Chapter 1864 The Light Barrier Fails?

All the experts were dumbfounded. A powerful Empyrean had been turned to dust along with his divine item by the light barrier. He silently disappeared from this world.

That was even more frightening than being blown to bits. That was especially true when it came to his divine item, which also turned to dust without being able to resist in the slightest.

“That’s definitely the Yin Yang Immortal Grass. Only the power of the Immortal Dao could so easily destroy a divine item!” shouted someone.

Divine items were the apex weapons on the Martial Heaven Continent. However, in front of that light barrier, it was silently turned into nothingness. That kind of power was definitely not something anything in the mortal world could do.

Just as everyone paused in front of the light barrier, the Magical Beasts chasing them didn’t pause. They charged over, immediately causing chaos. People didn’t know whether they should charge through or run.

Charge through? They didn’t dare. After all, that person’s overconfidence had cost him his life.

However, they were also unwilling to leave just like that. That was the Yin Yang Immortal Grass. If they could obtain it, the Martial Heaven Continent would be theirs. 

“Everyone, ignore the Yin Yang Immortal Grass for now! We should first join forces to kill these Magical Beasts, or no one will benefit in the end,” shouted a man in fiery-red robes.

This person was tall, but he didn’t look particularly outstanding. However, his blood-red pupils contained dancing flame runes.

His robes had a clear flame image on them, showing that he was from Pill Valley’s Flame Divine Palace.

As soon as he spoke, all the experts, whether they were from the Righteous path, Corrupt path, ancient races, Xuan Beasts, or ancient family alliance, joined hands to fight off the twelfth rank Magical Beasts.

“Ten people should surround each beast. Focus on their vitals, and don’t hold back!” shouted the expert from Pill Valley’s Flame Divine Palace, taking the lead in attacking one of the twelfth rank Magical Beasts.

He held a flame spear. The blood-red spear stabbed forward, and its power shattered the surrounding mountains. The earth collapsed. He was an extremely terrifying expert.

The tiger Magical Beast he was facing was pierced in the abdomen, and blood-red flames enveloped the entire Magical Beast. It was heavily injured from just one exchange.

Seeing this, the others attacked. Over ten Empyreans with manifestations starting to awaken activated their divine items at once. Even this twelfth rank Magical Beast wasn’t able to endure it all and was slain in an instant.

Beside them, another Magical Beast was slain. The other experts were imitating their kill, slaughtering the Magical Beasts. Only by working together could they avoid getting killed in one blow.

“Long Chen, what should we do?” asked Chu Yao, standing in the distance.

She was still doing as Long Chen said, and acting like she didn’t know Long Chen. If she didn’t, the crowd might attack her.

“You should help them too, or it will be too conspicuous. However, be careful, and don’t let people recognize you. I’ll investigate this light barrier,” said Long Chen.

Chu Yao nodded. Extending her arm, a snake bone whip appeared in her hand. She joined the fray, but she was clearly not putting in any effort.

On the entire battlefield, the only one not fighting the Magical Beasts was Long Chen. He was calmly looking at the light barrier.

The expert from Pill Valley glanced at Long Chen out of the corner of his eye. He smiled coldly. Once everyone was done with the Magical Beasts, they could directly eliminate him.

This expert was a supreme expert that Pill Valley had been hiding. He had mastered all of Pill Valley’s flame magical arts. If the Yin Yang World hadn’t opened, Pill Valley wouldn’t have exposed him.

Now that he had entered the Yin Yang World, his greatest mission was to eliminate Long Chen and destroy the Dragonblood Legion. Long Chen could not be allowed to leave alive.

Originally, he hadn’t been planning on targeting Long Chen so early, as he had wanted to test his own luck to see if he could get any treasures. However, he had ended up encountering Long Chen here.

If Long Chen was smart, he would have immediately fled, but he was just foolishly staring at the light pillar as if he didn’t know how close to death he was.

He didn’t disturb Long Chen. Instead, he helped the experts with annihilating the Magical Beasts.

Long Chen didn’t even look at the intense battle raging around him. He held two swords in his hands. He suddenly threw one of the swords into the light barrier.

When it struck the light barrier, the light barrier instantly turned black, and the sword, which was an Ancestral item, instead turned into black bits that drifted away.

