Chapter 1858 Attack of the Divine Gate (Teaser)

Luo Tianji’s expression was sinister. He had a bad feeling that Long Chen had seen through his intentions.

However, at this point, he had no choice but to release this final move of his. He had to bet everything.

The divine light shot out of his glabella. Passing through his hands, the runes on his hands were activated, and divine light enveloped Long Chen.

Ye Lingshan’s expression completely changed. This was the pressure of a Yuan Spirit, and it was so powerful that she couldn’t move. This kind of power was not something a Soul Transformation disciple should possess.

“It’s the pressure of a Netherpassage expert’s Yuan Spirit!” exclaimed Ye Lingshan.

The instant that Long Chen was enveloped in that divine light, the light in front of him condensed into the form of an elder. That elder was precisely the one that Long Chen had shown before. It was Luo Tianji’s master.

Without a word, the elder’s palm slammed forward, filled with the power of his Yuan Spirit.


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