Chapter 1845 Return to Yourself

Only with Long Chen’s reminder did Meng Qi react. She formed hand seals, and a giant slave mark slowly flew over to the Silver Wing Horned Eagle.

Its body shuddered. Its instincts told it to run, but Long Chen made the dragon tooth light up, causing it to lose its will to flee.

Meng Qi’s slave mark was like a net, slowly wrapping around the crystal core. However, just as it was fully wrapped and the slave mark was about to take effect, it exploded.

Meng Qi tried again, but even after three tries, she couldn’t succeed. “It’s no good. My cultivation base is too low. I can’t control a twelfth rank Magical Beast’s soul. Even if it doesn’t resist, I can’t place a slave mark.”

“Try again with my essence blood.” Long Chen sent a drop of his essence blood over to Meng Qi. Meng Qi then sent it into her slave mark. It once more wrapped around the crystal core.

It shuddered, but at that moment, a dragon roar came from within the slave mark. The Silver Wing Horned Eagle’s body trembled intensely. The slave mark lit up and finally took effect, branding itself on the crystal core.

“It worked!” Meng Qi was so delighted that she clapped her hands. She actually had a twelfth rank Magical Beast as a housepet.

Long Chen pulled the dragon tooth out. He smiled, not expecting this. Originally, he had been prepared to unleash his full power, but he had actually subdued it in one move thanks to its carelessness. Even he was surprised.

“Is it because of Meng Qi’s character? If that’s the case, isn’t it bullying?” Why was it that other people’s luck was so good, while if he wanted to obtain something for himself, he would always run into countless difficulties and then end up with nothing?

The difference between two people was truly great. Long Chen looked at the excited Meng Qi who was already using her Spiritual Strength to placate the Silver Wing Horned Eagle. He was speechless. When would he get such good luck?

However, luck wasn’t reliable. Long Chen found that the disturbance over here had drawn the attention of quite a few Magical Beasts.

“There are no problems, right?” asked Long Chen, a bit uneasy. If the slave mark was too loose, Meng Qi would be in danger.

“No problems at all! The slave mark is already embedded deep within its soul, and it's very secure. Long Chen, thank you. Just now, you really were handsome.” Meng Qi looked at Long Chen worshipfully.

In one easy move, he had subdued a powerful twelfth rank Magical Beast. From the moment he said that he would be giving her it as a gift, it had been less than a breath’s time.

Seeing her worshipful appearance, Long Chen finally comprehended why Guo Ran liked being a poser so much. Being worshipped like this truly felt good.

“To tell the truth, this is your luck. If I was trying to catch my own housepet, it definitely wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.” In the end, Long Chen told the truth about this accomplishment.

Meng Qi smiled faintly. “I wasn’t talking about the result, I was talking about your confidence. That’s already handsome enough. I knew that even if you didn’t rely on luck, you would succeed either way.”

Meng Qi knew that Long Chen never relied on luck to live. His accomplishments were created through himself and his power. So he wouldn’t lightly promise anything, but once he did, he would be one hundred percent confident in doing it. This confidence of his was especially charming.

“What are you talking about?” asked Long Chen.

“I said you were handsome and didn’t rely on- you, fool, stop messing around!” Meng Qi suddenly realized Long Chen was just acting like he hadn’t heard her to get more compliments.

“Ah, your praise is just so great that I want to hear more. I’ll only blush if you praise me more,” laughed Long Chen.

“Hmph, what about the praise from the Pill Fairy and fairy Zi Yan? Only then would your face show an opening,” said Meng Qi.

When Meng Qi brought up the Pill Fairy and Zi Yan, Long Chen couldn’t help being embarrassed.

“Do you see your current expression? What, are you finally embarrassed? That’s not your style,” said Meng Qi with a smile.

“Embarrassed, me? I’m incapable of learning that skill. My one good point is my thick skin. It’s just that the Pill Fairy and Zi Yan are people I don’t know how to face. I don’t know if one day my hands will be stained with their blood.”

