Chapter 1850 A True Legion of Dragonblood Warriors

Atop a high mountain, there was a giant cave that was home to a tenth rank Magical Beast. It was being chased out of its home.

After that, Xia Chen set down a formation so that others couldn’t peep on what was going on inside the cave. He also set down something to block out sound, so even if there was a commotion, no one would hear anything.

All the Dragonblood warriors were looking at Long Chen eagerly, wondering what surprise he had brought them this time.

“In truth, I really am gratified by your current power. With Xia Chen and Guo Ran’s help, you finally have the power that the Dragonblood Legion should possess. Against Ming Jie, it wasn’t that you weren’t strong enough, but that he suppressed you. We only have a few Empyreans, while Ming Jie’s manifestation completely crushed you from feeling the energy of the Heavenly Daos. Ming Jie is an apex figure in the Corrupt path and is also an apex figure of the entire Martial Heaven Continent. If he hadn’t used a paragon art, you would have been able to fight much longer against him. That’s enough to be proud of. Have you already forgotten your origins? What level were you at originally? He is a genius born with a divine item in hand. We have climbed to our current heights step by step and can already compete with him, so don’t be depressed. It should be Ming Jie who’s depressed. He’s definitely somewhere cursing and breaking furniture to vent,” said Long Chen.

This defeat had affected the Dragonblood Legion’s morale, so Long Chen needed to give them some encouragement. Ming Jie was an existence on the same level as Xie Luo. Against such an impressive opponent, even Long Chen couldn’t say that he would definitely beat him.

What he could say though was that if any other group with the same cultivation bases as the Dragonblood warriors were to face Ming Jie, they would have been annihilated in an instant without any ability to resist.

“Starting today, you will be completely transformed. I guarantee that the next time Ming Jie sees you, you’ll beat the crap out of him. Everyone, take a look at my harvest. The time to share my booty has come.”

Long Chen’s eyes were shining. That appearance didn’t look like a generation’s expert, but more like a bandit distributing his ill-gotten gains.

“Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, the first treasure is for you guys.”

Long Chen waved his hand, and a pile of yellow fruit appeared in front of them.

“This is a treasure? I’ll try it.” Guo Ran was fast, and he immediately grabbed one and bit into it.

Expecting a sweet and juicy bite, Guo Ran instantly spat it out.

“Boss, you’re conning me! This isn’t fruit, this is dirt! You want us to eat it?!” Guo Ran continued to spit as if he had just taken a bite of sand.

“These… these are Thick Earth Essence Fruit, peerless earth elemental treasures! I’ve seen them in an ancient scripture!” shouted Li Qi suddenly.

Thick Earth Essence Fruit consisted of pure earth energy that contained a kind of divine nature. That divine nature made it an inborn earth essence, the most primordial earth essence in the world.

“Guo Ran, you fool, you actually wasted such a priceless treasure!” cursed Song Mingyuan.

“It’s fine. I have as many of this fruit as you want. Hopefully, you can absorb more of it and awaken your manifestations. Perhaps you two will become the first in the Dragonblood Legion to fully awaken your manifestations,” said Long Chen.

There was a giant Thick Earth Essence Fruit Tree in his primal chaos space. More fruit kept maturing every day, so it was enough for the two of them.

“It must be hard on you, eating dirt all day.” Guo Ran comforted the two of them sympathetically.

This fruit was essentially just dirt, like sand. That mouth-feel was not good.

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan completely ignored Guo Ran. They began consuming the fruit, swallowing even the skin, not wasting a single bit of it. If Guo Ran hadn’t shown others what it felt like to eat one, others would think that it was truly a delicious fruit.

“Alright, the Thick Earth Essence Fruit is just a starter, and just for Li Qi and Song Mingyuan. Now we’re getting to the main dish.”

Long Chen took a deep breath. He had to suppress his own excitement.

“Starting today, you will be true Dragonblood warriors.”

A golden scale suddenly appeared in the air in front of everyone. A fierce aura came from it, and the roar of a furious dragon shook their ears. Other than Long Chen, everyone’s jaws dropped.

