Chapter 1852 Dogs Are Loyal, Nobles Aren’t (Teaser)

Before going out, Long Chen left the divine items he had seized to Meng Qi so that she could distribute them.

The Dragonblood warriors would need to get used to their power after refining the dragon blood. Only then could they train in the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art. This would require quite a bit of time.

Long Chen also told Meng Qi to do her best at refining the Blue Eye Peacock’s true feathers. If she had the Silver Wing Horned Eagle, the nine hundred and ninety-nine true feathers, as well as the original true feather, Meng Qi would be able to fight on the same level as experts like Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi.

It just so happened that everyone was in seclusion now, so once the Dragonblood warriors finished refining the essence blood, she could go roaming on her own again.

As for awakening her bloodline, the main thing would be whether or not any terrifying experts had ever appeared amongst her ancestors.

If no such amazing figures had appeared amongst them, there wasn’t much potential to be excavated...

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