Chapter 1860 Within the Mountain Gate

The reason Ye Lingshan almost shouted was because she saw bloody corpses suspended in midair. Their bodies were naked, their skin stripped, revealing their bloody flesh.

Surrounding the gate were countless vines. They were like sinister pythons, just waiting to devour others.

Those corpses were like melons growing on the vines. Their blood didn’t drip down to the ground. Instead, it flowed up the vines.

“This is probably the work of some very powerful tree demons,” said Ye Lingshan.

Those corpses hanging on the vines all possessed powerful auras. They were clearly Empyreans, but such figures hadn’t even managed to escape. From this fact, it could be seen just how powerful these tree demons were.

“It’s just a display of power.” Long Chen looked at the hundreds of corpses strewn across the ground. 

If these tree demons really wanted to kill people, they should have hidden all this mess and launched a sneak attack. That would be easier. This appearance was clearly a warning.

“Let’s go.” Long Chen pulled Ye Lingshan over.

“Wait, don’t we need to investigate what’s going on?” said Ye Lingshan.

“Who has time to investigate? Just charge through. If they dare to block us, we’ll kill them,” said Long Chen indifferently.

When the two of them approached the gate, the vines instantly began to move like vipers woken from a nap. They glared at the two of them menacingly.

Long Chen ignored them, continuing forward. When he was just a few miles away, thousands of vines suddenly shot toward him like spears.

At the same time, the ground behind them suddenly burst apart, and vines came flying out to surround them.

“Hmph, a little tree demon also dares to be arrogant? Today, there is only death for you. If I were to personally fight, it would practically be bullying. Lingshan, you kill it!” Long Chen rolled up his sleeves and shouted.

“Stop joking! Can you take a look at the situation?!” raged Ye Lingshan. Originally, she had thought that Long Chen would be unleashing some kind of ultimate move to eliminate these vines, but he actually wanted her to fight instead.

Ye Lingshan unsheathed her sword, and her manifestation appeared behind her. There was an image vibrating within it, and the sound of a sword came from it. Ye Lingshan’s manifestation had also started to awaken.

When her sword came out of its sheath, Sword Qi cut through the void, falling upon the vines. Although blood-colored runes appeared on the vines, they were still severed.

As they were cut to pieces, a blood-like fluid splashed out of them. It was like they were bleeding.

One of the thorns on the vines stabbed into the ground, piercing straight through it like it was snow.

These vines weren’t just tough and sharp, but they were also shockingly heavy. It was no wonder those ordinary Empyreans were unable to survive.


Long Chen cheered on the sidelines. Ye Lingshan was truly powerful. It was just that normally, she was a bit hesitant. When she fought, she would immediately become courageous, even a bit domineering. It was just like Qu Jianying’s style.

“Let’s charge our way through. Don’t get entangled by them,” reminded Long Chen.

These vines were just branches from the main body, and they came in a limitless tide. Hence, fighting them was meaningless. The most important thing was to reach the gate.

“If what’s inside is even more dangerous, wouldn’t we be throwing ourselves into the trap?” warned Ye Lingshan.

“Without entering the tiger’s den, how do you obtain tiger cubs? Let’s go, riches lie in danger,” called Long Chen.

Ye Lingshan pressed forward, her Sword Qi slaughtering the vines. Blood splashed everywhere, and the vines were unable to stop her. They quickly arrived in front of the gate.

Suddenly, vines thicker than a house burst forth from around the gate, forming a giant net around it and blocking the two of them.

Ye Lingshan’s face was cold. Her sword swung, and a sharp aura erupted. A dragon’s cry came from her sword.

Long Chen was startled. Ye Lingshan truly was powerful, and she hadn’t activated her divine item. Instead, she had used some unknown power to seemingly compress her energy before unleashing the attack, bringing forth destructive power.

The huge vines were blown apart. Long Chen and Ye Lingshan both shot through the opening, entering the gate. Once they entered, they felt their bodies lighten.

It was like they had entered a different world. The spiritual qi in the air was so dense that it almost became liquid. It actually had a buoyant effect on them.

They looked around. The huge vines didn’t attack any longer. The broken parts on the ground began to heal. Those severed vines regrew, and the bloodstains were absorbed by them again. Everything quickly returned to its original appearance as if nothing had happened.

