Chapter 1862 World of Immortal Light

Long Chen, Chu Yao, and Liu Ruyan rushed over in the direction of the light. At this time, Long Chen noticed several other experts flying over as well.

In the distance, there were even more people. They were like shooting stars gathering.

“There are actually so many people here!” Chu Yao was startled. A brief examination revealed at least a hundred powerful auras.

The gate to this place was blocked by those vines. Without the power of an Empyrean whose manifestation had started to awaken, it was almost impossible to charge through it.

“If there’s a fight, you should focus on protecting yourself. Leave it to me,” said Long Chen.

Although Chu Yao was definitely strong, she wasn’t vicious enough. As for Liu Ruyan, she was definitely vicious enough, so Long Chen would prefer if the two of them stayed together.

This place was different from the outside. Those who could enter here were all experts of a high level. If a fight started, he would be unable to look after others.

As they got closer to the light, Long Chen found that this was a new world, a world of immortal light. There was immortal mist filling this area, making it like a wonderland.

It was unknown if someone had activated it or if it had activated automatically, but this light was now illuminating this world, drawing over all the experts present.

This world of immortal light was filled with mountains and mist. There were trees on the mountains, and their leaves touched with dew. Immense life energy could be sensed even from a great distance.

“There are definitely treasures inside!” A shout rang out as everyone rushed over to it as quickly as possible as if afraid they would fall behind others.

There were already people present within that world of immortal light. There was no danger, so everyone was rushing in as fast as possible.

Long Chen also charged into the light. The outer edge of this world of light had no defensive power, so he passed through effortlessly.

Once in, a majestic immortal spiritual qi rushed over him. With just a breath, his entire body relaxed.

However, at the same time, he noticed that this world was completely different from the world outside.

From the outside, this world looked to be less than ten thousand miles wide. Inside, he found that it was many times bigger, and most definitely worthy of being called its own world.

Just as he entered, a sharp attack followed him.

“Courting death!” Long Chen snorted. Without looking, he smashed a fist behind him.


Long Chen’s fist smashed into a bronze rod, and a powerful qi wave blew Long Chen back a dozen steps. His arm was a bit numb.

As for the attacker, he looked at Long Chen with surprise. Just now, he had stealthily activated the power of his divine item, but Long Chen had received it barehanded.

“Little ancient race brat, I’ll remember you. I don’t have time for you now, but later I’ll settle our debts.” Long Chen swung his arm a few times and shot off, a pair of lightning wings on his back. He had no time to waste. He had to search through this area as fast as possible.

It wasn’t just Long Chen who was thinking this way. Everyone who entered this world was searching through it without wasting any time.

Some people were extremely quick, and they had reached the mountains ahead. As a result, a furious roar suddenly rang out from the closest mountain. A multicolored tiger came flying out of a cave.

“It’s an ancient beast, the Cloud Treading Sword Teeth Tiger!”

Startled cries rang out. The fastest expert was the unluckiest. By the time he noticed the Cloud Treading Sword Teeth Tiger, it was too late to run.

Seeing it bounding at him, he let out a shout. His manifestation appeared behind him, and his sword unleashed a wave of divine power. In the face of this twelfth rank ancient beast, he had no choice but to go all-out.


The result was that the Cloud Treading Sword Teeth Tiger’s paw slammed into his Sword Qi, blowing it to pieces. The expert coughed up blood as he flew back.

However, that person was truly powerful. Although his attack had been broken, he left a bloody line on the tiger’s paw. To receive a twelfth rank Magical Beast’s attack, he had to be very powerful.

Hacking up blood, he was almost torn apart by the shockwaves. A twelfth rank Magical Beast’s power was not something that he could receive.

Blessing his luck at surviving, he fled. However, just as he exhaled, the Cloud Treading Sword Teeth Tiger opened its mouth. A transparent ball shot toward him.


The ball was like a shooting star, giving him no time to dodge. He was blown to pieces, not even his Yuan Spirit surviving.

The Cloud Treading Sword Teeth Tiger roared. Having been injured, it became even more berserk. It began to attack the other experts.

