Chapter 1863 Yin Yang Immortal Grass

This person gave Long Chen a sensation of great pressure. Long Chen even suspected that he was the Bloodkill Hall’s strongest assassin. Rumor was that the Bloodkill Hall’s strongest assassin was above the number rankings.

However, the only one he knew was Dong Mingyu, who had gotten on the Devil Slaughter Rankings. That name sounded like it belonged to a woman, so this person should not be her.

“Bloodkill 1 has been slain by you. A new Bloodkill 1 has already been born, but they are no longer qualified to assassinate you. That’s why the mission for your head has been given to us. We belong to the Killing God Hall. I am one of the Killing God Hall’s three divine emissaries. My name and title is Man Killer. The three divine emissaries are ranked heaven, earth, and man, and I am third. I am also the one who will take your life, so remember it,” said that assassin of the Bloodkill Hall.

“Heaven Killer? Earth Killer? Man Killer?” Long Chen smiled mockingly. “There really is no one that brags like your Bloodkill Hall. If you brag this much, I’ll think that you’re Dong Mingyu. Why hasn’t she come?”

The assassin shook his head. “Someone like you isn’t qualified to have the divine daughter personally chosen by the Killing God to come kill you. It’s the three divine emissaries that will take your life.”

Long Chen looked at him. Pointing at Man Killer’s feet, Long Chen shook his head. “You’re bragging so much, but you’ve already made preparations to run. You have no intention of fighting with me. Is there a point to your bragging?”

The space beneath the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin was starting to shake. It formed a portal for him. He was ready to run at any moment.

“The Bloodkill Hall’s assassins don’t face people head-on. We’ll just wait for a chance to kill you in one blow. No matter what time it is, as long as you relax the slightest bit, my sword will summon you to the Killing God.”

“Are you trying to play mental warfare with me? If so, you’re too immature. When you attack the next time, I’ll show you just how laughable your ‘diverse’ assassination arts are.”

Long Chen laughed and turned away, leaving. The Bloodkill Hall’s assassins were all crafty and slippery. Their fleeing arts were even greater than their assassination arts. If Long Chen tried to fight him head-on, he would immediately slip away.

The chances of killing a strong assassin were abysmal. Without catching them, there was no chance. They had their own ways of protecting themselves.

Long Chen wanted to see if he could eliminate such a powerful assassin head-on, but he didn’t have the time to waste. There were more important things to do here.

That assassin didn’t stop Long Chen from leaving. With a snort, he vanished into thin air. His movement art was inexplicable. There was no way to track him.

Ignoring that so-called divine emissary of the Killing God, Long Chen rushed toward the mountain range. More Magical Beast roars could be heard from within.

They were clearly there to defend this place, but the people that had entered were all crazy with greed. These mountains had countless precious medicines growing on them.

Someone plucked a fruit and ate it. It instantly dissolved, transforming into blood-colored runes that covered his body. Spiritual qi surged toward him crazily, causing his expression to change. He punched himself in the chest, coughing up a mouthful of blood.

The runes on his body faded. However, he was delighted. This fruit was actually able to allow someone to rapidly advance.

However, this place was the Yin Yang World, and he was already at the peak of Soul Transformation. He couldn’t make his breakthrough here, so he had to forcibly interrupt that fruit’s effect.

Seeing the people ahead obtain such priceless treasures, everyone was going crazy. They even ignored the terrifying twelfth rank Magical Beasts, charging deeper into the mountain range.

Long Chen reached out and grabbed an unremarkable little tree growing out of the cliffside. He also didn’t know its name, but his intuition said it was a treasure.

He had just gathered it when he saw a python swing its tail like a whip, blowing apart a powerful Empyrean.

This dangerous region meant a few unlucky people would be targeted by the twelfth rank Magical Beasts. Even Empyreans with awakening manifestations and divine items were only able to endure one or two attacks at most before being killed.

After killing that person, the python suddenly shot toward Long Chen.

“Fuck, all I did was look at you!” Long Chen turned and fled. His lightning wings were in full force, and he had no intention of foolishly fighting a twelfth rank Magical Beast directly.

The python opened its mouth, shooting out a black runic sword at Long Chen. The huge sword was incredibly powerful, but Long Chen activated the Celestial Lightning Body Blink, vanishing and reappearing at the bottom of a distant mountain. He immediately concealed his aura.

The runic sword missed. The python lost its target and switched to another direction. Several experts there changed their expressions and immediately fled.

Long Chen stealthily climbed the mountain, looking into the distance. He quickly saw Chu Yao’s figure, but she was very low-key. She was covered in green mist so others couldn’t see her clearly. She was silently profiting.

“Is that place the core of this world?”

Long Chen suddenly noticed a pillar of light in the distance. He sensed the air of primal chaos within it. Black and white runes interwove there, causing the world to shake.

Within that pillar of light, he could vaguely see a mountain. There was some kind of vegetation growing atop the mountain, one that looked like a flower or a grass but was neither.

That vegetation was hundreds of meters tall. It had long leaves falling from it. Each leaf was split evenly in the middle with half being black and half being white. The black was the blackest black, while the white was the purest white.

Between the black and white leaves was a large pole. It was covered in black and white marks.

At the top of the pole was a sphere several meters thick. It was like a fruit, but this fruit was translucent, and it was sometimes black as night and sometimes white as jade. 

When it was black, a burst of death energy would surge out, raising people’s hair.

When it was white, endless life energy would nourish the world, filling it with peace.

Intertwining black and white, alternating Yin and Yang, it was like the world’s Daos were contained within its transformations.

“Heavens, that’s definitely a legendary Yin Yang Immortal Grass!” shouted someone.

Yin Yang Immortal Grass. That was something said to be an undying divine medicine that could make a person rise from the dead, transcend reincarnation, and live forever, gaining a lifespan as long as the heavens.

However, no one had ever seen it. It was only found in stories and myths. Even any details about it were very vague.

Nevertheless, all those legends had one common point: the Yin Yang Immortal Grass possessed alternating Yin Yang energy that could topple the world.

If anyone could obtain it, they could control the cycle of life and death, becoming the ruler of a world.

Of course, as soon as someone shouted the name of the Yin Yang Immortal Grass, everyone’s eyes became crazy with greed. That was something that contained the power to control the world, and whoever possessed it could dominate everyone else.

Even Long Chen was unable to stay calm. This strange plant truly did look similar to the Yin Yang Immortal Grass of legends.


People roared, charging straight toward that pillar of light, not even bothering to search through the mountains any longer.

“Long Chen, Ruyan said that there’s something within the light pillar that she needs.” Chu Yao’s voice rang out in Long Chen’s head.

“She wants the Yin Yang Immortal Grass?”

“No, there’s a divine pool beneath it. That place is where all the essence is gathered,” said Chu Yao.

Long Chen looked carefully. Only now did he notice that the Yin Yang Immortal Grass had taken root in a divine pool.

The divine pool was turbid with the air of primal chaos. It had strange fluctuations. This was definitely a place set up to nourish the Yin Yang Immortal Grass.

“Should we charge in?” asked Chu Yao.

“No, things aren’t so simple. I keep feeling like something is off. We should be more cautious than these people,” warned Long Chen. This place was too strange. He was feeling a vague sense of unease.

Just at this moment, the first Empyrean managed to reach the pillar of light. He slashed his divine item into it.

A slight ripple came from the pillar of light. Black qi surged out of the ripple.

“Get back!” One of his friends shouted at him.

However, it was too late. His divine item instantly turned black, following which his entire body also turned black. Then, he slowly dissipated like dust. Even his divine item blew away in pieces.

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