The two of them immediately understood that these vines only attacked those on the outside. Once you passed, you wouldn’t be attacked any longer.

“Heroine Ye is mighty and domineering. Admirable.” Long Chen raised a thumb at Ye Lingshan.

Ye Lingshan glanced at him before ignoring him. She carefully examined the surroundings. There was a completely straight path before them.

At the end of their sight was a mountain range. Those mountains soared into the clouds. Mist revolved around them, making it so they couldn’t see them clearly.

Following the path, Long Chen suddenly saw something that made him pause. He bent down and picked up a withered branch. There was a mass of dead branches on the ground here.

Ye Lingshan said, “These branches look like they’re from a willow.”

“They’re willow branches. It seems Chu Yao has been here and fought. These branches are cut cleanly, and even the Undying Qi of the branches has been severed. Since they didn’t smash the branches, it means this person has condensed their power to a terrifying level. Whoever fought against Chu Yao didn’t waste the slightest bit of energy. Good, it’s been a long time since I’ve encountered the Bloodkill Hall’s experts. Let’s see what figures the Bloodkill Hall came up with this time.” Long Chen smiled coldly.

He was almost sure that the one to fight here was an assassin from the Bloodkill Hall. Only they could have such sharp attacks.

They continued onward. Long Chen wasn’t worried about Chu Yao’s safety, as there were no signs of intense battle on the ground. Chu Yao hadn’t fought that person for long. She had most likely rushed in deeper in search of treasures.

This also meant that the person hadn’t posed a fatal threat to Chu Yao, or she wouldn’t have pressed forward without doing anything about them.

Both of them quickly arrived at the mountain range, and a mountain blocked their path. The path was broken here. Long Chen stopped, summoning a pair of lightning wings. He directly flew up.

“The mountain peak has been carried away. There was probably some treasure on it.”

The two of them had just flown over the mountains when they saw that the top was missing a piece. Based on the marks, it had been excavated not long ago.

“Lingshan, I’m going to go find Chu Yao. Most of the treasures have been taken by others on this path. We should split up. I’ll find Chu Yao, and you search for treasures. Look for places others haven’t been,” said Long Chen.

Although he felt that Chu Yao shouldn’t be in any danger, he still wanted to go find her.

He didn’t want to waste any of Ye Lingshan’s time. She was the heir of the Martial Heaven Alliance and had to have powerful karmic luck. Her chances of finding some peerless treasure should be quite high.

As for his own luck, he didn’t think he had any chances of finding anything. Furthermore, he had to follow the path that Chu Yao had already taken, so they should split up.

“Alright, be careful.” Ye Lingshan nodded.

“You’re the heir to the Martial Heaven Alliance, so change your attitude of trying not to offend anything. Now you need to consider your actions from the viewpoint of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Whether or not they provoke you, if they are your enemies, you should eliminate them. If anyone wants to fight over treasures with you, then they are trying to hold you back, to weaken you, which is to weaken the Martial Heaven Alliance, stalling its development and throwing it into danger. If the Martial Heaven Alliance is endangered, the lives of billions of the Righteous path’s experts will be threatened, so anyone who dares to fight over treasures with you is an enemy of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Killing them is not wrong, understood?” asked Long Chen. Ye Lingshan had been very righteous while being a loner. Long Chen needed her to be more domineering.

“I understand. If not for anything else, just to not disappoint my master, I would fight against the world.” Ye Lingshan nodded.

“Then that’s enough. Go, and good luck.”

Long Chen and Ye Lingshan split up. Long Chen rushed along a path, while Ye Lingshan hesitated before going another direction.

Long Chen quickly flew over the mountains. He didn’t sense any powerful Magical Beasts or treasures, but he did see that many of the mountains were gone.

They should have just been excavated, but he had no idea what was on them for them to be so valuable.

Flying through the air, Long Chen smiled. He could already sense Chu Yao’s aura. Having used the Wood Spirit Union with her, their Spiritual Strength was closely connected.

Furthermore, this place was different from the nest of the Blue Eye Peacock. There was no suppression of Spiritual Strength, so Long Chen could already get a general sense of Chu Yao’s direction. After a while, that feeling grew even clearer. The reason he smiled was because he sensed that Chu Yao had noticed him as well.

As expected, after crossing a few more mountains, he saw Chu Yao standing there at the peak of a mountain, looking like a beautiful fairy.

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