Chapter 1851 Fully Refining the Golden Dragon Teeth

Gu Yang finally couldn’t endure any longer. However, he had absorbed thirty-seven drops of the metal devouring evil dragon’s essence blood, far surpassing Long Chen’s expectations.

He had originally guessed that Gu Yang’s limit would be around twenty drops, but Gu Yang’s will was strong enough to suppress the blood of the metal devouring evil dragon.

After absorbing the essence blood, Gu Yang sat on the ground, his face a bit pale as his veins bulged. It was vaguely possible to see golden blood flowing within his body.


Following him was Li Qi. He absorbed twenty-three drops before reaching his limit and being blown back.

After Li Qi was Song Mingyuan. He absorbed twenty-four drops before coughing up two large mouthfuls of blood. He received quite an injury, almost having the metal devouring evil dragon’s will invade his mind-sea. Long Chen was forced to suppress it.

After them were the squad leaders. They were also very powerful, with each person absorbing around fifteen drops. Some of them absorbed one or two drops more or less than the others, which meant that the difference between them was quite small. Of course, this statement was only true if you ignored the one twitching on the ground.

The ordinary Dragonblood warriors had a limit of ten drops, but that was very gratifying. They had already surpassed Long Chen’s expectations. Their tough wills were comparable to any peak genius.

Originally, he had estimated that he would have half of the metal devouring evil dragon’s essence blood left once everyone was done absorbing it, but now it was almost used up. There were less than a hundred drops left.

“Boss, do you think I can handle a drop of it?” asked Xia Chen. All the men had finished absorbing it. Even some of the women had absorbed it.

Now, he was the only man who hadn’t absorbed it, along with Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and the healing disciples. His face was burning hot.

“I don’t think you should. Although you have gone through the upgrade of the blood essence stone and the blood soul stone, your physical body doesn’t have that much potential. A single drop can take your life. Furthermore, your profession is a grand formation master. That’s an extremely rare and noble profession. Why envy others?” Long Chen shook his head.

“It’s because he can’t out-drink anyone in the Dragonblood Legion or out-fight them, and he’s too embarrassed to out-curse them. He wants to blend in,” said Tang Wan-er with a smile.

Long Chen came to a realization. Xia Chen was more delicate than the rest of the Dragonblood Legion. If he wore a scholar’s band, he would look just like a scholar, which wasn’t the same style as the rest of the coarse Dragonblood Legion.

“It’s not that. I’m getting along very well with everyone in the Dragonblood Legion,” said Xia Chen awkwardly.

“Since you’ve joined the Dragonblood Legion, we’re a family, so you don’t need to compete or try to make yourself more like everyone else. Don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not,” said Long Chen, patting Xia Chen on the shoulder. Xia Chen wasn’t very talkative and was more reserved. Long Chen was a bit worried he felt out of place.

“You’ve misunderstood. I have a different reason for wanting to absorb that metal devouring evil dragon essence blood. I have a crazy idea. I want to create a formation connected through bloodlines. If it works, then supported by bloodline power, we won’t need to use outer runes to merge our energy. It will increase the efficiency, increasing our power while decreasing the exhaustion rate,” said Xia Chen.

Long Chen and the others were surprised. So Xia Chen had actually thought of something like this. If it really worked, the Dragonblood Legion would completely transform.

“Your physical body isn’t strong enough. It would kill you. But I can erase ninety percent of the metal devouring evil dragon’s will before sending it into your body. That should be the limit that your body can endure. It should be enough for your purposes,” said Long Chen after a moment's thought.

“Good! I just need to have the ability to feel it and see if I can make a formation so that the power of everyone’s Spirit Blood can be joined together,” said Xia Chen excitedly.

Long Chen extracted a drop of essence blood. He erased ninety percent of the power within it before slowly sending it into Xia Chen’s body.

However, even having ninety percent of its power erased, Xia Chen turned pale, his whole body trembling.

Xia Chen was a formation cultivator. His energy was mostly focused on his soul. Formation cultivators could be called a kind of soul cultivator, and their weak physical bodies were something that they couldn’t do anything about.

“Alright, they’re in seclusion refining the essence blood. The rest of you don’t need to be envious. There’s good stuff for you as well.”

Long Chen called over Meng Qi and the others. Taking out a large roasting sheet, he showed them a large fish that he had already finished cooking.

“Come, I’m treating you to some fish.” Long Chen smiled.

“Alright, then we’ll have a taste of boss’s craftsmanship.” The healing disciples were mostly women. Seeing the piping hot fish, they took out their knives and forks.

“Yes, this fish is definitely delicious.”

“It melts as soon as it enters the mouth. Its fragrance overflows. What kind of fish is this? It’s so good!” exclaimed Tang Wan-er.

“I heard it’s called Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish. The taste is alright.” Long Chen also took a big bite.

