Chapter 1846 Di Feng and the Three Great Corrupt Kings

“Uh… Meng Qi, if you look at me like this, I’ll get embarrassed.” Long Chen and Meng Qi were both sitting on the Silver Wing Horned Eagle’s back. Long Chen was a bit embarrassed.

Meng Qi was looking at him with a teasing smile. Just now, his appearance had made her laugh a long time.

“Your face has finally turned red,” laughed Meng Qi.

Long Chen rubbed his fiery face, sighing, “It seems I still haven’t cultivated enough. I need to bitterly cultivate in the future so that I can learn Mo Nian’s shameless ability.”

“Speaking of Mo Nian, I heard that he had entered the Yin Yang World and immediately had an intense fight with the ancient family alliance’s peak genius, Di Feng. It’s said that both sides were injured and have retreated,” said Meng Qi.

“Di Feng? Who’s that? I’ve never heard of him, but it sounds familiar,” said Long Chen.

“You might not know Di Feng, but you know Di Xin. That Di Feng is Di Xin’s big brother.”

“Really? How do you know that?” Long Chen was startled. He supposed Di Long had some skill to be so useless yet still have two sons.

“I only learned of it from a soulsearch when I killed an ancient race expert. That ancient race expert was sent in along with you,” said Meng Qi.

When Meng Qi had left the Dragonblood Legion to search for her own treasures, she had ended up being blocked by an expert from the ancient races. That expert was extremely powerful, but his luck was bad. Meng Qi had found an opening in his soul protecting item, and she had also had Cloud. With the two of them attacking, they had quickly defeated him.

Once defeated, trying to get away in front of Cloud was a joke. He was slain, and his Yuan Spirit was devoured by Cloud. So Meng Qi had managed to piece together a few memories from his Yuan Spirit.

Through his memories, Meng Qi learned that Di Long actually had another son named Di Feng. That person was very mysterious, and very few people knew of him even within the ancient family alliance.

However, for the opening of the Yin Yang World, this Di Feng had come out, using the status of the ancient family alliance’s top genius to enter.

Di Feng had just entered when he encountered Mo Nian. As Mo Nian was the number one wanted criminal of the ancient family alliance, they had fought an immense battle.

As for that expert that Meng Qi had slain, he had rushed over to the battlefield but had come too late. By the time he arrived, the two had finished and were slinking away, injured.

He had tried to block Mo Nian, but Mo Nian had used a single arrow to shake his soul. His Yuan Spirit had almost shattered, so he had fled.

“That Di Feng really is bizarre. How could Di Long keep one of his sons secret for so long, while leaving the other to roam around brazenly, doing whatever he wants? Based on that person’s memories, Di Feng is older and has a different mother. Such a person should be even more famous than Di Xin, but Di Long kept quiet to the point that the outside world didn’t even know of him. He only reveals himself now that Di Xin is killed and the Yin Yang World is open. What could his goal be?”

“It truly has a strange scent to it. The ancient family alliance is in chaos thanks to Mo Nian, while Di Xin’s death caused their people’s hearts to become unsteady. For Di Long to send out Di Feng now, don’t you think it’s to make Di Feng the leader of the ancient family alliance and have him become the leader of the junior generation? After all, for a savior to appear amongst the ancient family alliance’s disciples at this chaotic time will cause them to unite and support him,” guessed Meng Qi.

“That’s definitely a reasonable guess, but I feel like there’s something different about this. Think about it. Although Di Xin was extremely talented, he was an idiot. Shen Bijun was able to string him along easily. As the leader of the ancient family alliance, Di Long wouldn’t raise such an idiot as his successor, yet he allowed him to act as stupidly as he pleased, even letting him show off his status as the heir to the ancient family alliance. Such a person would sooner or later be killed by someone. I suspect Di Long wanted that son of his to die.” Long Chen frowned.

“But… that’s impossible!” 

