intensely. 

Suddenly, those small trees exploded, and the formations rapidly dimmed.

“Quick, gather the plants. I’ll draw their attention!” shouted Long Chen.

Lightning flashed around him brightly, as he was worried that the ox-head devils wouldn’t notice him. He began rushing in one direction.

The ox-head devils roared and chased after him. They quickly caught up, but their giant bodies made them look like humongous gorillas trying to swat a fly.

Chaos reigned. Long Chen danced and weaved through their claws. It was incredibly dangerous. Being struck by one would turn him into a pancake.

Chu Yao, Liu Ruyan, and Ye Lingshan gathered the plants as quickly as they could. Liu Ruyan and Chu Yao in particular were gathering them mountain by mountain, and their efficiency was extremely great.

“Long Chen, we’re done! Run!” shouted Chu Yao.


Suddenly, a blood-colored spear pierced out of the air at Chu Yao’s back. At some point, Huo Lieyun had also arrived, and his first target was Chu Yao.

“Endless Falling Wood, Undying Wall!” The first one to react was Liu Ruyan. The ground erupted, and one giant wooden wall appeared after another.

Each wall was actually a strange tree. After taking the shape of a shield, countless roots pierced into the grounds. It was incredibly tough.

The tough wooden shields exploded one by one in front of Huo Lieyun’s divine item. In order to kill Chu Yao, Huo Lieyun was going all-out.

Nine wooden shields exploded in just an instant. In front of the spear, they appeared weak. However, once the nine wooden shields were destroyed, Chu Yao’s figure had vanished.

What replaced Chu Yao was a sword shining with brilliant divine light. It transformed into a starry ray of light that pierced toward Huo Lieyun.


Huo Lieyun’s spear met it head-on. After blowing through the nine wooden shields, less than half of its power remained. As a result, this clash caused Huo Lieyun’s body to shudder. He coughed up a mouthful of blood, flying back. He almost lost hold of his spear.

Sharp thorns shot out of the ground behind him as he flew back. The wooden thorns pierced his body.

Chu Yao had summoned them. Liu Ruyan had blocked the attack for her, and she had immediately moved and switched to a counterattack.

Those wooden thorns were just about to transform Huo Lieyun’s body into wood, turning him into a wooden block, when Huo Lieyun let out a shout. “Blood Flame Devours the Heavens!”

Huo Lieyun’s bloodline power erupted. His blood was like lava, incinerating Chu Yao’s wooden thorns.

Having failed his sneak attack, Huo Lieyun had almost died. Seeing Liu Ruyan summon a giant willow tree, he wisely flapped a pair of flame wings and fled into the mist surrounding this region. He vanished.

Chu Yao, Liu Ruyan, and Ye Lingshan were shaken inside. Huo Lieyun was truly terrifying. He was clearly already heavily injured but had still possessed such power. Even the three of them together had been unable to keep him from fleeing.

“Let’s get out while we can!” Just at this moment, Long Chen flew over. The four of them flew toward the mist together.

It was unknown if the ox-headed devil beasts were afraid of the mist or had finally reached some limit, but after circling a few times in front of the mist, they stopped. After letting out a few unwilling roars, they returned to their ruined world.

Inside the mist, the four of them exchanged a glance and laughed. That was the delight of escaping from death.

“Stimulating, definitely stimulating. It was almost stimulating to death,” laughed Long Chen. He collapsed on the ground, sitting on his butt.

“It was definitely stimulating… I almost lost my life. When I was trapped underground, I thought I was doomed. But those angry ox-head devils actually tore apart the earth, and that’s the only way I escaped.” Ye Lingshan sighed deeply.

“These ox-head devils are terrifying. Perhaps their power can compare to peak Netherpassage experts. To be able to escape is definitely fortunate. As for Huo Lieyun, he was powerful enough to withstand their attacks. No wonder he is so arrogant. He has the capital to be arrogant,” said Chu Yao. She took out a set of black robes for Long Chen to change into.

Long Chen’s black robes were broken at his arms and covered in blood and holes.

All of Long Chen’s robes were personally sown by Chu Yao. Even when she had been the princess of the empire, she had always been skilled in the feminine arts.

Long Chen put on the new robes, and Chu Yao also tidied up his hair. He felt much more refreshed.

Feeling Chu Yao’s soft movements, Long Chen smiled. “He was really powerful. That ox-headed devil actually didn’t kill him in one blow.”

Long Chen explained how he had blocked Huo Lieyun and how the latter had been struck head-on. The three of them couldn’t help finding it funny that a generation’s genius had almost been conned to death by Long Chen.

“No wonder he would target Chu Yao. It’s your fault,” said Liu Ruyan coldly.

“He didn’t want to kill just me, but all of us. I was just at the best angle for him,” said Chu Yao. Although there was some truth to that, she was protecting Long Chen.

“Let’s go. We should find somewhere safe to check our harvest.” The four of them left this place together.

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