Chapter 1870 Power of the Dragon Teeth

The divine ring behind Long Chen shook, and five stars revolved in his eyes.

At this moment, black flames continuously spurted out of Evilmoon, and a vague dragon cry could be heard. Huo Long was also unleashing all of its power.


Their weapons once more clashed. Both of them were blown back, and each of them took nine steps to pull apart some distance.

When Long Chen reached his ninth step, before even stabilizing, he suddenly slashed Evilmoon behind him. Flames exploded out of Evilmoon, sending the Bloodkill Hall’s divine emissary flying.

“Scram, you shameful thing.” Long Chen snorted. Then, the assassin really did scram. He vanished in midair.

The surrounding experts were surprised that Long Chen was able to handle the assassin’s sneak attack. He was one of their three divine emissaries, and his attack was perfectly timed, but Long Chen seemed to have expected it.

Just this one swing of his saber made people feel a chill. His fame was not for nothing.


Long Chen had just forced back the assassin when Huo Lieyun attacked with his spear. This time, his Yuan Spirit was summoned.

His Yuan Spirit was forming hand seals, and sacred chanting filled the air.

“The Nirvana Scripture? I know it too.”

Long Chen also summoned his Yuan Spirit and activated the Nirvana Scripture.

With the two of them activating the scripture at once, it was as if countless invisible gods were present throughout this world, all chanting in unison. The world shuddered as endless flame energy surged toward the two of them.

It was like oil had been thrown onto their flame energy. The entire world almost ignited.

“Heavens, what terrifying flame energy!” Startle cries rang out as the land began to melt and the sky started to twist.

“How can Long Chen know the Nirvana Scripture as well?”

Shocked cries rang out when the experts saw Long Chen use an identical move. Moreover, the majority of the flame energy was flowing toward Long Chen’s side.

“Apparently, Long Chen once went undercover in Pill Valley under the guise of Long San. He not only caused a ruckus, but he also captured the heart of the Pill Fairy. Rumor is that the Pill Fairy taught him the Nirvana Scripture personally.”

In truth, his Nirvana Scripture was something he had obtained from the Heaven Dragon Flame Region. However, once his identity as Long San was exposed, people’s imaginations were unlimited. There were rumors that it was taught to him by the Pill Fairy.

“He’s so lucky. Are all those women blind? How did they fall for him? I don’t see anything attractive about him,” cursed an expert from the ancient family alliance.

“If your face wasn’t so pockmarked and you could fix your cross eyes, perhaps you’d be able to compete with Long Chen,” sneered someone from the Corrupt path.

Hearing someone so ugly actually say something like this, even the Corrupt path’s people weren’t able to endure it.

“Bastard, are you looking for trouble?!” raged the pockmarked man.

In truth, his pockmarks weren’t pockmarks. They were an innate kind of Heavenly Dao rune and a mark of his inherited bloodline.

As for his crossed eyes, they were a special divine ability that could overlap two images in the space before him. When fighting, it could throw his enemies off, and it was a huge advantage.

However, this person from the Corrupt path actually mocked him using the two things that he was most proud of.

The others all retreated a step. This place had gathered people from all the large powers.

The Righteous path and the Corrupt path were here. However, the ones from the Righteous path were all experts that had betrayed the Martial Heaven Alliance. Anyone who stayed loyal to the Martial Heaven Alliance here had fled or been killed. 

This was also why when Long Chen had entered this place, he had seen all the people from the Righteous path staring at him with wariness and even hostility.

Just as the two of them began an intense fight in the sky, a third figure appeared within the flames.

At some point, the assassin had failed a sneak attack and even been injured. Hence, he had chosen to give up on sneak attacking and was fighting openly.

What he didn’t know was that before this, Long Chen had scattered medicinal powder in the air that was invisible, odorless, and posed no harmful effects. However, it could sink into a person’s skin without them noticing it.

Relying on his mental connection to the medicinal powder, he was able to accurately pinpoint the assassin’s location and give him a serious injury.

The assassin had then sensed that something was wrong and switched to a frontal assault.

His manifestation appeared, and there was a strange image within it. It looked like the eyes of a fiend. Each time he swung his sword, strange runes would light up in those eyes, and identical runes would flash on his sword.