The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish wasn’t just a treasure. It was famed for its flavor and was something said to be the main dish for major figures back in ancient times. Its taste truly lived up to the legends.

“Never heard of it, but it really is delicious,” praised Tang Wan-er as she continued taking big bites.

Meng Qi was in the midst of chewing slowly and savoring it when she thought of what Long Chen had just said. Her eyes suddenly widened.

“What did you just say?! Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish?! The one with the heaven-defying ability to awaken one’s bloodline, one of the most precious ancient treasures ever? That Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish?!”

“Well… I suppose… if you wanted to… you could put it that way.” Long Chen smiled.

Meng Qi’s plate dropped to the ground. She grabbed Long Chen, shouting, “You fool, the most precious thing about the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish is its blood! You… you actually roasted it?! Do you know, with such a giant fish, there would be at least a fifty percent chance of it being capable of awakening a person’s bloodline power! Heavens, have you gone crazy?!”

The always calm Meng Qi had such a huge reaction. Seeing Long Chen destroy a priceless natural treasure like this, Meng Qi was speechless.

“So its blood is useful? Alright, next time I’ll bleed it before baking it,” said Long Chen.

“Next time? Wait a minute, you mean… you have more?!” Meng Qi’s beautiful eyes stared at Long Chen with disbelief.

“Yes, as many as I want. Even if you wanted to eat it all day, I could satisfy you.” Long Chen winked.

“Long Chen, you’re evil! You definitely did that on purpose!” raged Meng Qi upon realizing she had fallen for his teasing. She angrily pinched him, causing him to laugh.

It seemed that this was his first time managing to find such success teasing the ever calm Meng Qi. He felt truly accomplished.

Within the primal chaos space, he was constantly feeding the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish, and they were constantly breeding and growing. Now, Long Chen had over seven hundred fish kings that were more than three meters long.

As for those a meter long, there were tens of thousands of them, and he couldn’t count the even smaller ones. As long as he continued to feed them, they would continue reproducing.

That was why Long Chen dared to take out a fish king as a snack. Its taste was even better than he had expected.

In an incense stick’s worth of a time, a three-meter fish king was finished by over fifty people.

Long Chen proposed roasting another one, but Tang Wan-er shook her head, saying that if she ate another one, her stomach would explode since she wouldn’t be able to stop herself.

After a fish king had entered their stomachs, they felt completely relaxed, even lazy. Tang Wan-er leaned against Meng Qi, feeling an urge to sleep.

Meng Qi looked at the Dragonblood warriors who were covered in sweat as they refined the dragon essence blood. They had entered a bitter meditative state. She couldn’t help saying, “Is it really alright for us to be enjoying fish while they’re like that?”

“That’s called different people have different fates. Don’t pity them. Once they refined the essence blood, you’ll have to be the ones envying them. Wan-er, I’ll be preparing a Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish for each one of you. You can absorb their essence blood. As for the actual fish, I’m sure you have your own methods. Whether you boil or steam it, roast or bake it, it’s up to you. In any case, its flavor is locked in its flesh and won’t interfere with anything else. Meng Qi, I’ll need your help. Help me refine the dragon teeth. Evilmoon is in seclusion, so I need them.”

During the next while, Meng Qi and Long Chen began working on refining the seventy-one golden dragon teeth, slowly erasing the metal devouring evil dragon’s will.

Tang Wan-er and the others were the most blessed, absorbing the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish’s essence blood while enjoying its taste.

A week passed. With Meng Qi’s help, Long Chen had finally finished wiping away the original will of the dragon teeth. He no longer needed to worry about a backlash.

Now he could nourish them with his mind. Other than Evilmoon, he had new divine items, divine items that he could control with his soul. That filled him with confidence.

If Xie Luo, Ming Jie, or True Immortal Jiaoqi had been forced to the point of unleashing the full power of their divine items, he would have been at a disadvantage before this. That was especially true of Ming Jie. While Long Chen thought that he would be able to endure it himself, the rest of the Dragonblood Legion wouldn’t have been able to.

With the dragon teeth refined, Long Chen left the rest of the fish kings with Meng Qi and the others, letting them slowly absorb them.

Reviving their bloodlines was a somewhat slow process with low chances of success. Long Chen had them absorb the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish’s essence blood slowly and temporarily not go out. Once the Dragonblood warriors finished refining the dragon essence blood, he would impart the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art to them.

He recorded the method for training in the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art in photographic jades and left it for them.

After arranging everything, he stealthily slipped away. In the end, he still wished to fulfill Yan Nantian’s request. Although Ye Lingshan was definitely also searching, he couldn’t place all his hopes on her.

Leaving the mountain valley, Long Chen looked at the map. Choosing a location that others hadn’t stepped into yet, he began flying over.

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