Chapter 1866 No Need to Bow

Long Chen looked at the chain in front of him. He had no idea what material it was made of, but it looked extremely tough.

Each chain was thicker than a house. To break such a chain was not easy.

“This chain’s strength probably exceeded average divine items. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to break it.” Long Chen was solemn. The aura of these chains was too powerful.

If he wanted to break it, he would probably need to use the seventh form of Split the Heavens. However, if he used the seventh form of Split the Heavens here, how would he face the experts outside? How would he face the other dangers here?

The elder seemed to see through Long Chen’s misgivings. “You are the gamebreaker. You definitely have the power to do things that others cannot, to break rules that others cannot. In this I trust. Even if you must use a powerful self-harming technique, I can help you bear the cost. I won’t let you suffer the slightest damage.”

“Is that really possible?” asked Long Chen.

“Although I am powerless against the chains, my power can guarantee that you stay safe no matter what,” promised the elder.

“Fine. Fuck, I’ll go all-out today. Old man, you better not have conned me.”

Long Chen raised Evilmoon. If Evilmoon was awake, then perhaps Long Chen would have confidence with its help. But it was in slumber, and everything was up to himself. 

His intuition told him that the elder wouldn’t lie to him. Since he promised that everything would be fine, then Long Chen could test out the seventh form of Split the Heavens.

A huge saber-image appeared out of Evilmoon. At the same time, Long Chen’s divine ring appeared, and five stars shone in his eyes.

When he saw Long Chen’s divine ring, the elder’s pupils shrank. He seemed to realize something, and his mouth opened, but at this moment, Long Chen roared, slashing Evilmoon down at the chain.


The saber-image slashed into the chain, causing this entire underwater world to explode. Even the Yin Yang Immortal Grass shook fiercely.

At some point, the elder had placed a hand on Long Chen’s back. That was a hand as white as jade, and gentle energy poured into Long Chen’s body.

The huge backlash from using the seventh form of Split the Heavens had yet to tear through Long Chen’s body when this gentle energy sucked it all away.

“How powerful!” Long Chen was stunned by the Yin Yang Immortal Grass’s abilities. If he had its assistance, wouldn’t he be able to freely unleash the seventh form of Split the Heavens? He could directly kill whoever he found displeasing.

His admiration for the Yin Yang Immortal Grass grew stronger, and he had another thought, but regretfully, he saw that his attack did not shatter the chain.

“Again!” Long Chen raised Evilmoon once more. In any case, with the Yin Yang Immortal Grass helping him shoulder the injury, he didn’t mind hacking at it a few more times. He was just wasting a bit of spiritual yuan. It just so happened that he could get accustomed to this technique.

“No need, you’ve already succeeded. Cracks have appeared in the chain.” The elder waved his hand, his voice quivering with excitement. “Little friend, thank you. There is no way to express my gratitude. I hope one day you can break this death game, and we will meet again in some other star-field.”

“Senior, you’re too courteous. Furthermore, we’re working together, each for our own profit. About that… hehe, I’m a bit embarrassed, but I know you’re not a petty person, so… I was wondering if you could give one of your roots to me?” asked Long Chen with a thick face.

The elder smiled and said, “That’s no problem. A single root won’t affect my power much. I just need enough to break through the barrier of this world. However, I should tell you that while my root can exist on its own, it takes an enormous amount of life and death energy to nourish, or it will quickly wither and die. Other than that, even if you did have a method to nourish it, it would take an extremely long time to grow. With a human’s longevity, a hundred thousand years is nothing to it. Don’t waste time on growing the root if it distracts you from important things.”

The elder’s meaning was clear. Long Chen should spend his time on other things rather than wasting it on growing the root. He didn’t have enough time to mature it.

“Hehe, I know. All I need is the tiniest bit. I still want to try even if I might not succeed,” said Long Chen. His primal chaos space had soil filled with life energy, and the black soil that devoured all life which could represent death energy. If he planted it between the two sides, wouldn’t it have both life and death energy?

“Alright, then it seems I was worried for nothing.” The elder smiled and extended a hand. It held out over a hundred roots as thin as a hair.