Each swing of his light sword was actually able to block Evilmoon. That was clearly a kind of secret art, or there was no way he would be able to block Long Chen’s explosive power.

“I want him alive!” shouted Huo Lieyun, clearly to the assassin.

As for the assassin, he didn’t reply. He didn’t agree or refuse. It was unknown what his intentions were.


Long Chen forced away Huo Lieyun’s spear with a swing of Evilmoon, at the same time dodging the assassin’s sword. He sneered, “Are you planning on exhausting me to capture me alive? Your imagination really is powerful. Since that’s the case, show me just what trump cards you have to be so arrogant.”

Long Chen’s divine ring began to spin rapidly. His 108,000 stars instantly burst forth with power.

A giant golden dragon tooth suddenly pierced toward Huo Lieyun with a blazing light.

The roar of a dragon could vaguely be heard. The tooth was like an arrow, instantly arriving in front of Huo Lieyun. He was startled, as before this, the power of the dragon tooth hadn’t been so great. He hastily blocked.

His flame spear exploded, and a burst of dragon might also erupted. However, once the flames blew by, it revealed another spear within his flame spear.

His flame spear wasn’t actually a spirit weapon but a true divine item. It was just that it had been covered with flames.

When the dragon tooth struck the spear’s true body, a metallic ringing rang out. The sound of metal clashing against metal caused people to wince. Huo Lieyun was knocked into the distance. His expression changed slightly, as he hadn’t expected the dragon tooth to possess such power.

Just as Long Chen forced back Huo Lieyun, he swung Evilmoon with an angry roar. All his power burst forth. “Split the Heavens 6!”

“Killing God Void Breaking Slash!” The assassin snorted, and divine light erupted from his sword. 

Long Chen’s saber-image actually shattered upon contact with that sword-light. His arms trembled, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Fuck, it’s the power of a divine item,” cursed Long Chen inside. The assassin had activated the power of his divine item, which was why Long Chen was at a disadvantage. Evilmoon was still in slumber and couldn’t help him in the same way. He wouldn’t be able to get any advantage fighting like this.

Seeing Long Chen cough up blood, all the experts watching smiled. In their eyes, Long Chen would find it difficult to flee. Everyone had spread out and surrounded the battlefield, not giving him any chance to run.

“Long Chen, there’s nowhere for you to go! Your divine item is just a decoration!” Huo Lieyun laughed. Knocking aside the dragon tooth, his spear came stabbing toward Long Chen.

This time, blood-colored runes on Huo Lieyun’s spear lit up, and divine might raged. Clearly, he had also seen the problem with Evilmoon and knew that he could take advantage of it.

Normally, these experts wouldn’t be willing to activate their divine items unless they had no choice. That was because they weren’t Netherpassage experts.

Activating their divine items not only required a huge amount of spiritual yuan, but it also exhausted the divine item’s core energy. If this core energy was not replenished in a timely fashion, it would gravely affect the divine item’s power.

However, Huo Lieyun’s vision was sharp, and he immediately saw through the problem with Evilmoon, so he directly activated the power of his divine item.

With an explosive sound, Long Chen was sent flying again, coughing up more blood. He was unable to activate the divine power of his weapon.

As he flew back, Long Chen hastily sent the dragon tooth to block Huo Lieyun, but Huo Lieyun knocked it away with his spear. He attacked Long Chen once again.

Worst of all, behind Long Chen was the assassin, his sword unleashing divine light. He was facing enemies from the front and behind.

“Fuck, I’ll go all-out!” Long Chen suddenly let out a shout. Ignoring Huo Lieyun’s spear, he actually slashed his saber directly at the assassin, seeming to want to die together with him.

The assassin smiled derisively. The light of his sword shifted, and he actually switched to defense. He naturally wouldn’t sacrifice his life. As long as he blocked Long Chen, Huo Lieyun’s attack would take Long Chen’s life.

Just as everyone was smiling at how Long Chen was about to die, Long Chen also smiled.

“Starting today, the three divine emissaries will become two.”

A cyan brick appeared behind Long Chen, rapidly expanding. At the same time, golden light filled the sky. Eighteen dragon teeth appeared at once.

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