Chapter 1855 The Ancestor of Conning

That Heavenly Fate Island disciple thought that victory was in his grasp, that everything was in his control, but when he heard that voice, his expression completely changed. He slowly turned around.

“Long Chen!”

His voice shuddered. Behind him was the person he had wanted to avoid the most. Long Chen was slowly walking over to him with a cold smile.

Ye Lingshan was ecstatic to see Long Chen, but she shouted, “Be careful! This person is a master of calculations! Every move is within his expectations!”

This warning came from her own experience. This disciple had wielded his ruler while forming seals with his other hand, clearly constantly performing calculations. He was able to calculate, attack, and speak all at once. That had fully shocked Ye Lingshan. She felt profoundly helpless against him.

It was like they were playing chess, but each of her moves landed her further in his trap. There was no way for her to beat him.

Furthermore, in this location, there was no way for her to go all-out. She could only use technique to win, but she was being read like a book. She had never felt so powerless. That feeling of having power but not being able to use it was hateful.

Heavenly Fate Island’s experts could not be judged according to just power. Their fighting style was absolutely bizarre, and it made others feel like they had no hope of victory.

“A master of calculations?” Long Chen still had a faint smile. “If he really was a master of calculations, he wouldn’t have entered the Yin Yang World. You’ve been fooled. At most, he is a dabbler.”

Long Chen refused to believe this person could fight while calculating the opponent’s next move. Even if there was someone capable of such a feat, it was definitely not someone like the person before him.

In battle, a thousand changes could occur in a second. By the time he calculated the result of one move, he’d already be dead. So Long Chen refused to believe this person could be powerful to that extent.

“It’s true!” exclaimed Ye Lingshan.

“It’s alright. I’ll expose his scam.” Long Chen suddenly stepped forward, a sword appearing in his hand. After that, a cold light calmly slashed toward the Heavenly Fate Island disciple.

“Hmph, Long Chen, you’re too arrogant. Let me experience your moves to see if you are really as amazing as the legends say.” The disciple’s ruler slashed out at a diagonal angle. It just so happened to be Ye Lingshan’s weakest spot, and she instinctively dodged. Missing Ye Lingshan, his ruler spun to strike Long Chen’s saber. It looked coincidental, but it was an absolutely perfect move.

This kind of technique was definitely not normal. He managed to force back Ye Lingshan and block Long Chen’s sword just like that as if everything was within his calculations.

The marks on his ruler lit up, and a portion of Long Chen’s power was stripped away as if it had landed on cotton, making Long Chen feel like he couldn’t unleash his power.

“Oh, this is a bit interesting. Lingshan, get back. I’ll exchange a few more blows with him.” Long Chen was slightly surprised. It seemed he had underestimated this person. This one move of his was inconceivably perfect. It was not something that could be explained with common sense.

Long Chen repeatedly attacked, using a different move each time, but that disciple blocked him every time. Sometimes, he would also take advantage of an opening to attack with his ruler, aiming for Long Chen’s vitals.

Although this Heavenly Fate Island disciple had not unleashed his Heavenly Dao manifestation, his aura was very powerful, and his attacks were sharp. Although he couldn’t compare to the likes of Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi, he was definitely the strongest existence below that level.

Someone on his level was definitely worth being sent in by a Netherpassage expert in advance. 

“All your techniques are within my control. All your secrets are in plain sight to me. In front of me, you have no chance of victory. This is all you have?” sneered the Heavenly Fate Island disciple.

Ye Lingshan grew more and more nervous. She clenched her sword. Even Long Chen’s techniques were well within this disciple’s calculations. She prepared herself to interfere when Long Chen was in danger. Although that would damage his reputation, now wasn’t the time to care about that. This disciple from Heavenly Fate Island was too strange.

