Chapter 1869 A Great Battle Begins

The raging flame spear pierced toward Long Chen. Its terrifying heat roasted the air and caused space to twist. Even the Phantom Blood Locusts were blown apart.

Huo Lieyun was surrounded by flames. His manifestation was active behind him, and within it was a person sitting cross-legged. That figure was like a god, and its divine might shook the sky.


Black flames surged out of Evilmoon, and Long Chen slashed the flame spear. It was like a sun had exploded, and the surrounding Phantom Blood Locusts were incinerated.

The instant Long Chen faced Huo Lieyun’s spear, the Bloodkill Hall’s Man Killer vanished. His aura was completely gone.

Long Chen’s expression was slightly grave. Enemies he could face openly weren’t frightening. However, to have an assassin lying in wait as he fought all-out against someone else was definitely dangerous. That had the possibility of killing him.

“Good. The Black Illusion Dragon Flame will be changing masters today.”

Huo Lieyun pointed his flame spear at Long Chen. His eyes were shining greedily. After all, Long Chen’s Black Illusion Dragon Flame was something any flame cultivator would long for.

“If you have the ability, then come and take it,” said Long Chen indifferently. He might be a terrifying expert, but Long Chen wasn’t afraid of him.

From the previous exchange, Long Chen had confirmed that Huo Lieyun was an expert on the same level as Xie Luo and the others.

He hadn’t expected Pill Valley to be hiding such a terrifying expert. It seemed that he had underestimated them.

However, even facing Huo Lieyun and the Bloodkill Hall’s divine emissary together, all he felt was soaring battle intent. His soul began to heat up, and the warlike blood flowing through his bones was activating.

“Having such a nice place as your burial grounds is your luck,” shouted Huo Lieyun.

“My bones aren’t so easy to bury. Of course, if you have the ability, you can try. Speaking of which, I have a question. Has the Pill Fairy come?” probed Long Chen.

“Shut up. The Pill Fairy isn’t someone an idiot like you can touch.”

As soon as Long Chen mentioned the Pill Fairy, Huo Lieyun seemed to become an angry lion. With a furious roar, his flame spear pierced toward Long Chen.

“She’s also not someone an idiot like you can touch.” Long Chen instantly understood. Black flames erupted out of Evilmoon, transforming it into a giant black flame blade.


When Evilmoon and the flame spear collided, the earth crumbled beneath them. Black and red flames surged out in every direction.

This place instantly became a sea of flames that incinerated the Phantom Blood Locusts. Long Chen’s flame was ranked second on the Earth Flame Rankings, and its power was enough to burn the sky and vaporize seas.

As for Huo Lieyun’s blood-colored flame, it was a kind of core flame. One of Huo Lieyun’s ancestors had been the trusted general of a god, and this core flame was that god’s blessing.

It contained a trace of divine power. This kind of core flame could continuously refine other flames, merging them all into his bloodline.

It was a bit similar to how Huo Long continuously absorbed other Earth Flames. Therefore, Huo Lieyun was a secret weapon that Pill Valley had been nurturing, and he possessed a natural advantage from birth.

All kinds of Earth Flames had been given to him, whatever he wanted. His core flame contained the Earth Flames of every flame cultivator on the Martial Heaven Continent.

However, even though Pill Valley had done their best to create such a genius, some things just couldn’t be bought with money.

The Black Illusion Dragon Flame and the Heaven Incinerating Flame in Long Chen’s hands were things that Huo Lieyun did not possess. If his core flame could absorb the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, his combat power would instantly leap to a higher level.

That was another one of Huo Lieyun’s goals in coming into the Yin Yang World. He wanted Long Chen’s life, as well as his Earth Flame.

Huo Lieyun repeatedly struck with his spear, and Evilmoon shuddered as it blocked. Black and red flames continued to clash, spreading spheres of flames around.

“Bastard, you’re just trash not worth mentioning. All you relied on was luck. Do you think you’re qualified to be the toad lusting after the swan?” roared Huo Lieyun, his expression twisted with rage.

Huo Lieyun was the descendant of one of the Flame Divine Palace’s Grand Elders, and he would be the future commander of the Flame Divine Palace. It could be said that the Flame Divine Palace was Pill Valley’s secret army.

Although many of Pill Valley’s alchemy Elders looked down on the Flame Divine Palace since they couldn’t refine pills, even those Elders know that the connection between Pill Valley and the Flame Divine Palace was not so simple.

In the Flame Divine Palace’s view, their number one expert, Huo Lieyun, was a natural match for the genius Pill Fairy.

