Chapter 1872 Making Things More Stimulating (Teaser)

Ye Lingshan had just appeared when she let out a shout. Surrounded by runes, she actually charged through the sea of flames.

Long Chen was startled. Worried that she would be injured by Huo Lieyun’s flame domain, he grabbed her, enveloping her in his own flames to protect her.

“What’s going on?”

“Quick, there’s no time to explain! Run!”

Just at this moment, Huo Lieyun, whose flame energy had reached a peak, threw a giant blazing flame spear at the two of them.

However, at the same time, a furious roar came from beneath the ground. A giant figure larger than a mountain charged out.

“What the fuck?!” Long Chen’s hair instantly stood on end. It was a giant ox-headed devil. Black qi swirled around its body as if it was a fiend from hell. Its aura gave him a bone-chilling feeling.

He had no idea what Ye Lingshan had done to provoke such a beast. It was clearly after her.

Long Chen hastily formed hand seals. His Yuan Spirit lit up,...

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