Chapter 1857 The Source

“I wouldn’t dare to lie!” cried Luo Tianji.

Long Chen suddenly slapped him in the face. “Are you even a man? If you don’t even dare to lie, what good are you? If you don’t lie, how am I supposed to do the ants climbing a tree?”

Luo Tianji was still dazed from Long Chen’s slap. Now he didn’t even know how to reply.

To the side, Ye Lingshan almost laughed. Long Chen was truly evil. Not even the truth was acceptable.

“Alright, tell me, is Pill Valley the one trying to fracture the Martial Heaven Alliance?” asked Ye Lingshan.


Long Chen slapped him once more, scolding, “We knew it was Pill Valley a long time ago. Get to the details.”

The current Luo Tianji didn’t view his life as a bargaining chip anymore. His life was fully in Long Chen’s grasp. Death wasn’t frightening, what was frightening was a life worse than death. More importantly, he had always been afraid of death.

“I’ll speak! Pill Valley has great ambitions. These years, they’ve been competing against the Huayun Sect, and they want to topple it. They secretly expressed their wishes to the Martial Heaven Alliance years ago, hoping for them to stop buying the Huayun Sect’s pills…”

As Luo Tianji explained, Long Chen and Ye Lingshan learned that a portion of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s enmity with Pill Valley stemmed from the Huayun Sect.

The Martial Heaven Alliance had refused Pill Valley when they had made that offer, saying that the Martial Heaven Alliance was nothing more than a united front for the Righteous path. They could not restrict the freedom of the Righteous path’s sects.

Anything that was not beneficial to the Righteous path’s development could be thrown away. So they refused Pill Valley’s request to monopolize the medicinal pill market.

In truth, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s decision was definitely correct. Only through freedom of competition could there be an improvement. With a monopoly, the Righteous path would be controlled. 

Although Pill Valley claimed to be neutral, outside the world’s fighting, who could say anything for sure? Who could guarantee that each generation of valley masters would not have any wild ambitions?

If Pill Valley monopolized the medicinal pill market, the Righteous path’s life would be in Pill Valley’s hands. They would be led by the nose.

The Huayun Sect’s pill market was very beneficial to the Righteous path. The first benefit was that the price of the medicinal pills would be more stable. Pill Valley couldn’t raise the prices to outrageous levels because they had competitors.

The aftermath also proved that the Martial Heaven Alliance’s decision was correct. As the world’s number one alliance, Pill Valley hadn’t dared to offend them.

The Martial Heaven Alliance ignored where the medicinal pills came from. They accepted them from Pill Valley and the Huayun Sect, deciding which pills to buy based on the price and quality.

When the Huayun Sect first stepped foot into the medicinal pill market, it had been supported by the Martial Heaven Alliance in secret. Their alchemy department rapidly developed to the point that they actually occupied a tenth of the pill market.

A tenth might not look like much, but medicinal pills were not the Huayun Sect’s main business. For them to have such accomplishments was amazing. They had forcibly ripped out a piece of Pill Valley’s meat.

Pill Valley had naturally launched a counterblow at that time. They had tried to step foot into the Huayun Sect’s territory and start some auction houses.

However, Pill Valley’s people were all arrogant and disdainful of others. Everything they said was hurtful, so it wasn’t long before this new department of theirs went bankrupt.

They had no choice but to leave that market. They had even turned into laughingstocks during that time. It was starting then that Pill Valley’s reputation began to gradually fall.

Hearing this, Ye Lingshan and Long Chen immediately knew that Pill Valley wanted to use medicinal pills to control the entire world.

To control the world, the Martial Heaven Alliance needed to be controlled. However, the leaders of the Martial Heaven Alliance had seen through their goals. Not only had they refused their request, but they had even secretly supported the Huayun Sect.

This way, the Huayun Sect and Pill Valley had become competitors, and the monopoly was broken. Without a monopoly, they were much less dangerous.

However, it seemed that the Martial Heaven Alliance had underestimated Pill Valley’s ambitions. Unable to control the Martial Heaven Alliance, they instead allied themselves with the Corrupt path, the ancient races, the Xuan Beasts, and even the ancient family alliance and some of the Righteous sects. Through external pressure, they forced the interior to break.

Clearly, Pill Valley had been scheming for a long time. The current Martial Heaven Alliance had fallen into Pill Valley’s scheme and was now in a very dangerous and chaotic state.

Heavenly Fate Island had only been drawn over to the lure of profit, becoming Pill Valley’s helpers. However, when Ye Lingshan realized all this, her expression changed.

Heavenly Fate Island’s power to peer into the heavens allowed them to make very accurate predictions of the past and future. If they had allied themselves with Pill Valley, didn’t that mean they had foreseen Pill Valley’s victory? Had the destiny of the Martial Heaven Alliance really come to an end?