“This scale… could it be…?” Guo Ran couldn’t speak properly.

“Correct, it’s a dragon scale. It’s the reverse scale of the ancient beast known as the metal devouring evil dragon. Inside is its essence blood. When I obtained it, it was just preparing to make a breakthrough to the Samsara realm, so the essence blood inside it is very pure and powerful. Once you absorb it, your blood will be dragon blood. Once you can control it, I’ll teach you the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art. You will also be able to upgrade your bodies with dragon blood. How is it, are you looking forward to it?” Long Chen laughed mischievously.

“Boss, is this really possible?” Gu Yang’s voice shuddered. He knew Long Chen wouldn’t lie to them, but he still couldn’t believe it.

“It seems you’ve coveted the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art for a long time. Don’t worry, you can do it. However, when you’re covered in dragon scales, this bright head of yours will probably turn golden,” said Long Chen.

Everyone laughed excitedly. Long Chen’s Green Dragon Battle Armor was something they were all aware of. That was one of his strongest techniques, and that explosive energy excited them each time they saw him use it.

Never in their dreams would they have thought that they would also learn this skill. They really would be Dragonblood warriors.

“Alright, other than Meng Qi, Wan-er, and the healing disciples, everyone should prepare to absorb the essence blood. I’ve tested it, and it should be more than enough for everyone. So you should absorb as much blood as possible, with the precondition that your mind can endure the dragon pressure,” said Long Chen. His gaze swept over everyone. “Guo Ran, you can go first.”

“Boss, why me? I feel like Gu Yang going first would be the wisest choice. After all, he’s sturdier,” said Guo Ran, immediately getting a bad feeling.

“Stop messing around. The first drop has the least impact, and considering your weak willpower, you won’t be able to draw out a single drop by the end,” said Long Chen.

“Oh. Many thanks, boss.” Guo Ran excitedly followed Long Chen’s instructions, placing his hand on the dragon scale.

Long Chen patted the scale, and it shuddered. A sharp aura appeared, cutting open Guo Ran’s palm. A golden drop of essence blood entered his palm.

Guo Ran’s whole body shook, and he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. His mouth frothed, and his eyes almost rolled into the back of his head.

Long Chen ignored him, continuing to force another two drops into Guo Ran’s body.

Guo Ran suddenly shot back, smashing into the wall of the cave. He coughed up three mouthfuls of blood and fainted, his body still twitching.

Everyone was dumbfounded, feeling a chill. Guo Ran was just the start but had lost consciousness. Long Chen had to forcibly add the next two drops, as Guo Ran hadn’t even been able to bear the first one.

“Hehe, actually I lied. The first drop is the most berserk. Guo Ran’s will is too weak, so it just so happens that the will of the dragon blood can temper him. Now that the most berserk will has been used up,  it should be easier for the rest of you. Don’t bother with him, enduring this tempering is good. As for the rest of you, I won’t help. Rely on your own power to absorb as much essence blood as possible, suppressing its will and erasing its berserk nature. Only by suppressing it yourselves can the dragon blood flawlessly merge with your essence blood. As for Guo Ran, I had no choice but to help him. However, helping him would lower the quality of the essence blood he absorbed. But no one asked him to cultivate like this. The rest of you can rely on your own power, the more the better. Gu Yang, it’s your turn.”

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er exchanged a glance. They looked at Guo Ran who was still twitching, and this was their first time feeling that he was pitiable. It seemed he had already been conned by Long Chen many times.

Gu Yang stepped forward, pressing his hand against the dragon scale. A drop of golden blood flowed into his palm.

Gu Yang’s body shuddered, but he quickly calmed down, absorbing a second drop.

Long Chen nodded. Gu Yang’s physical body was truly powerful, and his will was tough. This essence blood contained the metal devouring evil dragon’s will and wasn’t so easy to subdue.

Gu Yang repeatedly absorbed three drops of its blood without his expression changing. This showed his power.

Three drops.

Five drops.

Ten drops…


Suddenly, Gu Yang couldn’t hold on any longer and was sent flying by the dragon scale.

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