Chapter 1854 Heavenly Fate Expert

The sharp attack came without the slightest warning. Only once it was about to strike him did Long Chen sense it. His attacker was definitely very powerful.

With a cold snort, Long Chen didn’t even look back. Lightning runes appeared, and it was like he was suddenly yanked away. He appeared further away.

The sharp Sword Qi struck the barrier, causing the barrier’s runes to quiver intensely. Countless runes surged toward the strange tree at the top.

That tree suddenly rocked, its leaves emitting rays of divine light that shot toward the attacker.

Not only that, but the surrounding mountains’ formations also lit up. It was like a chain reaction, and rays of light shot out mercilessly from all directions.

“Fuck!” Long Chen cursed inside. Those light rays were including Long Chen in their range. He didn’t even have time to dodge.

Countless light rays shot their way at him, their sharpness causing goosebumps to creep over his skin. But fortunately, they were focused on the other person.

When the light rays faded, Long Chen looked around. Everything had gone back to normal. As for that person, he had vanished. There wasn’t the slightest trace of his existence left. There was no corpse, not even a bloodstain.

“How vicious.” Long Chen clicked his tongue. This formation was truly terrifying. Let alone a Soul Transformation expert, even a Netherpassage expert would probably have died.

Just now, he hadn’t gotten a good look at who had attacked him, but based on their abilities to sneak up on him so well, they had to be a powerful expert and might have been amongst the first wave of experts to be sent in.

However, even an expert on this level was killed by this formation without being able to make a sound.

Long Chen blessed his luck that he hadn’t tried to snatch anything from behind the barriers. Just now, he really had been thinking about doing so. Looking at the results though, he abandoned that idea.

He put away the Butterfly Wing Dragon Bone Mandara. Just one was enough with the primal chaos space. He could breed as many of them as he needed.

Although he didn’t know how to use them, his intuition was telling him that it was a priceless treasure.

It seemed this place was a private garden that was protected by a grand formation. “This place definitely has a master. But who is it?”

Long Chen was filled with suspicions. If all of this belonged to someone, then why wouldn’t they have actual people defending the treasures? Just relying on formations wasn’t very reliable.

Continuing onward, he saw that some of the mountains didn’t have formations protecting them. However, there were also no precious medicines growing within them. It seemed that they had already been gathered.

As he went onward, he felt like he was in a maze. All the mountains were almost identical. It was all too easy to get lost.

Long Chen left his own specific spiritual marks as he advanced, so at the very least, he could retreat.

“Radiant Fire Flower, Seven Star Primordial Yang Grass, Four Claw Heavenly South Star. Fuck, I can see them but can’t get at them.”

Long Chen’s heart was dripping blood. Although he had gained a few outliers on the edges of the mountains, the majority were locked behind the barriers.

“All of you, just wait! Sooner or later, you’ll be mine!” Long Chen clenched his teeth. This was the only way for him to comfort himself.

Suddenly, some light fluctuations drew his attention. He immediately began rushing over in that direction. However, within this place, he couldn’t go in a straight line. He had no choice but to detour around the mountains.

As he got closer, the fluctuations grew clearer. People were fighting, but their fighting fluctuations were suppressed. 

“You should just stop. Within this place, you aren’t a match for me. Obediently surrender, and I won’t harm a hair on your head.”

A man’s voice rang out. His voice was very gentle, but calculating, as if everything that had happened was within his expectations. He was advising someone, but his tone was unquestionable.

This voice was foreign to Long Chen, and he couldn’t help being curious who would be so brazen as to fight here. If he touched the formations, he would be annihilated.

“The Martial Heaven Alliance has never offended Heavenly Fate Island. Are you not afraid of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s army crashing down on your Heavenly Fate Island?” demanded a woman, her voice full of righteous indignation.

Long Chen was startled. This voice belonged to Ye Lingshan. Hiding his aura, Long Chen slowly got closer.

Passing a mountain, he finally saw a somewhat spacious mountain valley. But it was only ten miles wide.

This mountain valley was the only space in the surroundings that wasn’t protected by a formation. Within it was a woman with a sword fighting a man.

The man had cyan robes and wore his hair in a Daoist’s topknot. He was wielding a strange weapon.

It looked like a sword but had no blade or tip. It was a ruler covered in various runes as well as meticulous marks of tiny scales.

Neither of them had activated their manifestations, nor did they dare to go all-out here. All their power was focused within their weapons.

What surprised Long Chen was that the man’s strange ruler seemed to be able to predict the future. Each time, his moves would block Ye Lingshan’s attacks before she could fully unleash them. 