“When it comes to conning people, I was born on a completely different level from you. I’ve used nineteen different techniques now, and you’ve blocked me nineteen times and counterattacked three times. Your moves are quite varied, but your legs are like blocks of wood, and your waist is as clumsy as a pig. That’s not how someone fights with power. Your so-called calculations are nothing more than you recording your opponent’s moves and transmitting them to your divine item, this strange ruler. Your ruler automatically blocks and attacks for you. Does that have the slightest thing to do with your calculations? Who do you think you’re trying to trick?” sneered Long Chen.

“Nonsense!” The disciple cursed angrily at Long Chen’s words.

Hearing this, Ye Lingshan was shocked. It was like a flash of lightning had appeared in her mind. She seemed to grasp something.

Before this, she hadn’t noticed, but now she found that this disciple’s movements truly seemed to lack some synergy between his arms and legs.

A normal person wouldn’t see anything odd, but Ye Lingshan had experienced more than her fair share of battles. She was able to tell that this disciple wasn’t using power from his legs or waist. That truly didn’t make sense.

No matter what technique someone used, they had to store up power to unleash it. Power always came from the feet, or the attack would be as light as a feather.

This disciple wasn’t fighting with his whole body, but he was still able to unleash quite a bit of power. That was strange.

Was it all his divine item? Ye Lingshan didn’t quite believe it.

“This isn’t nonsense. Based on my years of conning and experience protecting myself from scams, I can see the special runes on your ruler. It has most likely recorded all the techniques and counters of the continent. As long as you show it what move your opponent is doing, the ruler will automatically come up with the most effective method to block it. This ruler is like an abacus, calculating the opponent’s techniques. Heavenly Fate Island really comes up with some interesting things. You actually have something like this to scam others. However, this thing has a fatal weakness,” said Long Chen.

“Bastard, don’t talk rubbish! You are courting death!” raged the disciple. His ruler began to shine as its runes lit up. Its power soared.

“What? Are you afraid of me exposing Heavenly Fate Island’s scam? You might be able to con others, but you can’t con me because I’m the ancestor of conning people. Since you refuse to accept the truth, I’ll show you your ruler’s greatest weak spot.”

Long Chen suddenly laughed. Then, just as suddenly, he spat at the disciple’s face. This disciple had never imagined that Long Chen would do something like that. His ruler quivered and then actually became still.

That disciple instinctively turned his head to dodge Long Chen’s spit, but this action moved his face right into the path of a large hand.

Long Chen’s left hand slapped him across the face. His skin split open, and blood flew.

Right after the slap, Long Chen kicked him in the crotch, and a strange sound rang out. It was almost like the sound of an egg being crushed.


A heart-rending cry came from the disciple. He collapsed to the ground.

His divine item was about to flee when Long Chen grabbed it. He then tossed it into the primal chaos space.


The ruler actually fought within the primal chaos space. It exploded. It wasn’t that it self-detonated, but that the primal chaos bead had annihilated it.

No one could go against the primal chaos bead’s will within the primal chaos space. If it didn’t submit, then the primal chaos bead would automatically destroy it. Even Long Chen couldn’t stop it.


Long Chen shook his head. He wasn’t scolding the disciple but the divine item. For it to go against the primal chaos bead, it had been courting death.

Ye Lingshan covered her mouth, filled with disbelief. Even with her combat experience, she was stunned by this. This powerful and bizarre Heavenly Fate Island disciple had been handled just like this.

A spit and a slap was all it took? Looking at the disciple groaning on the ground, she noticed that his legs had grown longer.

Well, more accurately, the place where his legs split had gone up now. Long Chen’s kick had truly been vicious.

The pain from that place was something that even Heavenly Dao energy couldn’t suppress. He was rolling on the ground, crying in pain.

Long Chen’s foot stamped on his chest. The sounds of a dying pig came to a sudden stop. The world became silent.

“Alright, stop singing. I’m sure singing for so long takes it out of you as well. Let’s get to business.” Long Chen squatted down, looking at this disciple of Heavenly Fate Island.

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