Chapter 1865 The Bound Yin Yang Immortal Grass

When Long Chen first entered the light barrier, he looked back with a cold smile at the experts who followed him, smashing into the barrier.

The reason he dared to pass the light barrier was because he had figured out how it worked. Or perhaps he should say that amongst everyone present, he was the only one qualified to enter the light barrier.

This light barrier was affected by the Yin Yang Immortal Grass. It was a special barrier, and although it looked like it had a single layer, there were actually nine layers.

The nine layers were stacked together, but each layer was filled with alternating life and death energy. There was a certain gap between the alternating life and death energy, and if you could grasp that gap, you could enter.

However, the flow of life and death energy in the barrier was not so easy to read. If you misread it and walked into the death energy, you would be instantly killed.

To cross only the life side of all nine layers was something only Netherpassage experts who had comprehended life and death could do. That was why none of these experts could figure out the barrier.

The reason Long Chen could do it was because he had entered the Netherworld and gathered the life spirit water and death spirit water. He had a great deal of experience when it came to these two kinds of energy.

Despite that, other than using those two swords as a test, Long Chen had also tossed some very fine leaves inside to figure out the barrier. Only once he was sure it was safe did he enter.

However, he was truly evil. He had intentionally waited for those people to gather around him before provoking them and entering. Those people didn’t even have time to consider it. Almost automatically assuming that the barrier had lost effect, they had chased, resulting in over ten Empyreans being conned to their deaths.

Past the light barrier, Long Chen saw that this space was also its own world. It was not as small as it looked on the outside. It took him a full incense stick’s worth of time to get close to the Yin Yang Immortal Grass.

At this time, he finally managed to see the complete form of the Yin Yang Immortal Grass. He also had a closer look at the divine pool beneath it.

It was an enormous divine pool filled with primal chaos. It was misty and radiated a divine glimmer. The giant Yin Yang Immortal Grass was taking root within the divine pool. On the edges of the pool, Long Chen saw runic chains.

The Yin Yang Immortal Grass’s rhizome was chained by them. The divine pool was chained here, as was the Yin Yang Immortal Grass.

Looking up at the black and white leaves in the sky, Long Chen felt like an ant. The leaves completely covered the sky.

This feeling of tininess wasn’t just based on sight but also on his spiritual perception. He could feel a majestic aura coming from the Yin Yang Immortal Grass that surpassed anything that he knew. That energy might really be enough to destroy this entire world.

“Just how am I supposed to take it?”

Looking at the giant Yin Yang Immortal Grass, Long Chen felt a chill. Even with his guts, he wasn’t so sure about this.

The giant divine pool was chained down together with the Yin Yang Immortal Grass. To take it was a crazy man’s dream.

Even if the Yin Yang Immortal Grass didn’t resist, just by it being chained to this divine pool made Long Chen powerless. Those chains definitely had some terrifying restrictions. One mistake and he would lose his little life.

“Hello. How are you, little human?”

Just as Long Chen’s head was spinning with ideas as to how he was supposed to move the Yin Yang Immortal Grass into the primal chaos space, its black and white lines quivered. Long Chen’s body tightened, and he suddenly appeared at the center of the Yin Yang Immortal grass. At the same time, a voice rang out in his mind.

Long Chen was shocked. He had been transported to the top of the Yin Yang Immortal Grass without the slightest bit of ability to resist.

He was standing on one of its leaves, on the white side that was filled with life energy. He didn’t sense anything wrong with his body, but his heart was pounding crazily. Was this Yin Yang Immortal Grass actually some kind of terrifying tree demon?

“Ah, I’m doing alright,” responded Long Chen. He knew that this voice was the Yin Yang Immortal Grass communicating with him.

Space shook. The large sphere growing at the top of the Yin Yang Immortal Grass, which looked like its fruit, slowly shrunk. An elder with long facial hair actually appeared from within.

The elder was half white and half black, looking bizarre. His face was lean, giving off a feeling of the Immortal Dao.

“Senior, you are the Yin Yang Immortal Grass? You can control life and death? Can you make a person live forever?” asked Long Chen curiously.

The elder smiled faintly. “The Yin Yang Immortal Grass is just a name from this star-field. As for my real name, well, it’s not important. Life and death energy truly can be controlled, but it must be within the scope that the Heavenly Daos permit. As for living forever? That’s impossible. In this world, there is nothing that lives forever.”

