Chapter 1870 Power of the Dragon Teeth (Teaser)

The divine ring behind Long Chen shook, and five stars revolved in his eyes.

At this moment, black flames continuously spurted out of Evilmoon, and a vague dragon cry could be heard. Huo Long was also unleashing all of its power.


Their weapons once more clashed. Both of them were blown back, and each of them took nine steps to pull apart some distance.

When Long Chen reached his ninth step, before even stabilizing, he suddenly slashed Evilmoon behind him. Flames exploded out of Evilmoon, sending the Bloodkill Hall’s divine emissary flying.

“Scram, you shameful thing.” Long Chen snorted. Then, the assassin really did scram. He vanished in midair.

The surrounding experts were surprised that Long Chen was able to handle the assassin’s sneak attack. He was one of their three divine emissaries, and his attack was perfectly timed, but Long Chen seemed to have expected it.

Just this one swing of his saber made people feel a chill....

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