The Pill Fairy’s father was the master of Pill Valley, Yu Xiaoyun. Yu Xiaoyun was currently causing a disturbance, drawing all the large powers to target the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Pill Valley had long since started breaking off dealings with the Martial Heaven Alliance. From a long time ago, they had reduced the number of medicinal pills they would sell to the Martial Heaven Alliance. Now, they refused to sell them even a single pill.

The Martial Heaven Alliance could only rely on its own stockpiles of pills as well as the Huayun Sect. This was another reason why many sects were leaning toward Pill Valley rather than sticking with the Martial Heaven Alliance.

“Long Chen, you’re overthinking it. Have you already forgotten what you said back then? I heard it straight from Wan-er,” said Meng Qi, her lips curling.

“What did I say?”

“Wan-er said that she asked you about your dreams. Didn’t you say that your dream was to become an accomplished, meaningful, and improved big scoundrel?” Meng Qi looked at him with a teasing light in her eyes. “But right now, you no longer have that appearance of the scoundrel from the Eastern Wastelands. You are starting to grow more and more unlike yourself. I remember when you were so evil that you would do anything. But now you’re so careful, and you try to make plans that end up failing and bringing even greater trouble. Didn’t you often say that if life and death are up to the will of the heavens, you would snatch your own fate from the heavens? Just how grand were you back then? But as you pick up more and more burdens, you can’t release them. Sooner or later they’ll crush you.” Becoming serious, Meng Qi asked, “Do you know why I, Wan-er, Zhiqiu, Chu Yao, and Xiaoqian all like you?”

“Isn’t it because I like courting death?” said Long Chen awkwardly.

Meng Qi smiled. “You could put it that way. It’s that wild nature of yours that no one can control. Perhaps there won’t be a good ending for us by following you, but the process will definitely be marvelous. Life is like a dream, and death is the end of the dream. Other than immortals and gods, no one can escape death. We like you so much that we are willing to share you, treating each other like sisters. It’s all for the future. Having decided to follow you, we don’t expect to have any smooth and steady days. We’re prepared to be destroyed along with you one day. So each of our days together is incredibly precious, a blessing. The Dragonblood warriors feel the same way. They’ve given their lives to you. We aren’t following you to live longer, but to live a brilliant life following an unrivaled hero. Even if it’s just the explosion of a firework, the flash of a shooting star, that one moment of brilliance is truly living. A cultivator hopes to shine, not for a hundred years, but to shine as bright as possible, to leave their mark in history. So Long Chen, don’t think too much about it. Little Snow’s revival is just a matter of time. Lay this burden down and relax. Return to your old self. That wild and unruly Long Chen that was like a battle god… it’s time for him to come back.”

Return to your old self!

These five words rang out like thunder in Long Chen’s ears. His mental realm instantly became clear. He looked at his current self, then thought of when he had left the Phoenix Cry Empire. His heart had changed from that high-spirited time.

What was he afraid of? The worst case was only death. Even if he died, he would release his own light, expressing his unbending will to the world, releasing his furious roar.

“Thank you, Meng Qi. You really are my good wife. Starting today, I, Long Chen, am reviving. Fuck, rookies on the Martial Heaven Continent, get ready to tremble!”

Long Chen suddenly let out a heaven-shaking roar. His domineering voice shook the land. It was full of arrogance, of wildness, the roar of the Great Peng that hated the heavens for being too low.

Meng Qi looked at him with tears in her eyes. She knew that Long Chen had endured far too many things. He had many things to be bitter about, but he kept that bitterness inside, not letting others see it. All she could do was help Long Chen share his burden. Seeing him look like he had been freed from a curse, she had an urge to cry.

Following Long Chen’s roar, dozens of other voices responded. Clearly, he had started the surrounding Magical Beasts. They viewed his roar as a provocation. Powerful auras began to rise.

“Hey, don’t misunderstand, I was just testing my throat! You guys can sing amongst yourselves!”

Long Chen jumped onto the Silver Wing Horned Eagle with Meng Qi. Was this a joke? If they were besieged by dozens of twelfth rank Magical Beasts, what would they do? They flew away, leaving behind only Meng Qi’s tinkling laughter.

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