Chapter 1861 Meeting

Long Chen looked at the smiling and gentle Chu Yao. He spread his arms, embracing her.

“I missed you.”

“You should be saying you missed all of us. You can’t just miss me.” Chu Yao also tightly held Long Chen.

“I missed you all, but I missed you the most.” Long Chen smiled.

“Hmph, you’re most skilled at deceiving others. Right now, we should hurry and gather treasures. This area has medicinal fields on the outside and a fruit forest on the inside. There are countless precious kinds of fruit. I’ve already obtained seven of them. This trip to the Yin Yang World wasn’t wasted.” Chu Yao, pleased as she showed Long Chen her harvest.

“Damn, Silk Fig, Dark Night Crabapple, and Soul Nourishing Star Peach…”

Long Chen was greatly shocked. They were all priceless. Even if they were eaten directly without being refined into pills, their effects were amazing.

In particular, that Soul Nourishing Star Peach was top tier. It could constantly nourish the soul and raise the power of a person’s Spiritual Strength. It could also heal damage to the soul.

“Here, they’re all for you.” Chu Yao handed them all to Long Chen. These trees had yet to bloom let alone bear fruit.

However, Chu Yao knew Long Chen had a way to make them grow rapidly. It was just that she didn’t know of the existence of the primal chaos bead.

It wasn’t that Long Chen didn’t trust them, but he was afraid of infecting them with the karma of knowing this. In any case, they knew he had the ability, and that was enough. Long Chen immediately planted them in the primal chaos space. 

“Where is Ruyan?” asked Long Chen.

“She went to drive off that irritating fellow. Some fellow from the Bloodkill Hall was here, so she had to hold him back while I searched for treasures,” said Chu Yao.

“Is he very powerful? Tell Ruyan that we can go help eliminate him,” said Long Chen. Hmph, he would cut this fellow who dared to bully his woman to pieces.

“No need.”

Suddenly, space shook, and the icy Liu Ruyan appeared before the two of them.

“That fellow finally lost patience and fucked off. We can look for treasures in peace.” Liu Ruyan looked at Long Chen, her face as icy as ever, still having not forgiven him for how he had suppressed her before.

“Was he very powerful?” asked Long Chen.

Chu Yao saw that Liu Ruyan ignored him, and to avoid any awkwardness, she immediately said, “That person was very powerful. Most powerful of all were his practically supernatural movement arts and his assassination arts. We had no way to beat him. The only thing we could do was attack him from all sides without leaving a single opening and defend against his assassination attempts. However, there was no way to defeat him like that, so Ruyan stayed behind to hold him back.”

Liu Ruyan supplemented, “He’s even stronger than we expected. In truth, he has yet to use fifty percent of his power. He couldn’t find any weakness he could take advantage of, so he didn’t go all-out. He finally lost his patience and decided that it wasn’t worth it.”

Long Chen nodded. Assassins relied on opportunity. They wanted the biggest gain for the smallest price. If they relied on power to win, then they wouldn’t be assassins.

It seemed that all the peak heavenly geniuses of the Martial Heaven Continent had gathered in the Yin Yang World this time. All the elites of the various powers had come.

True Immortal Jiaoqi, Xie Luo, Di Feng, Ming Jie, the four Fate Princes, and even top experts of the Bloodkill Hall had all come. These were just people that he knew of. Who knew how many nameless figures had come who would emerge as a new force to be reckoned with?

The powers of the Martial Heaven Continent all had their own trump cards. They normally wouldn’t expose them for nothing, but this opening of the Yin Yang World was definitely very enticing, enough for those powers to show the trump cards that they had hidden.

“Long Chen, did you encounter any powerful experts?” asked Chu Yao.

“Yes, I ran into a few.” 

Long Chen gave a simple narration of his encounters with True Immortal Jiaoqi, Xie Luo, Ming Jie, and the others.

He also told her about what Heavenly Fate Island’s Luo Tianji had exposed to him so that she would be careful. At the same time, Long Chen was trying to raise the karmic retributions for Heavenly Fate Island.

Li Tianxuan had said that Heavenly Fate Island couldn’t calculate anything about him. If he told Chu Yao about the Fate Princes, logically, it should infect her with a bit of his own karma, increasing the difficulty and consequences of trying to calculate anything about her.

“Ruyan, you said you felt some kind of summons. Have you found it?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s because of that feeling that we’ve come here. However, upon reaching here, that feeling disappeared.” Liu Ruyan shook her head.

