Chapter 1858 Attack of the Divine Gate

Luo Tianji’s expression was sinister. He had a bad feeling that Long Chen had seen through his intentions.

However, at this point, he had no choice but to release this final move of his. He had to bet everything.

The divine light shot out of his glabella. Passing through his hands, the runes on his hands were activated, and divine light enveloped Long Chen.

Ye Lingshan’s expression completely changed. This was the pressure of a Yuan Spirit, and it was so powerful that she couldn’t move. This kind of power was not something a Soul Transformation disciple should possess.

“It’s the pressure of a Netherpassage expert’s Yuan Spirit!” exclaimed Ye Lingshan.

The instant that Long Chen was enveloped in that divine light, the light in front of him condensed into the form of an elder. That elder was precisely the one that Long Chen had shown before. It was Luo Tianji’s master.

Without a word, the elder’s palm slammed forward, filled with the power of his Yuan Spirit.

“Old fellow, I’ve been waiting for you a long time.” Long Chen smiled mockingly. Suddenly, his own Yuan Spirit appeared and formed a hand seal. This hand seal had a triangular hole in the middle. Within that small hole twinkled a single star.

“It’s you!” Only then did the elder see Long Chen’s face. His expression suddenly changed. He pulled back his palm and slammed his hands together.

Just at that moment, the Divine Gate within Long Chen’s mind-sea opened. The light of the Divine Gate Star was unleashed, and a sharp sword made of Yuan Spirit energy shot out. Long Chen actually activated the Divine Gate Star to attack.


The elder’s image was pierced by Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit sword and vanished into nothingness.

It happened so suddenly that it was over before Ye Lingshan could react. That elder had just appeared before vanishing.

“The old ghost fled quite quickly.” An unhealthy rosiness appeared on Long Chen’s face for a while before he suppressed it. That was the price of unleashing this attack.

This attack was something he had come up with after almost being killed by this elder the first time. At that time, the Divine Gate Star had activated automatically. Later, by constantly communicating and testing the Divine Gate Star, Long Chen had figured out how to unleash this attack to prevent such a scenario from occurring again.

This was also why Long Chen hadn’t directly slain Luo Tianji. Instead, he had acted like he hadn’t seen his actions to draw over one of Heavenly Fate Island’s experts.

Last time, even that disciple’s soul had possessed a restriction that summoned the elder. Luo Tianji was one of the four Fate Princes, so he definitely possessed a similar defense.

Regretfully, Long Chen’s attack was one step too slow for this crafty elder. As soon as he sensed the danger, he fled. Long Chen’s attack struck nothing more than an empty image.

With his current power, Long Chen still couldn’t properly utilize the Divine Gate Star’s full power. So, using it came with a certain price. His spiritual space was shaking, and it brought with it a soul-tearing pain.

This attack that he had been preparing for a long time had actually been avoided. Long Chen couldn’t help being irritated.

“How dangerous.”

Within a certain cave of the Martial Heaven Continent, the elder’s expression was pale. This elder was one of Heavenly Fate Island’s Grand Elders, as well as the vice island master, Luo Tianji’s master.

A strand of his Yuan Spirit had been within Luo Tianji’s mind-sea to prevent the worst-case scenario. It would allow the elder to kill Luo Tianji’s enemies if he needed it.

This strand of his Yuan Spirit was something he would have been able to pull back if it was within the Martial Heaven Continent, but this time, it had happened in the Yin Yang World. As a result, his Yuan Spirit was now permanently damaged. That was very detrimental to his future cultivation.

Naturally, he wouldn’t leave any of his Yuan Spirit on ordinary disciples. It was for disciples that he cared about deeply or who had special missions.

Previously, when he had sent a disciple to the Eastern Wastelands, that disciple had just been a core disciple and had not reached the qualifications to be protected by his Yuan Spirit. However, since his mission had been to capture Long Chen’s parents, the elder sent along a wisp of his Yuan Spirit to protect that disciple and keep track of him.

When Long Chen had tried to invade that disciple’s soul, it had activated that wisp of his Yuan Spirit, and as a result, the elder had almost been killed. The Divine Gate Star had followed Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit to destroy his Heavenly Eye.

This time, it had been even more dangerous. Long Chen had actually learned how to control the Divine Gate Star and make it attack on his own initiative.