Each time she tried to attack, he would easily resolve it. As for when he attacked, his attack would always catch her off guard. Ye Lingshan was clearly at a disadvantage.

His strange ruler was blocking Ye Lingshan’s attacks perfectly. It was like he was playing around. “The Martial Heaven Alliance? Do you think it’s the old unstoppable alliance? When Qu Jianying went into seclusion, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s interior was infiltrated by outsiders. On the surface, it looks like twenty percent of the Righteous path has left the Martial Heaven Alliance, but there’s over thirty percent of people who have adopted a wait-and-see approach. For a single Long Chen, Qu Jianying has become enemies with the rest of the world. Her stubbornness has brought a calamity to the Martial Heaven Alliance. Who would be willing to sacrifice themselves fighting for the Martial Heaven Alliance just because Qu Jianying insists on protecting Long Chen? I guarantee that as long as she doesn’t expel Long Chen, more and more people will leave the Martial Heaven Alliance, until it finally completely fractures. As long as the proportion of people who want to leave surpasses a third, the equilibrium of the Martial Heaven Alliance will be shattered. We’re already not far from that number. The Martial Heaven Alliance’s destruction is an unstoppable trend. My Heavenly Fate Island has already read that this is the will of the heavens. The destiny of the Martial Heaven Alliance has come to an end, so I’d advise you to surrender while you can, or death will be the only thing left for you.”

The man’s words weren’t wrong. The Righteous path’s hearts had never been united. They constantly schemed and fought amongst themselves. The Martial Heaven Alliance was not a sect, but a force of all the Righteous path’s sects to resist the Corrupt path.

When the Martial Heaven Alliance had first been formed, it had been because the Righteous path’s experts and sects had been like sand. Each individual could be easily picked off and suppressed by the other large powers, let alone the Corrupt path’s sneak attacks. In the face of a mortal crisis, the Righteous path had united into an alliance.

This alliance had been on an unprecedented scale. All the Righteous path’s disciples had been united, and the Martial Heaven Alliance had instantly leaped to become the largest alliance on the Martial Heaven Continent. Its position was something that no one could rattle.

Now however? People seemed to have forgotten why the Martial Heaven Alliance had been established, as well as the dark times the Righteous path had experienced back then. They had also forgotten the history of how the Corrupt path, the ancient races, and the Xuan Beasts had almost caused the Righteous path to be destroyed.

It was a typical case of forgetting about the injury once the scab healed. Many clever people fell victim to their own smarts. They thought that the change of the era would cause the state of the world to completely transform, and they wanted to get as much out of this new era as possible. They wanted to rise in the world. However, they had overlooked the fact that those who weren’t on their side could be harboring ulterior motives. Their ‘allies’ might be peaceful now, but that was a facade. In the future, when they finally bared their fangs, it would be too late.

Ye Lingshan originally hadn’t known about all of this because Qu Jianying hadn’t told her. However, she had asked Long Chen about it, and Long Chen had already told her about how he had seen through the false faces of the Righteous path a long time ago. As a result, she didn’t place her hopes on them.

Now hearing this person’s words, Ye Lingshan clenched her teeth angrily. “Heavenly Fate Island is definitely behind this! You’re the ones sowing dissension, you bastards!”

“Hahaha, sowing dissension is the specialty of Pill Valley. As for Heavenly Fate Island, we just follow the will of the heavens. I’ll tell you the truth. Having entered the Yin Yang World, Long Chen will never be able to return to the Martial Heaven Continent. There will no longer be a Long Chen in the Martial Heaven Continent. As for you, if you surrender, you’ll have a high position. You can join us. As long as you condemn Qu Jianying for some evil deeds and help us topple the Martial Heaven Alliance, we will give you the alliance to lead. There will be no need for Qu Jianying to die first. You can become the alliance head right now. How’s that?” asked the man from Heavenly Fate Island.

“As if! I, Ye Lingshan, will not betray my master even if I have to die!” raged Ye Lingshan. These people were really sinister. They actually wanted Ye Lingshan, Qu Jianying’s most important disciple, to betray her.

If she went through with that, it would be the final nail in the coffin for the Martial Heaven Alliance. Their morale would plummet, and they would really fracture.

“Alright, then I’ll have to settle for the next best thing. Once I kill you and give your head to Qu Jianying, I’ll see if her temper really is as explosive as the stories say. Maybe she’ll directly start a war, haha,” laughed the man.

However, his laughter was interrupted by an icy voice.

“How about I cut your head off instead and gift it to the master of Heavenly Fate Island!”

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