Chapter 1847 Corrupt King Ming Jie

“Nothing much. It’s just the names of more people I’ll have to kill.” Long Chen shrugged. He was too lazy to even remember their names. Since he had determined his cultivation path, he would just charge down it.

Now he knew why the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was always so straightforward and direct. Before this, he hadn’t quite understood how their disciples could be living so simply and happily without thinking about anything. However, now he knew that this was a kind of cultivation attitude. It was also a kind of wisdom toward life, but only today did Long Chen fully understand it.

“I was talking about Leng Yueyan. If you face each other, what will you do?” asked Meng Qi.

“That won’t happen. She has promised not to target me any longer,” said Long Chen.

Leng Yueyan was an extremely proud figure. She had said that she would no longer hunt him down, so she definitely wouldn’t. She would also not target the people beside him, or she would no longer be Leng Yueyan.

“Then when the battle between the Righteous and Corrupt path erupts, she will just stand to the side as a spectator?”

“No, she just won’t raise her blade against me. But there’s plenty of other people for her to kill. We’ll kill the Corrupt path, and she’ll kill the Righteous path. We just have to stick to our own targets. Why force ourselves to charge toward each other?”

“But…” Meng Qi was still worried. Leng Yueyan was too terrifying. If they were to face her, most likely in the entire Dragonblood Legion, only Long Chen would be able to stop her.

Furthermore, she had once helped them in the Spirit World. If they were to really become enemies, would they still be able to kill her mercilessly? Could they really fight all-out?

“There’s no need to worry. I understand Leng Yueyan, and she won’t do such a thing. She can be excluded from the list of our enemies, as she will definitely try to avoid us. After all, the Yin Yang World is huge, and we’re here to search for treasures. Battle is second. No one wants to start a bitter fight only for others to benefit. But now I know that the monsters of the large powers are no longer able to stay low-key with the opening of the Yin Yang World. Just the Corrupt path has the Three Great Corrupt Kings and Leng Yueyan. So the Xuan Beasts wouldn’t just have True Immortal Jiaoqi, and the ancient family alliance wouldn’t just have Di Feng. The ancient races, Pill Valley, the Bloodkill Hall, who knows how many monsters of theirs have entered the Yin Yang World now? There are so many monsters that the Devil Slaughter Rankings are essentially meaningless. Hehe, now it will be lively.”

Long Chen’s own attitude had changed. He was no longer worried, and he felt his blood starting to heat up.

Fortunately, the Dragonblood Legion had already grown up, and the captains were also monsters. There was no need for him to worry about them.

This time, he would release himself. The strong were created through slaughter. Now they should see just who was stronger!

Everywhere the Silver Wing Horned Eagle passed, the experts around would flee. When Long Chen came down and said that he wanted to exchange maps, they were relieved. They thought that this terrifying twelfth rank Magical Beast was hunting.

More and more experts had entered the Yin Yang World, and as everyone exchanged maps, they learned more about the terrain. Of course, some people concealed the best places that they had found.

However, Long Chen only exchanged maps with disciples from the Righteous path, and he first gave them his map.

When those disciples saw a map dozens or even over a hundred times greater than their own, they were too ashamed to hide anything. They gave him what they had mapped.

Eventually, Long Chen learned some news of the Dragonblood Legion from one of the disciples. That person had been in a mountain range and witnessed the Dragonblood Legion fighting a Magical Beast. He said that they had slain that Magical Beast and obtained its young.

Quite a few experts had tried to interfere and snatch their gains, but those experts had been slain by the Dragonblood warriors. After that, this disciple left.

Long Chen was delighted to hear this news. He had the Silver Wing Horned Eagle quicken its pace in that direction.

When they arrived, they saw that a fierce battle had been fought here. There were still bloodstains on the ground. Based on the fluctuations, that blood belonged to a twelfth rank Magical Beast.

There was also a nest on the top of the mountain, which was empty.

“It’s the nest of a Blood Pattern Lion Vulture,” said Meng Qi quickly upon examining the surroundings. As a Beast Tamer, she could tell the master of the nest.

“Let’s go. They’re that way.”

Long Chen could easily distinguish the Dragonblood warriors’ auras, especially those who had come with him from the Eastern Wastelands. He found which direction they had gone.

“I’ll put away the Silver Wing Horned Eagle. The slave mark is quite a burden at first, and its soul is damaged. It needs to rest.” Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength wrapped around the Silver Wing Horned Eagle. Its giant body faded.