“This idiot, I told him not to face Long Chen. If he did encounter him, he was supposed to direct people over to him in secret. My words actually went in one ear and out the other!” raged the elder.

Long Chen was not within the domain of things that they could calculate. Only by calculating things about the Martial Heaven Alliance, the Dragonblood Legion, the Xuantian Dao Sect, and some other people near Long Chen could they get a general prediction of Long Chen’s next action.

So Long Chen was extremely dangerous to the people of Heavenly Fate Island, and the disciples who had been sent into the Yin Yang World had been warned not to approach him. They should run as far as possible from him. 

In truth, this matter was also this elder’s fault. Luo Tianji and the others thought that their skill in reading the future meant that they would be able to tell when danger was about to befall them. They also had the attack of a Netherpassage expert’s Yuan Spirit to rely on. 

If he had told Luo Tianji that his Yuan Spirit attack was useless against Long Chen, Luo Tianji would definitely have run immediately instead of arrogantly testing Long Chen’s power.

“No good, I have to alert the others. They have to stay away from Long Chen, or those idiots will just send themselves to their deaths one by one.” The elder’s expression was gloomy as he walked out of the cave.

Luo Tianji was dumbfounded. The incomparably powerful and god-like master of his had actually fled as soon as he had seen Long Chen.

Luo Tianji’s entire body felt cold. He despaired. At that moment, he suddenly recalled the words his master had told him: don’t get close to Long Chen. Regretfully, he understood too late.

“Long Chen, I beg you, let me go. I don’t want to die.” Luo Tianji knelt on the ground, begging. In front of death, his heart crumbled. 

Ye Lingshan looked at him contemptuously. She hated people like this the most. They looked at others like they were ants that could be crushed as they pleased, taking lives without batting an eye. But when it was their turn, they began to act pitiful. They never thought about the people that had begged them to live as well.

“Give me a reason,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Luo Tianji suddenly clenched his teeth. “I can tell you a major secret of Pill Valley. In truth, behind Pill Valley is…”

Luo Tianji’s whole body suddenly stiffened. Long Chen’s expression changed, and he hastily reached out, placing a hand over Luo Tianji’s forehead. His powerful Spiritual Strength surged into Luo Tianji’s mind-sea.

“What is behind Pill Valley?!” demanded Long Chen.

Regretfully, Luo Tianji could no longer answer. When Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength invaded Luo Tianji’s mind-sea, he saw the latter’s Yuan Spirit rapidly withering away. His Spiritual Strength was unable to stop it.

Long Chen let go, and Luo Tianji’s body fell to the ground. His eyes were staring blankly ahead.

“It was a spiritual restriction. He probably didn’t even know about it. As he talked about something protected by that restriction, it devoured his Yuan Spirit, killing him,” sighed Long Chen.

“Even the four Fate Princes would be killed to keep this secret quiet? What kind of secret could that be?” Ye Lingshan was stunned.

Long Chen shook his head. Things were probably more complicated than he had thought.

“Before dying, he said that there’s something behind Pill Valley. Is he saying that there’s another backer behind Pill Valley, or that Pill Valley has more moves left?” Ye Lingshan’s expression was grave. This giant scheme was shockingly huge.

“Don’t waste your time worrying about things you can’t change. I also won’t change myself to follow other people’s plans. Life is like a game of chess. There are countless experts and wily old foxes that have lived for countless years. Who could possibly beat them?” said Long Chen indifferently as if he didn’t care about this giant scheme.

“Then what should we do?” asked Ye Lingshan.

“Raise our own power. When others find you to beat you in chess, smash their chessboard and then smash their heads. That’s all.” Long Chen smiled.

“I’m being serious,” said Ye Lingshan.

“So am I. If you understand, then you understand. If you don’t, then you won’t get it no matter what I say. So rather than wasting the effort, let’s focus on searching for treasures.”

Long Chen flipped through Luo Tianji’s body but didn’t find anything rare. He saw a jade plate carved with monstrous images that he didn’t understand. He guessed it had something to do with calculating the future.

The rest of what he had was just a few spirit crystals and some weapons, but most unexpectedly, Luo Tianji’s spatial ring was of a high enough grade to store divine items. He had over thirty divine items inside. Although the majority were quasi divine items, that was definitely not bad.

After emptying Luo Tianji’s pockets, Long Chen and Ye Lingshan moved on, searching through the rest of the area.

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