Long Chen waited a moment and threw his other sword in. This time, his sword pierced into the light barrier, but when it was about to exit, the barrier once more turned black, and the sword dissipated.

“Long Chen, your death has come!”

That expert from Pill Valley suddenly led hundreds of experts over. Each one of them was an Empyrean whose manifestation had begun to awaken. They were elites amongst elites, or they wouldn’t have been able to bypass the vines at the gate.

Having joined forces, they formed groups of ten to slay the twelfth rank Magical Beasts. It was actually very easy.

After all, Magical Beasts were not very intelligent. After being attacked by so many experts, they were naturally at a disadvantage. They also didn’t know that they should run, so they were all killed.

Once killed, everyone gathered around Long Chen.

“Long Chen, today is the day of your death!” shouted an ancient race expert.

“We have to make sure not to let him off too easily!” added an expert from the Xuan Beasts.

The experts from all the various large forces had gathered to attack Long Chen. Even some of the Righteous experts were shouting along, as if Long Chen was the criminal who had slain their fathers.

Long Chen looked back at the group. A faint smile of derision appeared on his face. “Do you see me giving a damn about you?”

That look of contempt immediately provoked everyone. Their divine items lit up, and their manifestations appeared behind them.


Long Chen’s gaze swept over these experts. Shaking his head, he raised two middle fingers, turned around, and stepped into the light barrier.

Seeing this, all those experts jumped in shock. Was Long Chen committing suicide?

However, shockingly, Long Chen passed straight through the light barrier without harm.

“How is that possible?!”

“Did the light barrier lose its effect?!”

“Quick, we can’t let him get it first!”

Shocked cries rang out because they all saw Long Chen speeding toward the Yin Yang Immortal Grass.

Everyone panicked. Could it be that the light barrier had a time limit, and after a certain time, it lost its effect?

Several experts hastily charged through the light barrier, but as soon as they struck it, the black ripples appeared, turning them to dust.


More people were hot on the first few people’s trails, and they couldn’t stop in time. They smashed into the light barrier, transforming into dust. Seventeen Empyreans were killed just like that, like moths attracted to fire.

That expert from Pill Valley had an ugly expression now. Just now, he had almost smashed into the light barrier to chase after Long Chen. If his reactions weren’t quick enough, he would have died.

“Damnit, how is this possible?! Why would the light barrier not stop Long Chen but block us?!” Unwilling roars rang out.

Unfortunately, no matter how they roared, it was useless. Long Chen had already entered, while they would be killed if they touched the light barrier. No one dared to try again. They could only watch as Long Chen flew toward the Yin Yang Immortal Grass.

“There has to be a method to get in. It’s just that we haven’t figured out the secret to the light barrier yet,” said someone.

“Everyone, think. If we pool our intelligence together, I refuse to believe that we can’t figure it out if Long Chen could.”

“That’s right, whoever figures it out must share it. After all, if they enter alone, their chances of defeating Long Chen are low. If we enter together, we can annihilate him and avoid any accidents.”

“Spread out. Surround the light barrier so that Long Chen can’t leave. If Long Chen approaches you, shout for reinforcements. Even if Long Chen obtains the Yin Yang Immortal Grass, he won’t have time to refine it, so he won’t be stronger. If we attack together, he won’t have a life to enjoy his treasures,” said the expert from Pill Valley.

He had great prestige amongst these people, and they immediately followed his orders, surrounding the light pillar. No matter which direction Long Chen went, he would have to face at least three powerful experts. It should be simple for them to hold him back.

The experts also began testing the light barrier just like Long Chen had. They constantly tested it, but no matter what they threw at it, everything would turn to black dust. They couldn’t figure out any pattern.

Even after an incense stick’s worth of time later, they were unable to make the slightest progress.

Chu Yao was also following along, but inside, she was laughing. Was intelligence really something that could be pooled? If a river took someone twelve hours to cross, could twelve people cross it in one hour? Of course not. Long Chen might not like to use his head, but when he did, only a few people could match him.

Long Chen had told her not to expose herself. She simply attacked the barrier along with the others, looking closely at Long Chen. His figure was tiny now. He had finally arrived at the foot of the Yin Yang Immortal Grass.

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