Chapter 1856 Ants Climbing a Tree

To the side, Ye Lingshan felt like she was dreaming. Even seeing that Heavenly Fate Island disciple lying there, she still couldn’t quite believe it.

Long Chen kicked the disciple, saying, “You said that sowing dissension is Pill Valley’s specialty. So are you saying that the main culprit behind targeting the Martial Heaven Alliance is Pill Valley, while you are just accomplices?”

“I… didn’t… say anything.”

That disciple’s face had distorted from the pain. It was definitely the only spot no man could endure being struck.

Not only that, but Long Chen had sealed his meridians so he couldn’t block the pain with his spiritual yuan, let alone fight back.

“Oh, not bad. You have some guts. Hehe, to tell you the truth, I really like people with guts,” praised Long Chen. “It just so happens that I’m looking for someone with bigger guts than me. I get particularly excited seeing a tough guy like you. Thank you for giving me such a chance. I hope I’ll get to personally witness a courageous hero be born.”

“What… what are you thinking of doing? Don’t get any crazy thoughts. I, Luo Tianji, am one of Heavenly Fate Island’s four Fate Princes. If you touch a single hair on my head- AH!”

That Luo Tianji hadn’t even finished speaking when Long Chen reached out and yanked a bunch of his hair out. Even part of his scalp was torn off.

Ye Lingshan jumped. Long Chen’s actions were too sudden. Just now, he had been smiling so brightly.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. What were you saying? If I touch a single hair on your head, what will happen? It couldn’t be that you’ll kill me for that, right? Gosh, wouldn’t I have just provoked a calamity then?” asked Long Chen, feigning surprise.

Ye Lingshan was speechless. How could a peerless expert like Long Chen look like a bandit now?

However, Luo Tianji’s previous actions had made it so that she felt no pity for him. Long Chen was helping her relieve her hate. As expected, evil people were best handled by evil people.

“You…” Luo Tianji finally revealed some expression of fear.

He recalled how Long Chen was said to never submit to threats. It was due to that character that he had enemies on all sides. For Luo Tianji to have threatened Long Chen now, he could only blame himself. He finally felt fear because he had heard that Long Chen was vicious and ruthless. There was nothing in this world that he didn’t dare to do.

“What are the four Fate Princes? I’ve never heard of them,” demanded Long Chen. Did this fool think that he could threaten him in his current position?

Before Luo Tianji could answer, Ye Lingshan explained, “The four Fate Princes are the top disciples of Heavenly Fate Island. The island master will eventually pick one of them to be his heir. In other words, one of the four of them will eventually become the new island master. I heard that all of them have abandoned their true names, instead taking on the name of Tianji, and using their master’s surname as their surname. Since he’s called Luo Tianji, his master should also be surnamed Luo. To raise a disciple on the level of the Fate Princes, his master should be on the level of the Grand Elders, with a cultivation base in the Netherpassage realm.”

“My master isn’t just a Netherpassage expert, he’s the vice island master! He controls the majority of Heavenly Fate Island’s matters!” shouted Luo Tianji. He was now using his own life as a bargaining chip.

He had to show that he had enough value and enough of a background to make Long Chen have some misgivings about killing him. Perhaps that was his only chance to survive.

This time, he was smarter and didn’t add the part about not touching a single hair on his head. Long Chen wouldn’t touch a single hair but would rip it out by the handful.

“Oh, how amazing. I’ve been rude. Since you’re such a big figure, things are easier. Originally, I was worried that you wouldn’t know much information, but now I’m at ease. Here’s the first question. Are the people targeting the Martial Heaven Alliance backed by the full power of Pill Valley?” asked Long Chen.

“I don’t-”

Just as Luo Tianji tried to say that he didn’t know, Long Chen slapped him across the face. His skin instantly split open, and half his teeth fell to the ground. Long Chen’s ability at slapping out teeth was very sharp.

“Long Chen, you know my status! If you kill me, you know the consequences!” roared Luo Tianji.

“Kill you? No, I won’t kill you.” Long Chen shook his head.

Hearing this, a trace of joy appeared in Luo Tianji’s eyes, but he suppressed it.