“It does seem impossible, but I feel like Di Long is scheming very deeply. It seems like I’m being used by him. I didn’t feel it so clearly before, but now that this Di Feng has appeared out of nowhere, I feel like this is a gambit that he arranged. I killed Di Xin, causing his mother to break her ties with Di Long. It seems she ran back to her family to complain, and her family has a shocking origin. Did Di Long sacrifice Di Xin to make his wife crazy? But why? To borrow her family to target the Martial Heaven Alliance? Would that really be worth the price of losing a son? Could it be that Di Long doesn’t get along with his wife? Did his wife give him a green hat? Was Di Xin not his son? Oh, it seems Di Xin really doesn’t look that similar to Di Long…” Long Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Alright, stop randomly guessing. Your imagination is crazy.” Meng Qi shook her head. “The main question is how strong Di Feng is. I wish I had managed to see that fight.”

“If he could fight evenly with Mo Nian, then he’s definitely a monster. At the very least, he’s on the same level as Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi.”

“You have such a high opinion of Mo Nian? When he left the Eastern Wastelands, he was just an ordinary rank one Celestial,” said Meng Qi.

“Hehe, we created miracles, so others can as well. Just think about what kind of person Mo Nian is. Despite being a constant poser, he hasn’t been killed. He’s besieged during the day and digging up tombs at night. I don’t even know how many people want to kill him, but he’s still living happily. If he doesn’t have the power of someone on that level, he would have long since been buried himself. The fact that Mo Nian could live to this point is no coincidence. Furthermore, his origins aren’t as simple as I thought. Grand Elder Yan Nantian said that the original leader of the ancient family alliance isn’t the Di family but the Mo family. That Mo family is most likely Mo Nian’s family. One reason Di Feng suddenly appeared might also be to target Mo Nian, or more accurately, to participate in the battle between the Di family and the Mo family. But they can scheme as they please. Starting today, I’ll give my head a good rest. In the future, no matter what trouble I encounter, the only thing to do will be to kill,” said Long Chen, clenching his fists.

Last time, he had tried to trick his opponents with a ploy, only to almost get killed without getting a chance to release all his power. He didn’t want that nonsense to occur again. He wanted to go back to his old style.

Meng Qi saw that Long Chen truly had recovered his old, sharp high-spirits. It was like he had returned to his youth, a time that was unsteady and immature yet filled with liveliness and dreams.

As the Silver Wing Horned Eagle continued flying, they encountered experts time and time again. Long Chen would always go exchange maps with them.

Of course, sometimes they would encounter Corrupt experts, and that made it even simpler. He would directly kill them and perform a soulsearch.

On the way, they ended up encountering one tough person from the Corrupt path. Before Long Chen could attack, the Silver Wing Horned Eagle unleashed a ray of silver light from its eyes. That Corrupt expert had been a very powerful Empyrean, but despite going all-out, he was blown to smithereens. Even his divine item was destroyed.

That made Long Chen jump in shock. Inside, he patted himself on the back. Fortunately, the Silver Wing Horned Eagle had been careless back then, or truly defeating it would probably have come at a great price.

That person from the Corrupt path had definitely been an elite. He had most likely entered in the same group as Xie Luo. Yet, even such a figure was unable to receive an attack from the Silver Wing Horned Eagle. Its power was even greater than Long Chen had estimated.

“The Three Great Corrupt Kings?”

When Meng Qi did a soulsearch of that expert, her expression changed. Amongst the Corrupt experts, many of their memories were sealed with restrictions. However, from this person, she learned a shocking piece of news.

This time, the Corrupt path had sent in the Three Corrupt Kings. Xie Luo was actually only one of those three.

Xie Luo came from the Heavenly Evil Sect. Their sect master was Xie Wentian, the Corrupt path’s leader.

Other than the Heavenly Evil Sect, the Corrupt path had two other giant sects with great power. One was the Ghost King Sect, while the other was the Underworld Abode.

Although she could only get a few memories from that person’s soul, she learned the names of those peak experts. There was Xie Luo from the Heavenly Evil Sect, Gui Can from the Ghost King Sect, and two experts from the Underworld Abode, one of whom was called Ming Jie.

Those three were called the Three Great Corrupt Kings, claimed to be the Corrupt path’s strongest geniuses.

As for the other person from the Underworld Abode, it was Long Chen’s old acquaintance, the Devil Empress Leng Yueyan. 

Many of this person’s memories were sealed. He had clearly known many of the Corrupt path’s secrets, so there were even more seals.

Other than those names, there was no other information of value. Even their appearance was blocked, let alone their cultivation bases or power.

“What do you think?” Meng Qi looked at Long Chen.

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