One had unrivaled alchemy arts, and the other had dominating combat power. In truth, even those living fossils of the Flame Divine Palace and Pill Valley hoped to see the two of them end up together.

When Pill Valley arranged to bring out their secret weapon, Huo Lieyun, they had arranged for the two of them to meet. It could be considered playing matchmaker. Regretfully, the Pill Fairy remained indifferent to Huo Lieyun the entire time. Finally, Huo Lieyun couldn’t help expressing his adoration of her.

Then, he was directly refused by the Pill Fairy. She was known in Pill Valley to be a kind person who never spoke so bluntly.

However, Huo Lieyun was the first one to face her cold disdain. She directly told him never to bother her again.

Back then, Huo Lieyun was startled and angry, as well as too embarrassed to show himself. He was a supreme expert and felt that he was the only one worthy of her. So he asked her why she had refused him. How was he lacking?

Her response was simple. She said that there was only one person worthy of her, and no one else was qualified to stand alongside her.

When she said this, Huo Lieyun immediately walked away in a fury. He knew that the Pill Fairy was talking about Long Chen.

That was because the Pill Fairy had encountered Long Chen in the Skywood Divine Palace and recognized him to be Long San who had caused a huge mess in Pill Valley.

Back then, Long San was rumored to have received the Pill Fairy’s affection. After that, the news that Long San was actually Long Chen caused huge waves.

During the Jade Lake Pageant, Long Chen had even given the Pill Fairy a flower, telling her a beautiful and poignant love story. It was said that the Pill Fairy had cried tears of emotion at that time. Perhaps she had completely fallen in love with him.

These rumors weren’t just being discussed in the outside world, but it was stealthily discussed within Pill Valley as well. As a result, the Elders harshly berated those gossipers, and some of them were even expelled from Pill Valley. Only then did that gossip come to an end.

All of this was originally just gossip that Huo Lieyun had heard, but when the Pill Fairy personally confirmed the rumors, his fury soared.

At that time, Huo Lieyun burst into curses, saying that Long Chen was garbage, a coward, and a piece of trash that he could kill with a single hand.

As for the Pill Fairy, she merely smiled indifferently without saying anything. That silent disdain added oil to the fire, and Huo Lieyun was so angry that he had attacked the Pill Fairy.

It was said that the battle had just started before it was stopped by the valley master. After scolding the two of them, the matter had come to an end.

However, Huo Lieyun never forgot about it, and now the person he hated the most was before him. Originally, Huo Lieyun had been able to maintain the image of an expert, but as soon as Long Chen brought up the Pill Fairy, he was like an erupting volcano. It was like Long Chen had slain his father. 

He wanted to kill Long Chen, but he also felt like that alone wouldn’t resolve his hatred. He had an urge to tear Long Chen apart, bit by bit. The matter of Pill Fairy had been the first and greatest blow in his life, and he was unable to accept it.

Their spear and saber repeatedly clashed, unleashing waves of flames. The Phantom Blood Locusts now no longer dared to get close, and they flew into the distance.

The Empyreans were delighted to see this. They had been surrounded and unable to break through the layers of Phantom Blood Locusts.

Now, they were standing on the edge of the battlefield where the flames were intense. The Phantom Blood Locusts didn’t dare to get close, while they were able to resist. That was much safer than braving the millions of Phantom Blood Locusts themselves. 

It had only been a short incense stick’s worth of time since the Phantom Blood Locusts had appeared, but over thirty of them had died. Their corpses were gone, and their Yuan Spirits were extinguished.

Fortunately, a small portion of them had managed to flee in time before the Phantom Blood Locusts completed their encirclement.

However, the majority had not been able to escape. They were stuck standing on the edge of the battlefield, watching Long Chen’s fight while staying on guard against the Phantom Blood Locusts.

“People have been saying that Pill Valley’s been hiding their true power. It seems the rumors are true. This Huo Lieyun was completely unknown before this, but he’s so powerful.”

“Exactly, the power of Pill Valley isn’t something outsiders can see. Pill Valley has always been the main supplier of the Martial Heaven Continent’s medicinal pills, and their wealth is terrifying. After so many years, just how much money have they accumulated? Can the Xuantian Dao Sect or the Martial Heaven Alliance even compare to them?”

“Hehe, now I’ll get to see how Long Chen dies. There’s also that divine emissary of the Bloodkill Hall hiding around here. I wonder whether Long Chen will die to Huo Lieyun or that assassin.


Just at this moment, a huge explosive sound rang out. The two of their weapons emitted blazing divine light.

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