Long Chen jumped. These roots were being compressed by a spatial law. In truth, each one of them was thicker than a foot and many meters long.

“Many thanks, senior!” Long Chen received one of the roots, and his hand sank. That root was heavier than a mountain. At the same time, its life and death energy almost caused his palm to split open. He hastily sent it into the primal chaos space.

He planted it on the border of the black soil. However, even after planting it, there wasn’t any reaction. He didn’t know if it would survive.

“I’m not in a rush to leave. That girl should be your friend, correct?” The elder waved his hand, revealing an image of Chu Yao.

“Yes, it’s her.” Long Chen nodded.


Space shook ever so slightly. Chu Yao, who was outside the light pillar, vanished and reappeared at the bottom of the divine pool.

She was shocked and was forming a hand seal when she saw Long Chen smiling at her.

“Hehe, have Ruyan come out. Her opportunity has come.”

Liu Ruyan came out without waiting for Long Chen. Feeling the energy of primal chaos surrounding her, her icy face finally smiled.

“A member of the Undying race. Yes, your root is very good and contains a trace of the immortal spirit bloodline. It seems your origins aren’t simple. The elder nodded at Liu Ruyan with a trace of praise.

“Liu Ruyan greets senior.”

The normally prideful Liu Ruyan actually bowed respectfully toward the elder. That display was one of respect and admiration.

“No need to bow.”

Long Chen was standing beside the elder, and he graciously accepted this bow.

“Bastard, are you looking for a beating?!” The previously respectful Liu Ruyan instantly turned hostile.

Chu Yao was holding back laughter to the side. She knew that Liu Ruyan’s impression of Long Chen had always been bad. After all, she had once lost to him and was very irritated by that defeat. She had always been looking to get back at him for this.

However, Long Chen was a slippery scoundrel, not letting Liu Ruyan get any advantage. Each time, he teased Liu Ruyan to the point of exploding. She was already used to it.

“How rude. If it weren’t for me, would you have been able to come here? Shouldn’t I accept your thanks? Is this how the Undying race repays its favors? Hmph, my eyes have been opened to the world. What, you want to bite me- ah!”

Long Chen suddenly shouted as Liu Ruyan really bit him. His outstretched hand was instantly taken advantage of.

Liu Ruyan was an Undying Willow, and she transformed her teeth into wooden thorns, instantly piercing his palm.

“You foolish girl, why are you learning from Guo Ran?! But when he bites people, he always bites the butt- aiya!” shouted Long Chen as Liu Ruyan bit down harder.

This was a very difficult-to-imagine scene. A beautiful woman was fiercely biting a man’s hand.

“Alright, both of you, stop. Do you want the senior to laugh at you?” Chu Yao pulled the two of them apart.

“She’s the one biting me!” grumbled Long Chen, looking at his bleeding hand.

“You-!” Liu Ruyan almost pounced back at Long Chen, but she was held back by Chu Yao.

“Senior, I’ve made you laugh. This lowly wife of mine doesn’t have experience and is rude. Please don’t blame her.” Long Chen apologized to the elder but pushed all the responsibility onto Liu Ruyan.

The elder simply smiled slightly. “There’s nothing for me to laugh at. When I was young, I also had companions like you, brothers and sisters. However, it’s been far, far too long since I’ve spoken with them. I really envy you, and I am grateful.”

Only now did Chu Yao and Liu Ruyan learn that this terrifying Yin Yang Immortal Grass was actually enslaved here by others. They both felt empathy.

“Come, little girl. Your power is limited, and you cannot absorb this much primal chaos divine elixir at once. I will help you. In a bit, bring out your true body and absorb as much as you can. Once you can’t absorb any more, I will seal the remaining amount inside your body so you can slowly absorb it in the future. We should be quick to avoid the disturbance here drawing the other side’s attention. If that happens, I might be able to escape, but the rest of you will be in danger,” said the elder.

Long Chen’s heart shook. Liu Ruyan didn’t waste any more time. Her figure vanished, replaced with a towering willow.

The willow was giant but still appeared small when compared to the Yin Yang Immortal Grass.

Liu Ruyan sent her roots into the divine pool. Runes began revolving around her entire body as she began rapidly absorbing the primal chaos divine elixir.

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