“Then let’s do it this way. We’ll advance side by side while searching. I’ll take the center, and you two take the sides. We should stay within a hundred miles of each other so we can provide assistance if someone finds any big fish. You understand, right?” said Long Chen with an evil smile.

“I understand.” Liu Ruyan was already flying off. Chu Yao couldn’t help smiling. Winking at Long Chen, she also flew off.

The three of them formed a line as they advanced. The direction was chosen by Chu Yao. When it came to picking anything random, Long Chen always had someone else do it.

“Damn, Chu Yao’s luck really is good. I’ve already found a Heavenly Dew Cherry. That’s a priceless treasure.”

He had found a little tree emitting a bright light. Mist revolved around it. There was a formation beneath the tree, but that formation was only used to absorb spiritual qi for it. It had no defensive power, so Long Chen directly cut off this part of the mountain and sent it to the primal chaos space. He didn’t damage the formation. The primal chaos space’s spiritual qi surged toward the tree, nourishing it.

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, Long Chen found three precious trees just like it. Flowers were about to bloom inside his heart.

This was money. In the future, he wouldn’t just have plenty of fruit to eat, but he would also be overflowing with money. His business with Zheng Wenlong would be booming.

Naturally, he would have to sell the fruit to Zheng Wenlong, or Zheng Wenlong would be offended. In this world, as long as you had money, anything would be easy to do.

Looking at the trees growing in the primal chaos space, Long Chen sighed emotionally. The primal chaos bead was truly a cornucopia of wealth.


Suddenly, an explosive sound came from Long Chen’s left.

“We’ve caught a fish!” Long Chen was delighted and immediately shot over.

Wooden stakes flew through the air, forming layers of defense in front of Chu Yao. Before her was a ten-meter man wielding a giant hatchet.

It went without saying that just based on his size, he had to come from the Xuan Beasts. Most likely, upon seeing Chu Yao alone, he had directly launched an attack.

That Xuan Beast expert’s hatchet repeatedly smashed into Chu Yao’s wooden shield. Finally, the wooden shield broke.

The Xuan Beast expert charged through, attacking Chu Yao. His manifestation was at full power and had reached an initial awakening. He was definitely a powerful expert.

However, Chu Yao was also powerful. Each wooden shield she summoned required five blows from him to break. If it was in a one against one, that Xuan Beast expert would never be able to get close to her, and with her immense stores of spiritual yuan, she could exhaust three of him.

This Xuan Beast expert seemed to be very conceited, and he instantly activated his divine item, unleashing a powerful blow.

However, he had just started his attack when a scale-covered hand struck him silently in the face.

Without comprehending what had just happened, he was smashed into the ground, his face caving in.

It went without saying that the Xuan Beasts had powerful physical bodies. Long Chen had landed his slap perfectly, and this expert hadn’t even been circulating his spiritual yuan in defense, but his physical body was still able to endure it. If it was an ordinary human slapped with such power, they would definitely explode.

“Earthen Bramble Thorns!” The Xuan Beast expert was dazed from the slap, and during that moment, Chu Yao activated a powerful attack.

Dense thorns shot out of the ground, piercing the Xuan Beast expert. His body shook before becoming still.

Even if he wanted to move, he couldn’t. The thorns were growing within his body. In the end, his entire body became wooden.

This was the terrifying ability that Chu Yao had gained when her manifestation had started to awaken. Her wooden stakes could cause a person to transform into wood once they were struck, and they couldn’t escape.


Suddenly, the hatchet tried to run, but Long Chen slashed Evilmoon down at it, blocking its path. He caught it and tossed it into the primal chaos space.

Two small trees appeared in the air. That was the Xuan Beast expert’s current harvest. Chu Yao had taken them out.

“He only had these few,” said Chu Yao.

“Just two is decent. After all, there’s also a divine item. We got it all for free, so let’s not care too much about it.” Long Chen laughed.

There were many things on that expert that were useless to humans. They were only treasures to Xuan Beasts.

Things had ended here before Liu Ruyan even arrived. The three of them continued onward, but now their luck was no longer as good. It seemed that they were crossing areas that others had already passed.

He was just about to discuss whether or not they should change direction when the world shook. A beam of light shot into the sky in the distance, illuminating the world.

“Let’s go take a look!”

The three of them immediately rushed over to that beam of light.

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