Chapter 1845 Return to Yourself (Teaser)

Only with Long Chen’s reminder did Meng Qi react. She formed hand seals, and a giant slave mark slowly flew over to the Silver Wing Horned Eagle.

Its body shuddered. Its instincts told it to run, but Long Chen made the dragon tooth light up, causing it to lose its will to flee.

Meng Qi’s slave mark was like a net, slowly wrapping around the crystal core. However, just as it was fully wrapped and the slave mark was about to take effect, it exploded.

Meng Qi tried again, but even after three tries, she couldn’t succeed. “It’s no good. My cultivation base is too low. I can’t control a twelfth rank Magical Beast’s soul. Even if it doesn’t resist, I can’t place a slave mark.”

“Try again with my essence blood.” Long Chen sent a drop of his essence blood over to Meng Qi. Meng Qi then sent it into her slave mark. It once more wrapped around the crystal core.

It shuddered, but at that moment, a dragon roar...

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