Long Chen gave Meng Qi a pile of medicinal pills. Some were Spirit Awakening Pills and soul nourishing pills, and there were all kinds of medicinal pills beneficial to Magical Beasts.

This Silver Wing Horned Eagle was currently being controlled through brute power. If it could become a loyal follower, it would be even better. So they had to give it some benefits to make it feel that its new life was better than before, and by a great deal at that.

The two of them quickly flew in the direction the Dragonblood Legion had gone. Long Chen was pulling Meng Qi along as lightning covered their bodies. Their speed wasn’t lower than the Silver Wing Horned Eagle at all. After rushing for a day, they heard the sound of fighting coming from a distant mountain valley. They also felt a terrifying aura.

They immediately rushed over. A powerful qi wave blew apart the mountain they had just passed.

Long Chen waved his hand, blocking the qi wave and astral winds. Within the valley, there was a man floating in the air, holding a black broadsword. Endless Death Qi swirled around him, and a pair of black wings was within the manifestation behind him.

From the distance, this person looked like a winged fiend, and black qi revolved around him like thousands of coiling black dragons. This person’s aura was no weaker than Xie Luo’s.

That man was looking down on over twelve thousand Dragonblood warriors on the ground of the valley. 

The Dragonblood warriors were all shining. Runes revolved around their weapons, and there seemed to be faint threads connecting all their weapons into one entity.

Guo Ran was in his golden armor, his sabers pointed toward the man. Long Chen saw that Guo Ran’s sabers were already damaged.

Guo Ran’s sabers were only peak Ancestral items. The only reason he was able to face that man’s divine item was because he was borrowing the power of all the Dragonblood warriors. Otherwise, his saber would have long since exploded.

Behind Guo Ran were Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and Xia Chen. They stared gravely at the person before Guo Ran. Xia Chen was forming hand seals, prepared to attack at any moment.

“I’ve long since heard the Dragonblood Legion’s name. I thought you were only capable of crushing the weaklings of the Righteous path, but you actually do have some skill. Even so, you’re just a group of trash. No matter how you gather the power of ants through a formation, ants will still be ants. Even all their power combined cannot defeat a dragon. Today, I, Ming Jie, will personally annihilate you so that the Righteous path’s stories about the world’s number one legion being the bane of the Corrupt path can end.”

Hearing that person’s name, Guo Ran and the others’ expressions changed. They had also slain some Corrupt experts and learned the names of the Three Great Corrupt Kings from them.

They had been so unlucky as to encounter such a terrifying existence. In their previous clash, they had almost been unable to hold on.

Ming Jie smiled coldly and raised his broadsword. Black qi revolved around it, condensing into a giant black curtain in the sky.

The black curtain spread, turning the entire world dark. This darkness contained only death.

“The previous attack was just fifty percent of my power. Now I’ll show you what absolute power is. In front of this power, the Righteous path can only kneel and beg for mercy. Death will be your only option.”

As Ming Jie’s voice resounded through the air, the world seemed to become hell on earth. The entire Dragonblood Legion was locked down by that terrifying broadsword.

“Fuck, we might not be able to receive this attack. Even if we can, we’ll have to pay a price,” said Xia Chen darkly.

Ming Jie’s power was too great. Worst of all, his manifestation sucked away all the Heavenly Dao energy in the surroundings. Other than the few Empyreans, the others who were only rank nine Celestials felt isolated from their Heavenly Dao energy.

Without that power, they could only rely on their spiritual yuan to activate their armor and weapons, and that meant their ability to share energy was weakened.

“This… it seems to be a legendary paragon art, or there wouldn’t be such a phenomenon.” Guo Ran was also gloomy. There was no way to resist such power.

Just as Xia Chen said, if they could manage to block it, at least half the Dragonblood warriors would be slain. They couldn’t receive it, but there was also no way for them to run.

“Death is your fate, but you don’t need to be afraid. You won’t be alone. I’ll quickly send Long Chen to hell with you.” Meng Jie sneered. His broadsword grew larger until it became a giant crescent moon.

“Does it feel good to brag so much?”

Just as Guo Ran and the others were wondering how to face this attack, a lazy and indifferent voice rang out, delighting them. They all looked in the direction of that voice.

A bolt of lightning pierced through the air, shattering the black curtain. Light illuminated the world once more, and a figure appeared within the endless lightning.

“Boss!” Guo Ran and all the warriors of the Dragonblood Legion cheered at once.

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