Long Chen acted like he hadn’t seen anything and continued, “I just want to see if the possible future island master is a true courageous hero.” After saying that, Long Chen took out a bucket. “Lingshan, you’re in for a treat. I’ll show you the eighteen Ironman tortures I learned from the jailers of the Phoenix Cry Empire.”

“What are the eighteen Ironman tortures?” asked Ye Lingshan.

Long Chen smiled brightly. “In the Phoenix Cry Empire’s prisons, there are three hundred and sixty forms of torture for the convicts. The tortures are split into different ranks, low, medium, high, and Ironman. It is said that the Ironman tortures are so great that even a man made of iron would open his mouth during them. I’ve heard that no one can endure all eighteen tortures, but I refuse to believe it. In the Phoenix Cry Empire, everyone is a mortal and isn’t skilled in cultivation. They will barely survive a single one. But cultivators have great life force and won’t die so easily. That’s why I also want to see if a person can survive all eighteen tortures. If such a person exists, they are truly worthy of being called a hero, and I will respect them.”

“Then up until now, has anyone survived them?” Ye Lingshan caught on and began to cooperate.

“It’s very regretful, but no one has lasted through more than ten,” sighed Long Chen. However, he quickly looked at Luo Tianji, causing a bad premonition to rise in the latter’s heart. “However, perhaps I might succeed today. Oh, grand Fate Prince, I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

Long Chen began to encourage Luo Tianji as he arranged a stove on the ground. He placed the iron bucket on top of it and opened a hole.

“Let’s start the first Ironman torture: ants climbing a tree,” said Long Chen.

“Ants climbing a tree? That sounds quite interesting,” said Ye Lingshan.

“Of course. In the Phoenix Cry Empire, the jailors would catch a few hundred fire ants and toss them in a bucket. The convicts would be bound to the barrel, their butt facing the opening. They would then seal the other side and raise the heat. The fire ants would go crazy from the heat and want to escape. There was only one exit, but it was covered by that person’s butt. As a result, those little fellows would think of some way to get out. Lingshan, let me tell you, I’ve heard that some of the amazing fire ants are able to crawl out through people’s mouths. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but hopefully we’ll be able to see today. Just wait here. I saw a group of fire ants when I first entered. They looked very strong and are probably a special variation. They were as thick as a finger. I’ll catch them now. Grand Fate Prince, hopefully you’ll give me a good display.” Long Chen began to leave.

Ye Lingshan had originally felt the name to be quite interesting, but from his detailed explanation, she shivered. At first, she had thought that cutting Luo Tianji into pieces would be the only way to resolve her hatred, but now she was starting to sympathize with him.

Having fallen into Long Chen’s hands, he was doomed. Based on Long Chen’s character, his goal wasn’t to play with him, but to play him to death.

“You city people really know how to play,” sighed Ye Lingshan. She had been born in a poor area. Killing people for their wealth was common. However, today Long Chen was opening her eyes to the world.

“Wait… wait a moment!” shouted Luo Tianji with terror.

“Wait for what? I won’t permit you to go back on our deal. I rarely admire experts, and if you back out, my admiration might turn into rage,” said Long Chen.

“I… I…” Luo Tianji didn’t know what to say.

“I what? Don’t worry, those fire ants are very close. I won’t make you wait too long.”

“No… senior apprentice-brother Long Chen… daddy Long Chen… grandpa Long Chen… great ancestor Long Chen, I submit. Please, let me go. I’ll tell you whatever you want to know,” pleaded Luo Tianji. He was broken. He didn’t want to die, but Long Chen’s techniques were worse than death.

Thinking of those fire ants entering his body, let alone experiencing it, just thinking about it was unbearable.

He regretted entering the Yin Yang World. How had he been so unlucky to encounter a Yama King in such a large place?

“Long Chen, ask!” said Ye Lingshan upon seeing him hesitate.

“Compared to asking questions, I’d rather see that display. I’m at a loss,” said Long Chen.

Ye Lingshan was speechless. Long Chen truly was a demon king. Even she didn’t know if he was trying to scare Luo Tianji or if he really wanted to torture him.

“It’s fine, we should have a chance afterwards! So I’ll ask first, and if you lie, we can continue playing ants climbing a tree,” said Long Chen.

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