Those experts all fled. However, the Cloud Treading Sword Teeth tiger was too fast. Opening its mouth, another ball shot out.

This time, the ball struck three experts. In the face of death, those three experts went all-out, managing to block its attack. However, they paid an immense price and were sent flying into the distance.

Seeing this, everyone else avoided the beast. With so many people, all of them avoiding it, in the end, it would be up to the unlucky fellow to draw its attention.

Because Long Chen hadn’t been in the first wave to enter, he had time to avoid the Cloud Treading Sword Teeth Tiger. 

“This place’s aura is completely different from the outside. Is this the legendary immortal qi?” Long Chen was shocked by this majestic aura. He had never felt this kind of aura, not even in the Spirit World.

This aura vaguely felt similar to the Spirit World’s Life God Tree, but only ever so slightly. 

“If there’s immortal qi, there must be immortal medicines. I have to find them.” Long Chen’s divine sense suddenly spread in every direction.

“Hmph, courting death.” The experts around him felt it, and their own Spiritual Strength erupted, attacking Long Chen’s divine sense.

“Scram!” Long Chen shouted, and his Spiritual Strength suddenly burst forth. The experts who tried to stop him let out screams, almost falling from the sky.

Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was incredibly powerful, and if he had mastered spiritual attacks, they’d have died.


Long Chen suddenly slashed his saber, cutting across the waist of a mountain. He tossed the portion he had severed into the primal chaos space. He had seen a strange tree that he didn’t recognize, but his intuition told him that it was very likely a treasure.

He would rather gather it and find out it was trash later on than let it go. He would investigate it later.

He had just gathered the mountain when he sensed a sharp Sword Qi silently stabbing toward him. By the time he sensed it, it was about to pierce his body.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for you, idiot.”

Long Chen didn’t even look back. Evilmoon stabbed toward his attacker just like that.

A normal sword was between three and four feet long. Evilmoon on the other hand was nine feet long. That person would have long since struck by the time his sword reached Long Chen.

A clanging sound rang out as Evilmoon stabbed that person’s arm. His sleeves were torn apart, revealing a black armguard.

The armguard managed to block Long Chen’s attack, but Long Chen’s saber had so much power behind it that it caused his arm to burst open. Blood poured out of it.

However, in exchange, his sword stabbed into Long Chen’s shoulder.

Originally, his sword was aiming for Long Chen’s heart. To a cultivator, that might not be fatal, but it would definitely greatly affect their power and reactions. Rather than aiming for the head which would cause someone to feel mortal danger, aiming for the heart was less likely to raise their guard. So assassins usually targeted the heart first.

However, Long Chen’s saber was stabbing into his arm, and Long Chen’s body also turned. His sword ended up deviating from its original target.

His sharp sword pierced Long Chen’s shoulder, but after an inch, it couldn’t stab in any further.

Dragon scales covered Long Chen’s shoulder, blocking the majority of the sword’s power. The dragon scales were broken now, but strangely, the blood that Long Chen was bleeding out of his shoulder was black.

BOOM! Light exploded out of Evilmoon, driving that person away.

Long Chen suddenly slashed his own shoulder. A hunk of flesh was torn off, and it was already turning black and corroding.

“This is the part of the Bloodkill Hall that I look down on the most. Even in the secular world, assassins don’t put poison on their blades. The reason they’re called assassins is because they like the thrill. They rely on their supreme assassination arts that give them the high of dancing on the tip of a blade. But your Bloodkill Hall will sink to such depths. You’re not even worthy of being called assassins.” Long Chen contemptuously shook his head at that person.

The one facing him was a man in a silver mask. He slowly took off his mask with his left hand, revealing a very ordinary face. But his eyes were like a viper’s.

“You don’t even know what assassination arts are. Death shouldn’t be the same every time. Only various assassination methods are able to diversify this art,” he said.

Long Chen smiled mockingly. “Let’s not talk about such meaningless things. All I want to know is, what Bloodkill number are you?”

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