Chapter 1871 Monsters Beneath the Ground

Blinding golden light erupted. Eighteen dragon teeth had appeared out of nowhere, shooting toward the Bloodkill Hall’s divine emissary.

It happened abruptly. Just as Long Chen looked to be in desperate straits, he suddenly unleashed such a killing blow.

The assassin’s expression completely changed. He realized that Long Chen had been feigning being at a disadvantage.

Long Chen’s goal was him. For an assassin, using fifty percent of their power was a kind of limit. Any more and it would affect their ability to flee.

However, to cooperate with Huo Lieyun and make sure that Long Chen had no chance to escape, he had actually launched a blow with eighty percent of his power. Now that Long Chen had launched such a vicious killing blow, he was caught with no way to run.

A bad feeling rose in his heart, but he had no time to think about this. His manifestation shook, and the divine marks on his sword lit up. He not only activated the power of his divine item, but he also used up all his spiritual yuan to face these eighteen dragon teeth. He had no other choice.

“Bloodkill X-Slash!” The assassin’s sword swung, one time vertically and one time horizontally. Its divine light filled the air.


The eighteen dragon teeth smashed straight into the giant cross in the air. Eighteen explosive sounds rang out, but they were so crowded that it sounded like one.

An explosive sound also came from behind Long Chen. Huo Lieyun’s spear struck the Heaven Flipping Seal, causing it to quiver and dim rapidly. Huo Lieyun’s attack actually exhausted all its energy.

However, it had succeeded in its mission. It had blocked Huo Lieyun’s attack without Long Chen having to worry about it.

It had to be known that the Heaven Flipping Seal’s item-spirit was different from other divine items. It was new and independent. It could attack freely.

The Heaven Flipping Seal had blocked Huo Lieyun, while the golden dragon teeth were once more flying at the assassin.

What shocked the assassin was that the seemingly overbearing dragon teeth weren’t actually as strong as he had expected.

“Watch out!” People began to roar in the distance.

At some point, another eighteen dragon teeth had appeared behind the assassin, shooting toward him.

The shouting had no use. The assassin had just sensed something was wrong, but he had no time to react. Those eighteen dragon teeth blew him to pieces along with his Yuan Spirit.

“I finally got one.” Long Chen took a deep breath. He had finally eliminated a slippery assassin. Assassins were the worst targets to try to kill, and failing would make it even more difficult next time. Assassins wouldn’t fall for the same trick twice.

The death of the Bloodkill Hall’s divine emissary shocked everyone. It happened just as Long Chen was supposed to lose his life.

Long Chen extended a hand, grabbing the Heaven Flipping Seal. He had to allow the assassin’s sword to fly away as he had no time to block it. He coldly looked at the gloomy Huo Lieyun.

Huo Lieyun was like a roaring volcano, with flames surging around him. Pointing his spear at Long Chen, he sneered, “Is sinister scheming your strongest point?”

Long Chen had been arranging this from the start. His goal from the beginning had been the assassin.

There were two conditions to kill him. One was to bait him into a position where he lost the ability to run, and the other was to have him block Long Chen from fleeing, thus drawing him into close range.

All this had been arranged by Long Chen to win him a chance to slay a slippery and difficult target.

“No, when it comes to sinister scheming, who can compare to your Pill Valley? The entire continent is within your scheming. I am nothing in comparison,” said Long Chen. “That assassin must be quite sad. He didn’t even get a chance to show off his true abilities before dying. Are you going to follow in his footsteps?”

The truth was that neither Huo Lieyun nor the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin had used their true trump cards.

No one was willing to expose their trump cards in front of so many people. Thus, the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin was definitely sullen in death.

Last time, Long Chen’s scheme had failed against Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi. After that, he had decided not to rely on schemes anymore, but it was like the heavens were forcing him into a position where he had to scheme. Killing an assassin was not so easy. Fortunately, he had succeeded this time.

