Chapter 1853 Butterfly Wing Dragon Bone Mandara (Teaser)

“What is this?”

Long Chen looked at the object blankly. It was a small bone with many lines carved into it. The bone was slightly translucent and emitted odd fluctuations.

“It’s a strange thing we obtained from one of the Xuan Beasts we cut down. Through a soulsearch, we learned it’s a secret communication tool of the Xuan Beasts. If this bone is activated, it can search the surroundings to see if there are any Xuan Beasts nearby. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, if you take it, you’ll be able to gain some information. When many Xuan Beasts gather in one place, there’s a higher chance of there being treasures. You can activate this bone with Spiritual Strength to search for the nearby Xuan Beasts, however, it requires a special technique to use it to communicate with them, and that technique was guarded by spiritual restrictions, so we couldn’t learn it. We were planning on throwing away this bone because we didn’t want the Xuan Beasts to attack us, but I feel like someone like you doesn’t fear that,” said Wang Mao.


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