The elder looked bizarre, but his words were kind. He wasn’t at all overbearing or arrogant. He was just like an ordinary elder.

“Senior, what is going on here?” Long Chen pointed down, indicating the chains.

“A scam, a trap.” The elder sighed helplessly.

“A scam? A trap? You mean the entire Yin Yang World is a trap in and of itself?” asked Long Chen.

“Not just that.” The elder shook his head.

Not just that? Long Chen jumped. He vaguely felt a feeling of immense danger that made him very uneasy.


Long Chen wanted to keep asking questions, but the elder shook his head. “Don’t ask. You have something on you that isolates you from life and death energy. Even I am unable to see through your origins or your end. To have a treasure like that recognize you as its master, you must be a gamebreaker. That’s why many things don’t make a difference whether you know them or not. If I told you them, it would only draw karma, so it’s not worth it. Little friend, our meeting is fate. If you can free me from my bindings, I will definitely give you a satisfactory reward.”

“Me? Am I really capable of that?” Long Chen was startled.

This Yin Yang Immortal Grass was absolutely terrifying, but it had been bound here. How was he, a little Soul Transformation disciple, supposed to help it?

“It should be no problem. You were able to cross the life and death barrier, so this should all be fated. If you came here but were unable to break the chains, you wouldn’t be able to gain anything. That’s not the style of fate. I know that you have two friends outside the barrier. One is hidden in a spiritual space, but I still sense the spiritual fluctuations of the Undying race. This primal chaos divine elixir in the pool beneath me is the result of the Yin Yang World’s dual Yin and Yang springs merging together. There is life and death energy mixed in, and it is a priceless treasure to that Undying friend of yours. It’s enough to make it completely transform and control life and death energy. The reason I was transplanted here and chained is because every time the Yin Yang Fruit matures, they will come gather it and turn me into a slave. My Yin Yang Fruit is about to mature once more. Their plan has almost reached fruition. The great era has come again, and this might be the last time they’re picking my Yin Yang Fruit. In other words, they will make sure to reap my life as well,” said the elder.

His voice was filled with helplessness, as well as a trace of hatred. There also seemed to be some kind of longing.

“Just who are they? Even you are unable to handle them?” asked Long Chen.

“When I was caught, I was still young. I was powerless to resist. Now that I have the power to resist, I am chained and restricted. After all these years, I’ve learned many things. I only have one desire left, and that is to return to my home and take a look. I don’t know whether my parents and brothers are still doing well, or even if that star-field of ours is still present,” sighed the elder. “Little friend, if you can help free me, I can send the primal chaos divine elixir to your friend, as well as transmit my understanding of life and death to it. I know your human race must comprehend life and death before entering the Netherpassage realm. If your friend absorbs this primal chaos divine elixir and receives my understanding of life and death, then it would be easy for it to allow anyone to comprehend life and death energy. However, the first precondition is that I cannot give you the Yin Yang Fruit. I need to use its power to break the void and leave this world. I need it to return to my star-field,” said the elder.

Long Chen was astonished. Comprehending life and death would be easy? Then wouldn’t that mean that all the Dragonblood warriors could enter the Netherpassage realm?

The Netherpassage realm was a giant dividing range in the cultivation world. Amongst ten thousand Life Star experts, there might not be a single one capable of comprehending life and death. That meant that they weren’t even qualified to attempt breaking through to the Netherpassage realm. So the Netherpassage realm was something that made countless geniuses feel despair.

However, the Yin Yang Immortal Grass was an existence in control of life and death energy. Long Chen trusted that it wouldn’t lie to him. If he really could succeed, the Dragonblood Legion would be able to dominate the Martial Heaven Continent.

“Alright, I’ll accept this. What do I do?”

“Come with me.”

Suddenly, the two of them vanished. Long Chen felt like he was falling down a tube. After a moment, his vision became bright again.

They had actually appeared within the pool. There was a giant platform here from which the chains were coming out.

“This is the core of the primal chaos divine pool. The chains are connected in a giant formation. As long as you can break a single one, the entire formation will become unbalanced, and I can break it to regain my freedom,” said the elder.

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