“Come. The real fight can start now. If I can cut down another idiot from Pill Valley, I’ll have a drink to celebrate.” Long Chen rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. Thirty-six dragon teeth swirled around him.

“Ignorant arrogance. You are just a lowly piece of trash. Do you think you can compare to me?” Although the assassin had been slain, Huo Lieyun was not the slightest bit uneasy. It seemed he didn’t care at all. As he spoke, a divine rune appeared on his forehead.

When that divine rune appeared, the head of a statue appeared on his manifestation, and the divine mark was present there as well.

The divine rune on the statue’s head was set ablaze. The fire grew stronger and stronger, and a powerful pressure descended.

“Long Chen, a beggar like you can’t make up for your deficit even if you were given a thousand years. Even if a beggar sees a piece of gold, they will never gain any nobility.” Huo Lieyun’s aura changed. It gained a kind of sacred and divine presence to it.

The flames surrounding him grew stronger. Long Chen knew that this pressure didn’t belong to Huo Lieyun but his ancestors. That manifestation behind him was very likely an inherited art in his family.

This was a foundation. Long Chen truly didn’t possess such a foundation. After all, Huo Lieyun’s inheritance stretched back an unknown number of millennia, while Long Chen had nothing.

“What about this is noble? Relying on the leftovers of your ancestors makes you a noble? To put it nicely, you inherited your ancestors’ legacy, but putting it another way, you’re dependent on your ancestors, bothering them day and night. The amount of wealth you can make in your lifetime is probably less than a thousandth of what you’ve squandered. Ignoring everything else, at least a beggar has to actually go begging to live. As for you? What have you done for your household? All you’ve done is hide at home for years, turning their wealth into human excrement.”

A vein throbbed on Huo Lieyun’s head. Long Chen’s words were like arrows piercing his heart. He had no way to retort, as he had been hidden by the Flame Divine Palace all these years, cultivating within his family.

It was just as Long Chen said; Huo Lieyun had used an endless stream of resources. It was only through this enormous amount of resources that an expert like him had been born.

“Nonsense, I am the number one genius of the Flame Divine Palace and its heir. I am Pill Valley’s choice, and what I’ve created is a legend, an achievement that will shake the world!” shouted Huo Lieyun. The flames around him continued to grow stronger.

“You should stop trying to brag. If you want to even survive to leave the Yin Yang World, you need to rely on your ancestors’ protection. I won’t be giving you a chance to create a legend,” said Long Chen.

Suddenly, the statue in Huo Liehuo’s manifestation shook. The blazing rune on his forehead spread to cover his entire body, and all the flames grew explosively. The statue suddenly vanished, replaced by a gate.

The gate slowly opened. Inside was a sea of flames.

A pillar of fire soared out of Huo Liehuo’s body. The surrounding space became a flame domain. The Heavenly Daos roared as they were squeezed out of this area. This became a world of flames, and in this world, Huo Lieyun was king.

“A paragon art! It’s a flame paragon art!”

Startled cries rang out. Only a paragon art could cause such a terrifying phenomenon.

“With a paragon art, who could fight him? Long Chen’s definitely dead.”

“This world of flames is Huo Lieyun’s. How is Long Chen supposed to face him? There’s also that unending stream of flame energy coming from the gate behind him. Huo Lieyun’s energy is limitless.”

This place had become an isolated world, the domain of a paragon art, a world controlled by the user.

“Long Chen, show me just what you’ll use to fight me. Having a powerful foundation is also a kind of power. A piece of trash like you without any background shouldn’t exist in this world,” shouted Huo Lieyun, his seas of flame erupting.

Long Chen was about to say a few things back when the ground shook, and a long ditch split the earth in two. It was like the earth was being torn asunder.

Suddenly, a slim figure flew out of the earth. It was just a few miles from Long Chen. When he saw that figure, Long Chen was dumbfounded. It was Ye Lingshan.

Ye Lingshan’s current appearance was wretched. She was pale with terror. Upon seeing Long Chen, she shouted, “Run! Monsters are about to come out of the underground!”

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