“Don’t fall for their self-claimed fate-reading abilities. The future can’t be read. They only know a few superficial tricks used for conning others. For example, isn’t this fellow one of the four Fate Princes or something? He should be very skilled amongst their disciples, but if he could read the future, how could he fall into my hands?” mocked Long Chen.

Ye Lingshan’s eyes brightened. That was true. If their calculations were always accurate, how could it be that this person had been unable to see the imminent danger that had been about to befall him?

“Little bird, tell me, how many people came from Heavenly Fate Island this time?” asked Long Chen.

“Nineteen. All four of the Fate Princes have come. The rest are all elites amongst elites. We were sent in with the first wave,” said Luo Tianji. He explained it at all very clearly because he knew being half-hearted would only earn him a slap.

“So many people entered in one go? So they’re targeting me?” Long Chen’s lips curled.



“Explain in detail,” ordered Long Chen after another slap.

Luo Tianji lowered his head, his eyes filled with hatred and rage. He was one of the four Fate Princes and had never been treated this way. However, his life was in Long Chen’s hands, so he obediently said, “Yes, they mostly came to target you and the Dragonblood Legion, as well as her, he nodded toward Ye Lingshan. Our mission this time is to gather all the experts and annihilate you within the Yin Yang World. Once you’re dead, the Righteous path’s morale will receive a fatal blow. That’s also our mission.”

Ye Lingshan’s expression changed. “Long Chen, you should hurry and send a message to your Dragonblood Legion…”

“No need. I just saw them. Right now, these fellows have no intention of attacking. My guess is that they are still taking advantage of this time when everyone has only just entered the Yin Yang World to gather some treasures. As for the Dragonblood Legion, that’s a matter for later. Furthermore, even if they wanted to gather everyone to attack us, everyone is currently searching for their own treasures, so no one would listen to them.”

Ye Lingshan nodded with a bitter expression. “It seems I’m still a fool compared to you.” Ye Lingshan was also a genius who had soared from a low background. She had experienced many obstacles, many pitfalls. Normally, she would view herself as smart enough, but now she found that her head wasn’t as good as she thought. Long Chen had seen through this point without even thinking about it. She couldn’t even retort against his guess.

“In the end, brains won’t let you change fate. It relies on power.” Long Chen shook his head. More and more, he was admiring the old man. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s cultivation style was definitely correct. As a result, Long Chen understood the phrase Man Proposes, God Disposes even better now.

“Little bird, tell me, do you know how to lie?” asked Long Chen.

“No, definitely not!” Luo Tianji hastily shook his head.

“Then do you need me to teach you?”

To the side, Ye Lingshan was speechless. This fellow Long Chen really wanted to play Luo Tianji to death.

Luo Tianji lowered his head, not responding. His hand shuddered slightly. He was clearly infuriated but forcibly suppressed himself.

“To tell you the truth, cooperating so well leaves me no reason to use the eighteen Ironman tortures on you. So I’ll just ask you another question. Who is this old ghost?” Long Chen waved his hand. His Spiritual Strength condensed into the image of an elder.

That elder’s expression was icy, his eyes filled with rage. His gaze looked like a sword that could pierce a person’s mind.

“Master?” Luo Tianji couldn’t help being surprised. This person was his master, but he was also the elder that had attacked Long Chen when Long Chen had returned to the Eastern Wasteland for his parents.

At that time, he had arrived one step before Heavenly Fate Island’s expert. After capturing that expert, this mysterious elder had launched a spiritual attack from across space.

That attack was something he had been powerless to resist, but the Divine Gate Star had automatically launched a counterattack, forcing his opponent back.

What Long Chen didn’t know was that the Divine Gate Star’s counterattack hadn’t just forced back his opponent, it had destroyed that person’s Heavenly Eye that he had only condensed after spending years of effort.

That elder was Luo Tianji’s master, and the expert that Long Chen had slain in the Eastern Wasteland was another one of his disciples.

He had never mentioned the destruction of his Heavenly Eye to anyone, nor had he ever told anyone about his defeat to Long Chen. It was too embarrassing.

That was why even Luo Tianji didn’t know about Long Chen’s enmity with his master, nor did he know that a portion of Heavenly Fate Island’s decision to join Pill Valley came from this elder’s enmity with Long Chen.

“So he’s your master. Haha, this must be fate. But I just want to ask you one more question, is your hand trembling because you’re angry? Because you’re afraid? Or is it because you’re preparing some kind of sinister move to kill me?” Long Chen looked at Luo Tianji with a faint smile.

Luo Tianji’s expression suddenly changed. His gaze was sinister as he slammed his hands together into a hand seal. Two strange runes erupted from between his hands.


Light exploded from Luo Tianji’s head. A ray of light shot through the runes from his two hands, and those runes transformed into divine power. Long Chen didn’t even have a chance to dodge. Even Ye Lingshan was encompassed by that divine light. At the same time, a terrifying spiritual pressure descended.

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